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Polygynae and abuse of women is a strong tenent of African culture. Women are forced to bear 10 children at the fear of losing their men. Sexual and gender based violence is tolerated in many settings in Africa, part of which is a cultural phenomenon. Mutilation of the genitals of young girls is and accepted cultural phenomenon in Eastern Uganda and several areas in Kenya.

Uganda has one of the highest rates of hetero-sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS in the world and a lot of the correlates of HIV are due to deeply entrenched socio-cultural norms associated with high risk sex. Over the last 2 decades, the rates of fornication and adultery have multiplied to unprecedented levels, while rape, child sacrifice, witchcraft and defilement have become a way of life in Uganda.

2.Those in the know say Miria MATEMBE as a wife is not the hellfire and brimstone, take-no-prisoners feminist that we have come to see her in the public over the years.she is so polite that she even kneels to her husband at home but when she jets out of her Luzira home.

2.Those in the know say Miria MATEMBE as a wife is not the hellfire and brimstone, take-no-prisoners feminist that we have come to see her in the public over the years.she is so polite that she even kneels to her husband at home but when she jets out of her Luzira home.

Uganda ranks top among the most corrupt countries in the world, billions of money stolen by the creme of the country with impunity. Pathological lying is widespread, from those with presidential ambitions lying that they are not interested to people lying in court. The population of prostitutes and brothels is increasing exponentially, while many university girls are now engaging in open prostitution and orgies. Uganda is ranked 5th among the largest alcohol consuming countries.

Based on these:
1. I think that just because culture is relative does not mean that all cultures are correct in their context. We have many more evils eating us – witchcraft, child sacrifice, forced marriages of teenage girls to old men, widow inheritance, gender based violence, and alcoholism – all part of our ‘rich African cultural heritage’

2. Now that that issue is settled, I am yet to see what we are going to do about all the other rottenness in the country.

3. We have failed to contain the HIV epidemic, because of our culture – we cannot blame Europe and America – because they probably have more sex of all types than us – but they have much stricter laws about prevention of its transmission. On the other hand, 70% of our own HIV patients depend on the West for treatment

4. We have failed to build any meaningful development – we are backward in almost everything – and our backwardness is rooted in our culture of un-seriousness as Africans

5. We celebrate the leaders who have killed hundreds of thousands of us through extra-judicial means or through failed health systems, yet we attack people who have not done any harm – like albinos, women, etc

We have failed with our women (who are 51% of the population), and we have failed with our children (who are 50% of the population) and we have failed with our governance, corruption, fornicators, cheaters, adulterers etc. The probability that some of you have a side dish and u commit adultery on a weekly basis is so high considering the way Uganda is at the moment.

In summary, we are so amoral and failed in so many ways as a people that it looks laughable to raise any moral issue and call it Africa.

I wish everyone a good Ramandhan.


HON KIBUULE:Sexuality and empowerment: An intimate connection

What does sexuality have to do with women’s empowerment? Research from Pathways of Women’s Empowerment shows that sexuality affects women’s political and economic empowerment in a number of important ways. For example, in the ways that women experience seeking election to political office, how women are treated and respected (or disrespected) in the workplace and in public, and how families and communities place expectations on how women should behave. Being exposed to sexual harassment and sexual violence and not being able to exercise choice in their sexual relationships affects women’s well-being and ultimately undermines political, social and economic empowerment.

In this policy paper, we demonstrate why sexuality is so important for women’s empowerment, drawing on evidence generated by research carried out by the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment RPC and collaborative initiatives with the DFID-funded IDS Sexuality and Development Programme.

Where are we heading with killings everyday in Lango?

Where are we heading with killings everyday in Lango? Lango is running crazy? The lady Akullo Bianka in the photo was killed by the husband Ojok Dickens on August 12, 2013 in Alito by strangling and he left the child and dead mother inside the house. The child was found suckling. The conflict was over shs50, 000 which Ojok went and used in gambling. The man later presented himself to Police in kole that he killed his wife and child

Men r not serious, u kill ur wife! Someone who dedicated her life to u, instead of treating her like a queen, u killed her. U’ll reap the consequence! Her soul rip

Just yesterday in Layibi a man beheaded wife for stupid reasons. What are we going to do with these merciless husbands, should all women resort to single life?

