Mbabazi ignores Museveni because of Frank Tumwebaze's nonsense on BBC!

Mbabazi ignores Museveni because of Frank Tumwebaze’s nonsense on BBC!

Museveni is no match to JPAM when it comes to political deception, he beats his mentor hands down. Mbabazi is never in a hurry, he takes his time to study the situation and the outcome, but when he launches, he lives a mark. We’re so used to president Museveni’s lies because he is repetitive, the saaaaaaame lies, industrialisation this and that but nothing happens on the ground. Musajawo nga yayimba AGOA, ne value addition?

I’m going to conduct a one day course in reading letters without opening the envelop that conceals them for all UAH members. Didn’t I tell you that president Museveni was hoodwinked to hunt for small time supporters of Mbabazi upcountry when the actual promoters at work are part of his government? They are sited besides him and yet he can’t see them. Why can’t these people consult me for advise?

The been weevil is at work from inside – out.

‘John Nsubuga’ via Ugandans at Heart (UAH) Community


I simply do not understand why we all fall for this political theatre between Mbabazi and Museveni? M7 is playing us all like a Harp. The question is what is going on here?

At this point I am under no illusion that Kiiza Besigye, is going to run and probably be the flag bearer of whatever alliance the opposition comes up with.

So how is M7 supposed to respond to that Alliance? Increase the profile of many potential opposition who may be interested in leading that Alliance.

That is why the harassment of JPAM and his supporters is being coverage that simply does not make political sense. These car driving “poor youth” keep changing sides based on the size of the “facilitation” but for some strange reason we the public see no problem with that.

M7 could afford to ignore Gen Sejusa’s rantings at no political cost, so why go and arrest him? To simply give General Sejusa the profile of a martyr of democracy when we very well know he does not have a single fibre of democratic practices in his bones.

Keep thinking that JPAM can challenging M7 in NRM or Uganda for that…..

Ocen Moses via the UAH forum

Humour:John Nsubuga interviews ‘president’ Mulindwa Edward

Good evening from Serena Hotel conference centre Kampala Uganda. I’m John Nsubuga UBC News. And welcome to this first presidential candidates interview, sponsored by Cupa Ddebe International.

From all of these questions — and from tens of thousands submitted online — I have selected a long list of excellent questions on domestic and foreign policy. Please note, the candidates have not seen the questions. Each candidate will have two minutes to respond to a common question. Please be polite, and attentive, no cheering or outbursts ok.

Mr Mulindwa, you will begin.

Q- With the economy on the downturn and kyeyo money not coming in, retired and older citizens and workers losing their savings, what’s the fastest, most positive solution to bail these people out of the economic ruin?

EM- It is a classic example of how we have failed to build Uganda into responsible phases, and I will give you a very simple example, there are cars being driven in Uganda that should not be imported for they do not have the mechanism to test them when they beak down. I have seen especially Japan cars that need a whole technological capital if you are to build a diagnostic center for them, but if you go to Uganda, these cars are running on the pot holes and bang holio.

Q- How do you intend to widen the tax base?

EM- Do you know that places of worship in Uganda have more money than the government? No, Lubaga must start to pay taxes in Uganda than sending all the collections to Rome. studying in Catholic a Moslem or protestant school isn’t free, if you put a school in a Pentecostal such you will not need a van but a truck to deliver the cash to the bank. So let us tax every body. Oh and by the way those churches use public facilities built by taxes. Why do you think the Moslems are killing each other? Do you think it is a bout improving the religion? No it is to have a control on the cash flow that is un taxable.

Q- Should we continue to promote Bona Basome?

EM- Besigye sold the entire Makerere University to an Arab in the name of getting money to empower FDC. How many British students do you have in Makerere today? There are British working and full time employed
in UK with a degree from Makerere University. Again I repeat, a graduate from Makerere came here and applied to join UFT, {University of Toronto} he was tested and informed that he had an education equivalent to a grade
seven’s. And I do not care if you have a faculty that works or a faculty that does not work, students from Makerere used not to be tested when they come here why are they tested today?

Q- Should Buganda be granted federal?

