Government must do everything possible to stop early marriages

A typical traditional marriage in Uganda

Yes, the state must do its part to punish Ugandans that consider 13 year old girls ready for marriage! That must be illegal and punishable by atleast 10 years in prions.

Basically the government put into place UPE-a necessary condition to empower the girl child-but for some reason neglected to put into place the sufficient conditions. For example, make UPE mandatory. Also make schooling in Uganda mandatory and compulsory for all those below 18. And enforce the law to the letter. If a minister violates a teenager he should go to jail, the way they are sending the poor. The only people going to jail for sex crimes are the poor. Ministers, MPs, UPDF, police and the elite who sexually violate young girls and may be even young boys are free and still dreaming to become President or that in Uganda.
I realize that if the law on under age sex was to be enforced, prisons in Uganda would be overflowing because that country is full of sexual predator. And that is why YKM and all those who support UPE have not passed a law making UPE both mandatory and compulsory. How do you expect MPs who are in the business of harassing and violating young girls to pass the law that restricts their activities?

We have heard a lot about culture lately and let us face it; a culture that supports or even considers 13 years olds ready for marriage is abominable. Inter generational sex in Uganda is an ox moron. It is common and everywhere.

What is it the women MPs are doing in the house? What progressive law-read pro women/girls-have their advocated for and passed? The only women who cared were Dr. Specioza Kazibwe and Ms. Maria. K. Matembe. The rest are free riders.

Yes, why can’t the government provide pads for young girls in UPE as is the case in Kenya? That would go a long way in helping young girls to stay in school.Bottom line, there is no leadership on the girl child education in Uganda.

What happened to community spirit aka bulungi bwansi? Ugandans have become something under YKM. I wonder what it is YKM has done to drive Ugandans to such low levels of laziness. People are drowning and dying in holes!

It is also surprising to learn that that Lira schools are facing toilet shortage. What happened to pidda/PWD people who used to maintain roads throughout Uganda?

What about PTA? Board of Governors etc? Such nonsense never happened under president Amin thanks to the power of chiefs. Granted some chiefs were brutal but yes they got things done. Hygiene was high under Amin and cholera as is the norm these days was not as common. Alas!

We need Ugandans to embrace Mr Warren Buffet who pleaded with Washington to tax him more. As the famous former Supreme Court judge, Oliver Wendell observed” taxes are what we pay for civilization”. True dat. Ugandans pay no taxes and deserve what they get. No free lunch folks. Sweden and Norway are the best places to live because the folks there pay taxes. Simple.



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