Where are we heading with killings everyday in Lango? Is this the effect of the Kony Rebel rebellion??

These are symptoms of a much bigger problem in our society. We have now stopped following our own cultures under the pretext of being modern. We are just now copying and pasting cultures from abroad (colonialist). Such situations were rare and elders would handle them most effectively without repeat. What kind of generation are we creating honestly? Each and every one of has a responsibility to create a safe and healthy community for women and girls.

We are now experiencing an increase in serious mental health problems in the north and particularly in Lango as a result of two decades of conflict. B’se of the insurgency that happened there, majority are suffering’ from what psychiatrists call,”post traumatic stress disorder”. In other-words p’ple are accustomed 2 corpses.

Gambling and alcohol are the two evil spirits that our leaders need to confront head on, otherwise our people are being targeted in systemic manner to keep them in bondage. Gambling is the last thing the region needs, we have not even started recovering from the anguish and trauma of the war. A lot of men in Lango wake up to play cards from morning till sunset. They leave the women to do everything for them.

The local leaders and the development partners need to think and think…. with the community together to be able to come out with a solution with approach to engage the community members into a micro farming practices to improve on their household income during this recovery period other GAMBLING. It is very hard for the community members to adjust during the post war and the post war effect is more devastating than the period of the war.

There is need for massive sensitisation to communities about the dangers of domestic violence; otherwise it’s too much for life! At worst its women who are suffering mostly.


Womenfolk have so seriously embraced oppression that to them, love by their husbands means being physically assaulted

violenceYou people,

The article below tells much of the story about the structural basis of illiberalism in many of our medieval societies. Womenfolk have so seriously embraced oppression that to them, love by their husbands means being physically assaulted. But anyhow, if you are launched into adulthood through the pain of being genitally mutilated (with all the life-long trauma that it will occasion), what other pain will you not tolerate? Which makes me wonder why a primitive society that still tolerates the structural violence of Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and wife beating should have any claim to make to being ruled democratically. Silly pretense!

As the article below shows, more women in Uganda find wife beating more acceptable than men. “Eeeeeh, nze mze nze bannage omwami wange mwagala nnyo kubanga ankuba kiboko”. Quite certainly if those same women were ‘liberated’, they would want to switch roles, and become husband beaters.violence2

And let me come to rule you with the intention of being democratic, and I catch your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and house helpers all praising the whip-cracking male, I will immediately become a dictator. I will as soon learn that ruling you democratically is like strapping wings on a caterpillar with the hope that it will fly! If the foundation for romantic love for husbands is their ability to whip you, why shouldn’t the policeman also whip you? If being whipped is the building block for your love of your sons’ father, why shouldn’t your sons relish being kiboko squadsmen? If your husband furnishes you with more spanking than perfume, why shouldn’t teargas become a standard air freshener? Munziremu! Answer me!

That is the same social milieu that sustains child sacrificing with the hope of getting enlisted on the stock exchange; pastor-defile-flock idiocy; witchcraft loving, jigger-hosting, goat-mounting, offspring-raping imbecility; teacher-impregnate-pupil cerebral lobotomy; prostrating for some other piece of Homo Sapiens because we think he was born with two umbilical cords……and all other pre-enlightenment primitivism which many deluded a soul wants to sugarcoat with institutions and rituals of modernity.

I say, you will need more despots for the next many decades to save you from yourselves before you can hope to sustain the outward manifestations of liberalism. If, and only if you are lucky, you will get enlightened despots. If not, you will get the un-enlightened ones because you surely deserve them. They will be you mirror image.violence3

And didn’t Alexis de Tacquiville supply the view that in primitive societies (like Uganda), “…every time that an attempt is made to do away with absolutism the most that could be done is to graft the head of liberty onto a servile body”? But Alexis de Tocquiville to UAH! Aaaah! Mbivuddeko!

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


The New Vision – Uganda’s Leading Website
Wife-beating is [un]acceptable
Publication date: Wednesday, 27th April, 2011
By Dora Byamukama

ACCORDING to the World’s Women and Girls 2011 Data Sheet, Uganda records the highest percentage of women internationally who agree that wife-beating is acceptable if a wife argues with her husband. This state of affairs is totally unacceptable.

Sadly more women than men find wife-beating acceptable! One wonders why this is so. India was ranked second with 30% and Ghana came third at 21%.