EM- Many Ugandans do not even understand what Federalism is. When you ask a 20 year old what is Federalism he simply walks away looking as a cow that has just dumped, for he has absolutely no idea what it means, when you ask my mother’s age, she tells you that Federalism is actually the best things that can happen to Uganda for it will make Ssabasajja the next leader of Uganda. And you go wow Mom you just did not say that !!.

You need to have a critical thinker in Buganda, for I ask you today as we speak, who do you know that politically advises Mengo and Ssabassajja? The answer is no one, and the reason is very simple, this Ssabassajja is a Movementist a fact most Baganda refuse to accept. It is called Common sense for it is never Common.

Q- Should Bunyoro be given a share of the oil that is going to be drilled from there?

EM-There is no one going to drill even a single litter of oil from Bunyoro. The movement never found that oil we knew about it from way back in Obote one, do you think every one was silly and not interested to drill it? Try to think out of the box my friend, that oil thing is siyasa from the Movement. It is just another chapter of your being duped.

Q- How do you intend to reform the judiciary?

EM- It is such a twisted reasoning as Dr. Kiiza Besigye establishing the courts in Uganda that have been very cruel to the rest of Ugandans, a courts that sentenced even a stroke beaten man as Hajji Musa Ssebirumbi to death, and Besigye saw that to be very right and democratic action, a courts that killed Cosmas Obura so fast for he knew all the information about the attack on Uganda, yet the very same Dr. Kiiza Besigye stands in front of those same courts, his courts and cries when his brother is denied bail.

Q- Mulago hospital is in a very bad situation, how will you get it working again?

EM- We educated Besigye on tax payer’s money but when he finished his education at, he went to the jangle to teach the Nsubuga John and Abbey Semuwemba how to open dead people’s skulls in Luwero. Mulago has no doctors but Now they blame it on Obote.

Q- What is your take on the situation in Rwanda today 15yrs after the genocide?

EM- Doing exactly what all Africans should have done from get go. Hunt down the “I am a Hutu” “I am a Tutsi” from get go. Had that been done then, we would not have reached where we are today. Dr. Kiiza Besigye who we now know is a Muhororo is going to do to Uganda and Rwanda what Tanganyika did to Zanzibar. And if you can use the two names of Tanganyika and Zanzibar to create a new name of Tanzania, there will be no problem using Rwanda and Uganda to get a new name of Rwaganda. And Dr. Kiiza Besigye will do exactly that.

Q- Do you think Uganda’s security has improved since the NRM come to power?

EM- This is why it is important that when we state that Kasita ffe trwebaka we remember to ask our selves a very important question, who was refusing you to sleep before NRM came to power?

Q- If you become president of Uganda, what role will Jimmy Akena play in your government?

EM- But here is what a critical thinker wonders about this very terrible muzzling of our people, Jimmy Akena has been in Uganda politics for now a reasonable time, he has proved that he at minimum cares about Uganda and how to change it, Akena invented or tried to invent how to run a bicycle on Uganda Waragi, and Ugandans including OJ him self never encouraged the investment let alone write about it.

Q- Was the Luwero war justified?

EM- Let me respond to your comments directly. A question that this government has failed to respond to so far is why did they bomb down Luwero District office? The entire complex was bombed right out of its foundation and they left a sitting hole that remained such for years and years. Luwero district office didn’t have treasury bills, it did not store money and no known valuables that were stored in that complex.

We continued on that we need a commission of inquiry on what has happened in Uganda, to let Ugandans that have a history on these past leaders speak out, if they are cleared then no one will deny them a God given right to hold any political position.

Q- Should we burn Buvera?

EM- Recycling is very good for the environment and that term has been used and accepted very extensively in our daily lives. But let me tell you some thing new here. The worst term in leadership of nations like Uganda, is recycling. For if you use it in politics, you choke on pollution. As simple and plain as that.

Q- Has affirmative action worked, if not, as president, how will you empower our women?

EM- If women are empowered in Uganda, why do they go to Mulago hospital and produce babies with skins peeling of for they died inside a week or so ago?

Q- How do you spend your free time?

EM- When I’m not watching gay parades in Toronto, I take Phoebe my dog for a walk.

Q- How do you want to be remembered?

EM- The inscriptions on my tombstone should read, “EKIFIRE” 1930-2099

That concludes tonight’s interview with our president in waiting Mr Edward Mulindwa.

Thank you sir.



This is a serialised interview.

JN- Mr President, thank you for accepting to avail your self for this interview. Let me also use this opportunity to congratulate you for having been re-elected president of Uganda, although I do not recognise your presidency.

Museveni- Thank you JN. By the way, I remember you as a boy during the 1980 campaigns and the liberation war. But what do you mean you do not recognise my presidency?

JN- There is compelling evidence that you rigged this election, Besigye received more votes than you.

Museveni- No, no, no…Besigye is misleading people and he will be arrested if he doesn’t stop. It is actually FDC that rigged in many polling stations around the country.

JN- Which polling stations?

Museveni- For example, in the north they rigged in Ginego, Jal, Macho Myamya, and Obale etc. In the east they rigged Ojame, Jadwong, Pee, Omuhongo, Siriginyi and Ejokuna. They almost rigged Ejakait polling station as well, but Kaihura prevented that in time. Here in central, they went ahead and rigged Mbaliga polling station, Banobasiru polling station, Ndimulimba, and Njochamasiro polling station. In fact we did not gather more than 20 votes at Serwajo’kwota polling station. In the West we were more vigilant so they only managed to rig Rwakitura polling station. As you can see, we’re the victims here, but alhamdulillah, we came out on top.

JN- Alhamudulillah!!!

Museveni- Yes! Seya taught me that.

JN- But the electoral commission is partisan and pro NRM, how did they manage to do that?

Museveni- They were assisted by the conservatives in the UK to print fake ballot papers. We know this.

JN- Lets talk about your rap or crap song as some people call it. Whose idea was it, and how come you claim originality for a song that has been around for more than a century?

Museveni- Oh! actually it was Janet’s idea although I took all the credit. The idea was to educate our youth about product value addition. You see, this song had been exported from Ankore to other parts of Uganda in its raw form for many years. So we added value to it and you saw the results.

JN- How was that supposed to educate the youth about product value addition?

Museveni- I think it was another way of telling them that it is possible to sell sand in the Sahara.

JN- But Otafire publicly called it a “Mavi ya kuku” crap song.

Museveni- No, no, no…what Kahinda proposed in the NRM caucus was that we add those lyrics in the song, to make it national anthem material, but we disagreed on the modality.

JN- What was the disagreement about exactly?

Museveni- I did not attend that meeting my self, but Tamale Mirundi can clarify.

Tamale Mirundi- Mr. pulezidenti, samu membazi insisitedi we insert those words into the song vertically…ie. “Mavi ya kuku” but athazi were saying we do it horizontally….”kuku ya mavi” for example.

JN- Only that?

Museveni- He also felt the song had the potential to become our national anthem, so we forwarded the matter to different party organs for scrutiny.

JN-Why didn’t you record a full album?

Museveni- But it was a full album of one song. I intend to release ten more albums this year to complement the first one.

JN- Ten!!…how are you going to do that in one year?

Museveni- In the second album for example, we shall record the same song backwards. In the third album, I’ll recycle only one line……”kati karara, karara, kati karara x 89 times emphasising the “Rrrrrrrrrr”……..” and crap like that. Eddy Kenzo will assist us with all that.

JN- Mr president, people say you’ve failed to create jobs 25yrs down the road, what do you say about that?

Museveni- Those are lies spread by FDC. How can any body say we’ve not created jobs when companies like MTN, Uchumi, Nakumat, Airtel, Kiboko squad and Kalangala action plan are all recruiting NRM youth? Under the NRM government, we’ve discovered oil and paper ore which we did by adding DDT to paper and some other herbs from Ntungamo.

JN- What is paper ore used for?

Museveni- It is the main ingredient in the production of heart monitoring equipment for hospitals. Last year I directed that we use them our selves at Mulago hospital and that explains why heart related deaths have declined drastically form 2000 a year to only 1997.

JN- But it is said that all these business are owned by your family, disguised as private business owned by foreign investors. They exploit the poor who have become poorer since 1986.

Museveni- JN, I agree, but the bible says…. “Thou who haveth will be giveneth more, but ye who haveneth not, even the little thou owneth shall be takeneth awayeth from themeth”. That is why Haji Kigongo and Seya Ssebaggala are with me because they believe in the same doctrine. I hope that answers your question.