In the East African region Ugandan women are considered gentle and submissive. Whether this is a positive or negative trait is a subject for debate. This notwithstanding, when gentility and submission have the potential to contribute to self-hate then this attitude calls for change. Change can only be effective when the causes are known otherwise whatever action is taken may be like mopping a wet floor, when the tap is left open.

Causes of acceptance of violence against women are several. These are basically beliefs and practices that treat women as inferior human beings and thus undermine their self-esteem. These beliefs and practices perpetuate an attitude that makes men and women believe that women are inferior and less intelligent—thus the need to punish them for arguing with their husbands.

Beliefs and practices permeate the human soul to the extent that women who are likely to be harmed by such a negative attitude internalize it and thus not only accept the degradation but also pass on the same to their children over time.

It is, therefore, not uncommon for a woman to be told to endure violence in a marriage by her mother on the basis that this is the wear and tear of marriage. While growing up, I heard of a story of a woman who reported such violence several times to her parents who kept sending her back to the marriage until their daughter was sent back to them in a coffin! In fact the coffins were two because the woman had been eight months pregnant.

Beliefs and practices that wife-beating is acceptable are rooted in several factors which include religion, culture, social pressure as a result of war, poverty and alcoholism. Most religions emphasise that women are inferior to men. Christianity, however, categorically states that all human beings are made in the image of God.

When some religions read texts to support oppression of women out of context then the resultant effect is to misinterpret and misapply the very same religion that is fundamentally based on respecting the person created in the creator’s very image.

Religion shapes attitudes fundamentally because it is personal and the frequency with which one is exposed to it on a daily and weekly basis ensures that the belief is sustained and that is enforced through social pressure.

Culture is another aspect that shapes attitude that may promote women’s tolerance to wife-beating. Culture is a form of religion because it dictates a person’s way of life, and shapes what is socially acceptable. In fact most cultures do not condone wife-beating but because domestic matters are considered private, this privacy is abused and used to commit crimes.

Culture is dynamic and is also shaped and influenced by globalization through internet interaction, videos and films. Globalization has introduced what is termed as modern culture, which has large doses of violence and in some instances is spiced with witchcraft. One such good example is the growing consumption of Nigerian films in Uganda .

When one is exposed to such films over and over again, the resultant effect is that they will copy and put into practice what they see.

The World’s Women and Girls Data Sheet also indicates that 31% of Ugandan women and 19% of Ugandan men said that it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife if she refuses to have sex with him. This indeed is an interesting and deeply disturbing finding. The question is, if after a beating the woman agrees to sex, does it make the man feel any better?

Apart from wife-beating being a human right abuse and a crime it also has the potential to spread HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases.

In most cases when one talks about wife-beating people imagine that it is a mere slap. A mere slap has the potential to cause the destruction of an eye. More importantly no one has capacity to pre-determine the kind of beating that may be meted on a woman in any given circumstance.

The anger of a spouse can lead to grievous harm and even murder! Wife-beating also has the potential to turn the victim into a violent person with the potential to avenge the torture any time.

Uganda has set the trend in the East African region for the empowerment of women significantly since the NRM came to power in 1986. The law is clear. Wife-beating is a crime prohibited by the Constitution, the Penal Code Act and the Domestic Violence Act. All people have a right to freedom from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The fact that less men than women find wife beating acceptable is cause to celebrate. However, more work needs to be done in order to make wife beating totally unacceptable by religious and cultural leaders and the media.

Champions that promote and practise respect for the dignity of the person are needed at all levels of society—beginning with you.

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Huge sexual appetite generating NRM Industrialisation – Part I

If you visit any state agency, from the police, medical care, Uganda Gaddafi Telecom Limited (UTL) to a sophisticated security facility – a worker, if he or she can get you around the corner, will ask you for money termed as facilitation before any services or no services, you pay for with your tax money, are offered to you!

Even if it is a dying child, they will ask for facilitation – that is NRM Uganda economic and industrialisation philosophy. So between 1986 and now, Uganda has lost more children and adults, besides more business opportunities, innovations, technologies than it has ever lost in 24 before 1986.

Reference can be made to a year on year, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) data and see how many of such businesses, including direct foreign investment (DFI), have materialised in a span of the last 15 years! Let me be categorical here, there is no meaningful Global Business Investment can make it in Uganda. NONE!

I have done a mini research on the above and unexpectedly some key social groups are masters of the “facilitation” economic miracle. It can also be seen with necked eyes i.e. who owns which most expensive car, or drinks in which bar in Kampala filthy slums like Kabalagala or Garden City. One time, the shoes they wore identified this NRM class!

You imagine such stupidity – type of shoes??!

It is this money, unwittingly stolen from needy working people, the Tomato, Waragi, Chappati makers, Banana, Chicken and Milk vendors and sellers, which is used to build; expensive villas, conspicuous consumption (drinking, sex, roosted chicken) and some sort of investment i.e. in matatu and the construction sectors (mizigo rentals) by the “facilitation” investors.

Note too that the huge sexual appetite in Uganda, read (Nancy C.M. Hartsock : Money, Sex, And Power) has seen expansive leisure economic growth: nightclubs, bars, lodge and restaurant sector growing by leaps and bounds. This is also boosting auxiliary sectors i.e. in media and church pornography, obscene music industry typical of American black slum gangstering, and ghettorism , (read Thorstein Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class)

This is an ever growing primitive mercantilists money circulation system in Uganda, typical of the Colombian and Mexicanian drug money system. This is exactly the same economy, Europeans practiced between 1200 – 1500 by importing; pepper, tobbaco, tea, and cocoa.

Ugandans are importing everything from toilet papers to pastilles!

Mercantilists economy never built those countries but the beholders were filthy rich. NRM’s Uganda is in exactly the same situation of exhortationist economy. Is it any wonder that it is only during this regime many Ugandans have been committed to death due for narcotic drug trafficking and expensive car theft from Europe and South Africa?!

Uganda has basically no industries anywhere. This too implies there are virtually no Ugandan industrialists. Among some Uganda societies, they have paged ones well-being to a mobile phone one has, never mind if it is a fake Chinese Nokia or Blackberry!

In Uganda therefore, there are a lot of rich exhortationist traffic police men/women (sleeping in Naguru or Nsambya shacks), judicial officials, town clerks, police and military CID officers, headmasters and lecturers, medical workers, fake engineers you name it who have gotten filthy rich out of a mercantilists money circulation.

And that is all about it!

NO single economy in the world has ever been developed based on the above NRM logic of middle classism i.e. citing figures on taxation, and production quantities derived from the above economic structure – exhortationist and mercantilists money circulation system. NRM rudimentary use of basic economic theorems is quite surprising. Most politicians and policy makers believe what they read from such scripts and literature or what they see in Kampala, Mbarara, Arua as a truism.

Let me show the falsehood.

Majority buildings constructed by Kampala rich, if we went by real market valuation their shilling value will be less that ½ of their production cost i.e. construction cost. The buildings are filthy, with no engineering structure design, no parking, not spacious – in reality, they are boxes with cubical for the lowery African population. Many can’t be insured as told to me by a one insurance firm. Where they are, the premium is so high, implying they are risk ventures! And that is exactly what they are meant for – owino type business conduct!

On the other side, Light industry, which has by the way, grown out of the above class, would generate technological innovation (packaging, machine fabrication and design). However in Uganda the state is sleeping – typical of all African societies, world over. Katwe local machine fabricators are on their death roll, as they can import all junk and resell making 100% profit yet grounding, NRM economic growth falsehood.

Is there any heat transfer and thermodynamics and dairy engineering specialist among NRM cattle keepers? They need to keep milk cool and fresh!

Uganda for the past 26 years has seen an impalpable expansive growth in the construction sectors. However, and because of the “Veblen effects” alluded to above – Uganda has no corresponding meaningful industry in the sector.

Hae Sung furniture and/or Sumhuk Investments?

Ugandans import everything in the construction sector right from machinery to simple things, like toilet seats and floor tiles. These could be designed by Makerere or Kyambogo ceramic students, who now days do lucrative courses, like entrepreneurship and business administration!
Bwanika Nakyesawa Luweero

IGP’s statement on Turinawe’s ‘Breast’ Arrest


Let me begin by welcoming you all to this press briefing intended to update the country on the investigation by the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) of the Uganda Police, (supported by the Special Investigations Unit) into the incident of arrest of Ingrid Turinawe in Nansana town, and, in particular, the allegations against the Uganda Police in relation to that incident.