JN- Seya was jailed some years back for money laundering in the USA and he is also on record for embezzling public funds here in Uganda. Is he your friend..

Museveni- Oh!!, no, no!…Seya is merely an NRM associate but not a friend of mine. But we have things in common, for example, we both don’t eat pork nor do we drink alcohol, I think that allows us to work well together.

JN- Do you trust him?

Museveni- Yes of course, because with him, maximum secrecy is ensured, unlike people like Mahogany.

JN- Mr president, what do you mean when you talk about “secrecy”?

Museveni- I conduct all my meetings with Seya in English, so there is no chance for leakage. You know the media here would be spreading rumours that I will never retire.

JN- Are you a life president?

Museveni- Ohhh! please!…Now that Besigye is no longer going to seek another mandate with in FDC, there is no threat to the country and the NRM. I’m going to retire ASAP.

JN- When Mr president?

Museveni- Not later than 2062, but if you people push me too hard, agakatonda muguru nyowe naza kubahereza ebifunguro bya state house such that I go to Rwakitura and look after my cows. (I swear to God I’m going to hand over the keys)

JN- Laugh….and laugh again….Mr president, do you expect to live that long?

Museveni- Please do not focus on one individual only “Museveni” when there is a long queue of other capable Ugandans waiting as well. For example, I’ve heard that this young man, Muhwezi is also interested. The other day I was at my daughter’s church, and there was a rumour going on that another Ugandan…I think it is Janet Kataha Museveni who might be considering sacrificing her self for the nation AGAIN. Although we’re opposed to the idea, we also acknowledge that we’re a family that sacrifices, and therefore, can not stop these Ugandans who want to serve their country. Retiring will not be a problem.

JN- In other words you’re going to stand again in 2016. Are you a life president?

Museveni- JN, let us cross the bridge when we get there. I think we should focus on industrialisation and the East African integration process.

JN- But Mr president, do you think Besigye is capable of leading this country?

Museveni- If he becomes president, this country will retrogress. We can not allow that to happen. For example, he has been telling people that he is going to drastically reduce corruption with in five years, how was he going to do that? It has taken us 25yrs to increase it to its current levels, so how does anybody decrease it with in five years??!!!

JN- You seem to imply that corruption is good for this country Mr president.

Museveni- If a cow that gives you milk doesn’t feed well, it will produce less milk. To get it to feed, you must entice it with salt. In Runyankore we call it “ekisura”. In other words, what you people call corruption, for us in the NRM we call ekisura that greases people’s hands such that they do a good job.

JN- Is Besigye wrong to say he wants to eradicate corruption then?

Museveni- Besigye always wants to accomplish things fast. I think you’re aware that he deserted the liberation struggle, but to our surprise, we found him in Kampala with the first group of liberators drinking tea near the old Slow boat restaurant. He actually commanded that battalion, so you can say that he wanted to become president way back in 1986.

JN- So you do not trust him?

Museveni- How can you trust a man who promises a Sunami but then you end up with a La-Nina phenomenon?. How can you trust him when he wanted to give the Banyoganda a district states?

JN- Are you saying Bunyoganda doesn’t qualify for a district status?

Museveni- You can’t do that now, because the minimum requirement in terms of population to qualify for a district status is 25 people, habiting at least an acre of kabaka’s land. The Banyoganda number only 20 according to the last population census. To give them that status now will lead to the Cholangis in the north to agitate for theirs as well. As you might be aware, that action will require us to chop off some parts of Acholiland and Langoland to create a district for the Cholangi people.

JN- Back to corruption, so you do not want corruption to end, is that what you’re saying?

Museveni- Oh! nooo…, the NRM governement has got the will to end corruption, but of courses at a very, very slow pace to enable people to adjust properly.

JN- What do you mean Mr president?

Museveni- What I mean is that, with corruption in place, that is how the NRM succeeds, and not how it fails. For example, how else would I have managed to remove these restrictive term limits?

JN- Are you admitting that you have failed on corruption?

Museveni- Of course not. It is not how you start but how you end that matters. In 2062 corruption will be a thing of the past.


In my next series, I will interview the president on oil in Bunyoro and the economy in general. Stay tuned.