The PSU have completed the investigation, and have presented to me their report which contains their findings and recommendations. At this juncture, let me ask the lead investigator, Commissioner Sam Kyomukama with his team to give you highlights of their investigation.

Uganda Police Force, and, I personally, have faced criticism for the manner in which it responded to this incident. I was, personally, accused of turning a blind eye to improper behavior by a police officer, of refusing to condemn the offending act, and of seeking to minimize the serious nature of the assault on Ingrid Turinawe and the offence to her dignity.

In fact, soon after the incident, we issued a general statement on the incdent, and, since we did not have all the facts, announced that we had set up an investigation. To do more, as some quarters demanded of me, especially to rush to a conclusion basing on one sided and distorted and selective images on NTV, (including the lie that it was a male police officer who violated the privacy of Ingrid Turinawe) would have been presumptuous, improper, and, as it has turned out, unwise,. Indeed, to do so would have been prejudicial to the investigation, and would have done injustice to all the actors involved, as well as to the truth. We refused to be stampeded into joining the chorus of condemnations, and let the joint team of the PSU and SIU, quietly, professionally carry out their task of investigating the incident. Now that we have the facts, I can authoritative and substantively comment.

First and foremost, on behalf of the Uganda Police, as well as on my own behalf, I regret, and apologise for, the action of one of my police officers, Woman Police Constable (W/PC) Irene Alinda, for improperly and unprofessionally handling Ingrid Turinawe. Although the officer is, clearly, remorseful, and is haunted by what she did, she still acted unprofessionally, and out of tune with the standards of the Uganda Police in carrying out arrests or using force. Her action was unnecessary, improper, and unacceptable, and she must be held to ccount. For that we are deeply sorry to Ingrid Turiname, her family, her friends, and indeed, all the womenfolk, and the country at large. This apology is unequivocal, unqualified and sincere. We shall, formally, and in writing, express the same to Ingrid Turinawe, directly, and personally.

This type of behavior has no place in Uganda Police Force. Indeed, notwithstanding some instances of unprofessional misconduct by some officers, as a Force we are not brutal as some propagandists want the country and the world to believe. We have a code of conduct which is part of the Police Act, and which we enforce vigorously, and rigorously. That is why we have the PSU, “the Policeman of the Police”. We emphasize people friendly methods of policing, in particular community policing (building community/police partnerships), as well as observance of human rights. In training, and in our orders, police officers are prepared to ensure that in going about their work, they should be intimate with the people, and respect the human rights of suspects. We emphasize internationally established human rights – compliant principles on use of force, namely, lawfulness, necessity, proportionality, non-discrimination, and accountability.

Secondly, in line with the recommendations of the investigation team, I have ordered that W/PC Alinda Irene be tried before the Police Headquarters Disciplinary Court on charges of Discreditable Conduct and of Behaving in a Cruel, Disgraceful and Indecent Manner, disciplinary offences established under the Police Act (Code of Conduct).

Thirdly, having said the above, however, I wish to make some comments on the incident which led to the confrontation between Ingrid Turinawe and the Police, indeed, which is what led to the incident under investigation.

Some people, political leaders included, seem to consider that they are not obliged to follow lawful instructions of a police officer. In fact, they act and behave as if they are above the law, and that is where problems begin.

In fact, from the findings, on this occasion, Ms Ingrid Turinawe’s driver obeyed the instructions of the Police , and refused Ingrid’s insistence that he ignores the Police. In fact, she took over the wheel of the vehicle precisely because her driver refused to defy the Police. Had she cooperated with the Police, as other political leaders did during the same occasion, the question of her arrest and the subsequent incident in question would not have arisen. Indeed, ngrid Turinawe defied the direction of a police officer who was managing traffic. Not only did she refuse to follow his instructions, she actually continued to drive her vehicle into him. (This is very clear on video footage which by the way NTV conveniently left out.) As my traffic officers are constantly saying, a motor vehicle can be a lethal weapon. Here Ms Turinawe drove into one of my officers repeatedly. In fact, this was a serious assault and it was therefore entirely appropriate that she be arrested.

Again, contrary to the impression created by the deliberately distorted and manipulated images of the NTV, the commander in charge, on the scene, ordered four female officers to make up the arrest team and despite being correctly informed that she was being placed under arrest, Ms Turinawe again defied police and resisted to leave the vehicle. Indeed she struggled with them, grabbing the steering wheel and hitting, and biting the officers.