To most, Mbabazi is a tear away from the old “gang” who have failed to deliver promises and instead exploited Ugandans for their own gains. His recent declaration is but a gimmick, which should be ignored. In his declaration he talked of a change in “system of government” without elucidating as to what that system would be. It is clear he has no idea what he is talking about and how it would be delivered. Like his rival, they have no clue as to what is good for Ugandans and simply carried on from their predecessors, with the same results.

Mbabazi would never be a first choice for Ugandans but in the current state anything but Museveni would do! Mbabazi needs to re invent himself by apologising for the exploitation of Ugandans for the last thirty years and counting and then embrace federalism by acknowledging that the system is broken and must be damped. This will provide Ugandans with a viable alternative. Other than, he and his nemesis are birds of the same feather albeit the sound of Mbabazi’s drivel, disregard the substance; is more easy to the ear than the alternative. Mbabazi has also got to drop his arrogance. With the assertion that “Ugandans do not know what they” one is reminded of the arrogance with which they managed to divide people and how the gullible swallowed it “hook, line and sinker” while singing praises way after the drummer had stopped.

For his sin, Mbabazi, with a working microphone in his hands and still alive, must start singing the federal message because it is the message that Ugandans want hear or else, he should follow the rest to the dustbin of history.

Akim Adongo via the UAH Community


John Nsubuga: Abbey, since it seems that a batch of thorns is being thrown into KB’s path to stand for the last time, should we consider eloping and discover new love in team JPAM.? You’ve seen the life our fellow MP Adam Luzindana lives.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
:There is something about Mbabazi as a person in his face and presentation that makes me a bit uncomfortable. He doesn’t smile a lot, does he? But then again, he has got a very adorable wife and beautiful daughters. His Rachel is so beautiful. And with this, I’m sure we can come to some sort of an arrangement if he wants our support but Rachael but must make sure our Ramandhan remains intact!

But seriously, Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye is still the man……even Museveni knows this. Mbabazi is just a distraction that hopefully will go away with time.



ALLAN BARIGYE:Me thinks even those funny wattsup msgs pitting bahima against bakiga were doctored by team M7 to be used at a later date.
Thats how M7 operates .

Gook Akanga:I wouldn’t put that past him! Remember the putting on of UPC Tshirts in Luwero to commit atrocities?

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba:One thing for sure is that there’s an irrefutable network on the ground everywhere in Uganda ready to carry Mbabazi’s message. How he has kept it together and away from the eyes of the security circles, it’s a million dollar answer.But the NRMS are intentionally trying to make someone who was unpopular to become popular suddenly. They all seem to be working for him knowingly or unknowingly!

Gook Akanga:When the time has come everything u do seems to work against u!And JPAM works well underground!He is a night dancer!

Abbey Semuwemba:Gook,Well, we have got to give it to Mbabazi. …….He has also played the game of being a liar to the last dot , and ,in a way, I’m happy that he was only lying to the super liar! He promised to support the best leader of the NRM revolution at Kyankwanzi if he was to offer himself for presidency as many times as he wanted, only for him to turn around and declare his candidature too.

It just goes on to show that nobody can detect a liar facially because there’s no mirror for it. Museveni has been telling lies to us for ages, but now he has met his match!

John Nsubuga: Museveni is no match to JPAM when it comes to political deception, he beats his mentor hands down. Mbabazi is never in a hurry, he takes his time to study the situation and the outcome, but when he launches, he lives a mark. We’re so used to president Museveni’s lies because he is repetitive, the saaaaaaame lies, industrialisation this and that but nothing happens on the ground. Musajawo nga yayimba AGOA, ne value addition?

I’m going to conduct a one day course in reading letters without opening the envelop that conceals them for all UAH members. Didn’t I tell you that president Museveni was hoodwinked to hunt for small time supporters of Mbabazi upcountry when the actual promoters at work are part of his government? They are sited besides him and yet he can’t see them. Why can’t these people consult me for advise?

The been weevil is at work from inside – out.


The day Anne Mugisha’s dad was arrested!

“In the United States I confronted similar isolation as that which I had experienced in Uganda. A group of Ugandan’s appalled at the violence and injustices of the 2001 elections had formed a non-profit organization, RESPOND Uganda and shopped for an Executive Director to run it to create awareness amongst the Ugandan Diaspora and the US government of the democratic deficit that was now apparent in the country. I was identified to head the organization and this is how I obtained a visa to travel to the United States from South Africa where I was living with my paternal Uncle, John Iraka.

Within three months of my arrival in June 2002; the organization was appalled by my ‘in-your-face-activism,’ and they had also run out of funds so I was given notice of termination of my contract. The United States had been attacked by Al Qaeda terrorists in September 2001 and all focus on foreign policy was directed at fighting terrorism. Uganda jumped on the band wagon and passed its anti-terrorism law, identifying exiled opposition activists with terrorism. It became increasingly difficult to find organizations and people willing to fund a cause which was now associated with a group known as the People’s Redemption Army (PRA.)

Ugandan security agencies led by David Pulkol and Noble Mayombo appeared on radio talk shows and gave interviews linking Kizza Besigye and his erstwhile supporters to the PRA. Many activists were detained illegally and tortured to give evidence that would link Reform Agenda activists to the PRA. When James Opoka, Besigye’s political assistant on the EKBTF was killed by Kony in Northern Uganda, the rumor that Besigye (now exiled in South Africa) and anyone who supported his candidature was a terrorist linked with the infamous Lords Resistance Army; gained credence.

On 26 July 2003, my parents who chose to live a quiet religious life got thrust into the drama of my political activism. The government had launched an operation (Operation Wembley) purportedly to arrest thugs who were committing violent acts of robbery and many were shot down extrajudicially in this military operation that swept through Kampala. On that day the operatives found their way to my parent’s home in Bugolobi to arrest my father who they alleged was recruiting PRA rebels. They found my parents at home and ordered my father who was sitting in the living room with my mother to get up and follow them to their vehicle. My mother being the more outspoken of the two told them to wait because there was no way they were taking him in his slippers. She insisted that he goes upstairs and puts on his shoes so that he would leave the house presentably! She must have got their attention because indeed they allowed him to go upstairs and put on his shoes. Then they threw him in the back of their vehicle and took him to a ‘go-down’ in Kireka, an un-gazatted place of detention where they proceeded to ask him to remove his shoes and locked him up with several other people in a dark holding place.

My mother went to work. She called church leaders and relatives that she knew in government. Miria Matembe, then Minister of Ethics and a relative through marriage, was outraged when she heard the story. She called State House and told them that they had just committed a big blunder. My father is a respected figure in the Church of Uganda and his arrest was about to cause the government great embarrassment. Within two hours of his arrest, he was called out of the packed dark hole where he had been thrown by someone who asked: Are you Anne’s father? He told me that when he heard those words he thought he was dead but he could not deny who he was so he identified himself as my father. They took him to an office where a gentleman who released him chatted with him and said he had been to school with me. My father told me that when they brought him his shoes and socks, he could barely tie the laces because his hands were trembling. Once he had his shoes on they told him he could leave and opened the doors to the street. He jumped onto public transportation and made his way back to Bugolobi. My mother spoke to the press, probably for the first time in her life; and told them that the family should not be penalized for my political activities and they should be left alone.

I followed the saga from the USA and started to understand the impact of my activism on those who loved me.The US State Department Human Rights Country Report of 2003, published on 25 February 2004; reported the incident under the section on Arbitrary Interference with Privacy, Family, Home, or Correspondence. ‘The Government at times punished family members of suspected criminals and political opposition members. For example, on July 26, George Mugisha, father of RA activist Anne Mugisha, was arrested and temporarily detained for alleged links with a rebel group. He was released after 2 hours due to the lack of evidence, but he claimed the arrest was a form of mistreatment due to his daughter’s political activities.’
When President Museveni’s office announced that he would be attending the Uganda North America Convention in Seattle in September 2004, I knew I had finally got my opportunity to say some of the things that needed to be said in the safety of the US jurisdiction. I had been invited to speak on a political panel at the event but the government started to advocate for my removal from the panel. A Ugandan newspaper wrote that I intended to abuse the President and pelt rotten eggs at him during his visit to Seattle. A former President of Uganda Law Society, Andrew Kasirye (also one of Museveni’s numerous private lawyers); wrote an email to the Convention organizers inciting them to throw me out because I had decided to organize a peaceful demonstration to coincide with the presence of Mr. Museveni at the Convention. The government was taking measures to silence a single opposition voice.