Therefore, while acknowledging that W/PC Alinda Irene acted unprofessionally, we must not lose sight of the genesis and background to the incident, especially the circumstances surrounding the incident, and who had primary responsibility for its occurrence. Ingrid Turinawe sought to attend an illegal assembly, organized by an Unlawful Society. When this assembly failed to take place she refused to comply with the lawful instructions of a police officer performing traffic management duties. She used a motor vehicle to physically strike a police officer repeatedly. When informed that she was to be detained she resisted arrest. She hit and bit police officers (This is all clear on the video footage.)

These are plain facts. Indeed, while they, absolutely, do not excuse the misconduct of one police officer, these facts are none the less relevant and material. I find it interesting to observe that not one newspaper, TV or radio programme or opposition leader (who were so quick to demand Uganda Police Force take action against the officer who assaulted Ms Turinawe), have, also, called for her to face charges of assault on police officers, or disciplinary action as a political leader. While we hold the Police to high moral, and professional standards, which we should, at the same time, should we not expect our political leaders to hold themselves to equally, or even higher standards?! Ms Turinawe is an aspiring law-maker! I respectfully suggest that she should desist in being a law-breaker.

Police has never denied anyone, (including Ingrid Turinawe) to exercise their rights and freedoms. Indeed, we facilitate , as we should, people to exercise their freedoms of speech and assembly, while, at the same time, ensuring safety and security of others and the country. All we demand, as we should, is that such exercise of rights and freedoms is within the Constitution and the law. In fact, it is when we make these demands , as we should, that we clash with individuals, and groups who do not respect the Constitutional mandate of the Uganda Police.

Finally, I wish to assure the country that the Uganda Police Force aspires to maintaining the very highest professional, ethical and behavioral standards, and to respect, uphold rights of individuals and groups. Indeed, we have demonstrated this over and over in spite of propagandists who give the contrary impression,. We have and continue to protect and serve all in Uganda, including, as we should, those who criticize us, insult us , defy us and assault us. Am aware that police officers, in the course of carrying out our work of protecting life and property, ensuring law and order, and preventing and detecting crime, we are forced to deal with people who do not respect the law. However, I expect police officers because of their training to exercise professional restraint and to act in with our standard operationg procedures in managing situations. On April 20th April 2012, at Nansana, one officer failed to meet the required standards, and, consequently, she will be dealt with in the appropriate way – through a trial by a Police Disciplinary Court.

I thank you for listening.

Lt Gen Kale Kayihura
Inspector General of Police

We are taking disciplinary action against the officer who ‘squeezed’ FDC’s Ngrid Turinawe’s breasts & I didn’t know about UAH- Kayihura

General Kale kayihura is IGP in Uganda

General Kale kayihura is IGP in Uganda

Dear Ugandans at heart,

We are taking disciplinary action against the officer who ‘squeezed’ FDC’s Ngrid Turinawe’s breasts, who by the way is a female officer not a male officer. But that should not be misunderstood to be exoneration of the unlawful activities of Ms Ingrid Turinawe who provokes incidents in which sometimes some police officers make mistakes. It is amazing that not even an iota of outrage is expressed when police officers suffer excesses of rioters and their organizers and sponsors, the last one being the stoning to death of Ariong by rioters when he was carrying out his duty. I have not seen any expression of sympathy to the widow and his children the way you sympathize with Ingrid and her family for a lesser outrage. Remember the other was murder! Police also deserves balanced criticism which we rarely get.

Am glad to connect to the UAH forum. Am ready for discourse on the work we do and the challenges we face. While am eager to apologize to Ingrid (in spite of the fact that she has never expressed any apology to the Police for her unlawful and incessant provocations), I don’t want to pre empty the on-going investigation by our Professional Standards Unit.

As for the allegations that we provoke the incidents, it is really an insult to the memory of Ariong to suggest that the riotous incident that led to the death of Ariong was provoked by the Police!! I want to invite you to joint research with us on the riotous situations, especially the Mabira forest racist riot in 2007, the Kayunga riots in 2009, (that were orchestrated by genocidal broadcasts by some fm radios based on lies), as well as riotous incidents in the so called Walk to Work protests, in 2011 to date. I should also tell you that there are sections of the Opposition who have made demonization of the Uganda Police a political platform. But slowly they are being exposed, the mistakes that we sometimes make notwithstanding. There is a lot of hypocrisy, and I hope you who are outside the country will not be duped.