At first I was told that they were throwing me off the panel because the organizers were funding my participation and did not want to be said to be funding a demonstration against the President. I agreed with them and immediately paid for my registration and reserved my accommodation. But this was not enough to assuage the detractors. I informed the City of Seattle and the Police Department and they responded saying they had no objection to a peaceful demonstration. I appealed to UNAA members who believed in the right to associate, the freedom of expression and right to be heard; to join me outside the Convention Center (Seattle Sheraton Towers) on 4th September 2004, to hold placards that would send our message to the Ugandan and American public. My placards (which were mistaken for rotten eggs;) were about Museveni’s move to amend the constitution to run for a 5th term in office, HIV/AIDS and the return of peace to northern Uganda. Eventually, folks like Dr. Muniini Mulera and a few other UNAA elders prevailed on the Convention organizers and I got my demonstration and an opportunity to speak on the panel.

The demonstration attracted at least 25 Ugandans and some Seattle residents many of whom stopped, participated or listened and then moved on. It took place outside the Seattle Sheraton Towers where the President was due to speak to participants in the Uganda North American Association Convention. Some of the participants included FDC activists Peter Otika, Moses Sebunya and Rukia Tezikuba. It also included members of the Acholi Community in Seattle and California as well as DP-USA Secretary-General Lawrence Kiwanuka. Several members of the international community, including Amnesty International members, brought along pictures of the war and destruction in northern Uganda and joined the demonstration while a volunteer group called Peacemakers, brought people to make a ring around the demonstrators in case of any threats. As it turned out, they were not needed. There were a dozen policemen on bikes who were happy to stand around and enjoy the day with us. Members of the Presidential Guard Brigade, the erstwhile Presidential Protection Unit (PPU,) which had tortured KB’s supporters in southwestern Uganda; tried to stare us down and one said to me in my native Runyankore that what our small group lacked was a thorough beating. I thanked God that we were not demonstrating in Kampala.
At 50 I know that it does not take many people to shake a government into realizing that it derives it’s power from the very people it purports to represent. The hard part is finding the people to stand up and confront the government with this truth.”—-Anne Mugisha


By Abbey Semuwemba

The concept of voter fraud is fascinating to me and I suspect that Gen.Sejusa and Mr.Amama Mbabazi will have the final word on this before and during the 2016 elections. I also suspect that in order to do it, you’d have to know who you were posing as, their exact address, where to go to vote, and you’d have to know that the person you’re posing as isn’t going to show up sometime that day. And in most precincts you’d have to wait in line to do so. If you could manage to do one an hour, you’d affect a dozen votes.

This means nobody in Uganda could vote as Museveni, Besigye, or any of the famous people in the country, but it means anybody could vote as any of the Ugandans in diaspora(who are denied the chance to vote or register for ID), and most probably get away with it. Anybody could forge an ID under my names and vote, and I don’t think it will be detected.Please don’t vote in my names for you know who!

It would actually be easier to make a dozen fake IDs, if you think about it under the following categories of people:1- those living abroad; the dead; ghost soldiers;disabled; mentally-ill in Butabika, e.t.c and drop all the pre-ticked boxes in the box of the candidate of your choice.

Voter fraud is a very bad crime,because it pretty much portrays the loser as the winner, and the winner as the loser, as was allegedly the case after the 2006 elections.

Another way to rig is to consistently causing voter suppression by enacting laws that make getting ID’s hard to get, throwing out previous ID’s, legislating obstacles to voting, intimidation,….all PROVEN to be against those most likely to vote against Museveni and his NRM. That’s why I think Gen.Sejusa’s message in the Saturday Monitor makes more sense than that of the DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE– Alliance or not, somebody else will be controlling the 2016 elections, and that somebody will make the opposition look like losers again!



What this document means is that Mr Omara Bashir has to appear in a South African court within the next 48 hours to “show cause” why he should not be handed over to the ICC for prosecution. The lawyers for petitioners in South Africa will argue very strenuously in court that:

1. The Arrest Warrants issued by the ICC are valid and pending
2. That the government of South Africa is a party to the Statute of Rome and is therefore under an international obligation to cooperate with the ICC.
3. Mr Omar Bashir has not cooperated with the ICC since the warrants were issued more than three years ago, and is not likely to cooperate if he is allowed to leave the jurisdiction of the court.