The Uganda Police is not the only security organization where unprofessional misconduct takes place. Indeed, there is no security organization the world over constituted by angels only. You only have to watch CNN or other major news network to appreciate this. My appeal is that you judge on the basis of what action we take when professional/criminal misconduct occurs rather than using mistakes of individuals to demonize the Police as an institution. I want to assure you that we don’t tolerate impunity.

However, the officers, like other citizens, are entitled to the due process of law. We have disciplinary organs in the Police, and courts of law. Indeed, there is abundant evidence of disciplinary/criminal action taken against police officers. But I also wish to reiterate that, while not apologizing for wrongdoing on the part of some police officers, Police action is usually consequential. The cause of all this, is persons, particularly political leaders, who refuse to recognize the mandate and authority of the Police under the Constitution, and create confrontational situations that result in incidents such as the current one. Ingrid is notorious for this, and it is deliberate. It is a political platform intended to demonize the Police and by extension the government. We handle many public events and in the majority of cases, including those of the Opposition, there are peaceful.

Dr Besigye can go on as he always does to call us all sorts of names. As I informed the UAH moderator, Abbey Semuwemba, am prepared for an objective, comprehensive joint research in all the incidents, especially since 2005, when the multiparty dispensation became operational after the removal of Article 269 of the Constitution. Am sure thereafter you will appreciate my point.

Judith Nababokoba is out on a course. I will tell her to begin getting active on UAH. I think this is a very important forum. I did not know about it.

Accountable to Ugandans or the regime in power?

The mandate of the Police is clearly spelled out in the Constitution, and that is what we strive to carry out on a daily, hourly basis. We face challenges which are obviously an occupational hazard.

Police carrying arms

Incidentally, the British police carry arms. Have you been to Heathrow lately? I want to assure you that our principal policing method is community policing as practiced in Britain, and I personally move on the streets and mingle with the people freely. We have very active police community liaison officers. But of course that is not sensational and does not make news.

However, having said that, we have new realities on our streets, namely terrorism that requires some level of armament for the police. Because of the high tech level of Britain with Millions of cameras all over the place, all that the police does is to place concealed armed teams which you will not see on a routine basis except when there is a problem. You remember the incident when terrorism was a big threat to Britain, and there was that incident in which the undercover police of the London Metropolitan police shot a Brazilian In full view of the public mistaking him to be a terrorist.

As I told you, I have seen heavily armed police at airports in London. In our case, we are still low tech. Our main weapon against terrorism is popular vigilance and deterrence through visibility, and so far it has worked. Anyway, go to other cities such as Rome. Haven’t you heard of the carabineiri? Even in countries such as Netherlands where the level of violent threats is low, whenever there are violent demos, riots, or other similar threats, it is the military police that responds. I saw this one time in 2006, in Amsterdam, when someone fired some object at a Press building.

What about the US, the home of democracy and human rights, where even traffic police is armed! Here in Uganda, traffic police is not armed. In fact, we have had to give them armed protection because of increasing threats on them, and as you know, they work deep into the night. So, anywhere, in any part of the world, whether Police is armed or not, depends on the level of threat. Surely, our situation is obvious.

General Kale Kayihura
Inspector General of Police

UDU statement on Ingrid Turinawe from the Gender Department.

United Democratic Ugandans
Gender Department

Statement on the Gross Violation of IngridTurinawe’s Human Rights

By Dorothy Lubowa

The rule of law is enshrined in the constitution of Uganda but it is hardly observed by the Ugandan government. Rule of law has beenupheld by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights since 1948 and, as a result, has become a part of international customary law binding on all members of the United Nations including Uganda. Uganda has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which protects the rights of all Ugandans to associate, assemble and express themselves as they see fit. Ugandan citizens, under the constitution of Uganda and the Convention Against Torture, have a right to be free from torture and inhumane treatment by the officials of their government.