Mr Omar Bashir’s lawyer’s will argue in court that:
1. The government of Sudan is not a party to the Rome Statute that created the ICC, therefore all its warrants are invalid in so far as they apply to citizens of Sudan.

2. The matters alleged in the indictment fall within the sovereign jurisdiction of the Republic of Sudan and therefore the doctrine of state immunity should prevail.

3. That he Omar Bashir is a sitting head of state and therefore enjoys immunity from on the basis of that status.

4. That there is a bi-lateral agreement between the government of Sudan and South Africa and a tri-partite treaty governing relations between member states of the African Union, which guarantees his safety and freedom of travel ie , he could not have traveled to South Africa without being given a legal guarantee, so therefore the legal issue would be the determination of the hierarchy of laws, which should prevail, International human rights law or domestic law?

This is playing out the Pinochet case in the UK in 2001 in which I participated on behalf of Amnesty International. It just depends on the attitude of the South African government,but I can see Zuma letting him go, eventually.

This case of Omar Bashir will depend on the attitude of the South African government and weather Jacob Zuma has got political authority in the current South African political dispensation to make a bold move in the interests of international human rights law. There is undoubtedly a lot of pressure on him. But he has to decide whether he wants to maintain the status quo in Africa, where brutal leaders like Bashir and Museveni enjoy immunity and are allowed to gallivant all over the continent to plan the brutalisation of their citizens and to import instruments and means by which they may effectively inflict such suffering. One of three things will happen:
1. The High Court may dismiss the interim order on a legal technically, for eg that the Petitioner, a South African Muslim Human Rights Group, does not have standing in the case (locus standi rule) since it is not a victim.
2. The Court may decide that Bashir entered South Africa under a bi-lateral agreement with the Republic of South Africa that guarantees his freedom from arrest and freedom of travel. It would therefore rule that this agreement over-rules the ICC warrants of arrest, and by implication imposes supremacy of domestic law over international human rights. The Statute of Rome, which created the ICC, imposes a duty on parties state to it to cooperate with the ICC.
3. The government may declare Omar Bashir persona non grata (unwanted person) and then expel him from the country.

The precedent in a case of this nature is the R v Pinochet which started in 1996 with the arrest in London of the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet upon a warrant for his extradition from Spanish Prosecutor General to stand trial in Spain for the murder of 2,597 people. I participated in this case as a Legal Researcher for Amnesty International, which had applied for and been granted the status of amicus curiae (friend of the court) or co-petitioner in the case. The case went on for 4 years, ending with Pinochet being allowed to return to Chile on health grounds. But along the way, I think the most important principle of international criminal justice was established in this case. In many ways, the decision of the House of Lords in R v Pinochet stands as the greatest judicial decision of the 20th Century and one of the greatest ever made in a common law jurisdiction.

George Okello via the UAH forum


MUNTU AND BESIGYE It was a mistake for Dr Besigye to quit and hand the torch to general Muntu. Dr Besigye quit organized opposition in favour of the informal one where he and Lord Major Lukwago seem to dominate. I have never seen general Muntu threatening YKM. I suspect that is why General Sejusa who can speak his mind is now causing waves in Uganda.

Let us wait and see how things will turn out in FDC. I see general Muntu doing to FDC what Ed Miliband did to Labour in the UK, hang on leadership fully aware they are the problem and not the solution. I still believe Labour could have done better had it elected the elder Miliband. but Ed Milliband entered the race to spoil for his brother. Now he is dead politically and finished kabisa. Labour will soon do what FDC members are doing in begging Dr Besigye, beg the elder Milliband to rescue labour. The odds are high.

In reality Dr Besigye never let the political scene. So he overshadowed general Muntu and other opposition figures. He could come back but under a different arrangement or umbrella.

Well Dr Besigye should make up his mind pretty soon.

QN: Why do you thinks diehards party members are prone to screwing up? Mr Blair made Labour electable so to screw him they went for Ed Miliband who has now made labour unelectable. I compare Ed Milliband to firebrand senior Senator Elizabeth Warren-unelectable nationally.

WBK Via the UAH forum


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