Therefore all women of Uganda, and men who support them,in the international community:
Condemn the behavior of the Uganda Police who tortured IngridTurinawe while illegally arresting her without justifiable cause;

Are seriously disgusted by the silence of the government of Uganda and NRM regime on the issue of abusing women rights by the police;

Are further astounded and enraged by the savage violation of feminine dignity by the Ugandan police who denied committing the atrocities recorded on video available on u tube at;

Demand immediate rectification of all the wrongs committed by the Ugandan Security Forces against innocent Ugandans by arresting and punishing the individuals who perpetrated the illegal acts;

Call upon all people in the world to register their disapproval of this outrageous violation of human rights against an innocent Ugandan women.

We declare this for God, peace, liberty and justice in our country.

Akena Says that he is not married to Roselyn Kabonesa

Roselyn Kabonesa claims to be Akenas first wife

Further to our telephone conversation in reference to your letter dated 16th April 2012 (Ref. FU/F/292/12) concerning the most outrageous claims by Ms Kabonesa Roselyn. Allow me to state once more for the record that I have never been married to nor have I had any sexual relations with the said Ms Kabonesa. It is in fact I, who continues to undergo “psychological violence” by your client who has stalked me at my place of work and residence on the basis that some “spirits” had told her that we are to be married. She has made herself a nuisance before the Speaker of Parliament and also at the UPC Party Headquarters.

Your letter invited me for “mediation” on “17th, 2012 at 10:00am” not stating the month but basing on the context of your letter, I would assume that it was today. Much as I do not wish to partake in a farce, I was attending a Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Milton Obote Foundation from 9:30am which had been scheduled long before and telephoned immediately the Meeting finished.

Having been tormented by her for a number of years, my best advice to you would be to locate her family and impress upon them to arrange for medical assistance.

Honourable James Akena
Uganda Parliament

Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda qualifies to fight against Polygamy



Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda comes from a polygamous family.  She grew up in one and knows the challenges and problems of such a family.  I believe she is speaking against polygamy from that experience to caution Ugandans. Now so what if she has found herself in a tough spot?

Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda comes from a polygamous family. The father is/was polygamous which is why
Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda and her mother used to live in the USA/New York. This is public information.   And that is the context in which she may be speaking out against polygamy.

On what the majority of UAH folks are interested, Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda is not outsider. Her grandfather who was a chief played a leading role in Mmengo so she must surely have been told  a lot more about what she was getting into.

Without going into details, she must miss the late Mrs Rebecca Mulira (RIP), one of the people if not the person who had a lot of influence on —-(fill in).  The late Rebecca Mulira’s word was final. Let me stop there.

Secondly, If circumcision was effective how come HIV/ AIDS among the GEMA, Kalenjin, Kamba  and Luhya  is just as high as the rate among Luos of Kenya?. In Uganda, there is a substantial population that circumcise-Muslims, Bakonzo, Sabiny, Bamasaba. But are these groups safer than the rest of Ugandans? I think the researchers ignored a natural experiment.

But what about the women?  Are proponents of the cut saying that it is men who are the problem?  Granted men have done more harm than women but women too can infect men.  Could that be the reason why studies about circumcision have been mixed at best, misleading at worst?  It take stow to tango but the focus on men. Why ignore women  in the move to mitigate the spread of HIV/AIDS? I know some will argue that HIV/AIDS is gendered that is that more women than men are infected. But should not that be a god reason to involve women?

Now the problem with Southern African countries-I am not stereotyping them-is the mines. Absent men for long periods away from their wives. The men indulge with away games and the women too are tempted to do otherwise after all they are human too.

Now is the root cause being addressed?  No. The same in Uganda. How many men love their wives in the villages to go to cities to look for work? How often do those men return women? How faithful do those men remain/ And what about the women they  married and left in villages for months without what got them to marry?  Do men who live their wives for long periods expect them to do nothing why the men enjoy in urban centers? Playing away games like crime is about opportunity.

Where is the big picture? In a nutshell it is the movement of people in Africa which has contributed to the spread of HIV: long distance truck drivers, mining workers, factory workers,  farm workers, internal camps from war and violence etc.  Those Somali truck drivers are circumcised but studies have found that many are infected? Why? Because of their work and ensuing behavior.

The second problem is socialization when women cannot talk about safe sex and the men –even when infected-will go ahead and pass it on. Yes patriarchy is the other problem. So how has circumcisions impacted patriarchy and the sense of entitlement to sex among men?



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