Besigye Meeting in UK , activist chase NRM Robert Egwea like a rat.

UPC was represented by youth Leader and Okello Lucima. NRM representative, Egwea, who had been cajoled and nearly ripped apart by boos and hisses. UFA was represented by Akim disagreed with the theme “Uganda at cross road”, instead he argued that Uganda is in a cul e sac. Effectively, it had already, gone past too many crossed roads. He also said M7 is not a hero to all Uganda and his motive from day one was war, to which he had the chances to talk on two occasions but resorted to war, Akim also said Byesigye, though was like M7, he had exonerated himself by rejecting M7.

Federalism was the word uttered most and in principle, the keynote speaker, Dr Byesigye; weighed down by flu agreed with federalism, but contends that it’s not, on its own, the solution.

He said Uganda was a conglomerated and until we break down these tribes and renegotiate our co existence, will always be problems.
He rejected in part, the use of force, arguing that the use of the gun to remove a warmonger like M7 could only mean that, one gun replacing another.

Lukwago, the breakaway DP leader, was brilliant, he spoke eloquently and showed it. Dressed in a grey suit, he did not mince his words, he clearly wants M7 out by any means there is. He called upon Ugandans to unite and go for it. He did not mention Mao.

Dr Obonyo, said, federalism is the only solution to Ugandan’s problem. He urged Ugandans to go back to history when people of Buganda and the Madi-Acoli had demanded for federal status as it had been suggested, at the London conference, pre independence. He said without which Uganda will never heal.

Colonel Monday, well received by the audience, he said M7 is a tyrant that needs removing, he also endorsed federalism, albeit agreeing with Byesigye that it’s not a panacea, but a viable option.

There was also a group of people, mainly Baganda, who have decided that war was the only solution and that they were ready for action and all they are waiting for, is Byesigye’s orders. A tired looking Byesigye did not look impressed. London based Ugandan Political activist Mego Apira, asked what Ugandans were still waiting for? Said Ugandans should prepare for war, without which M7 will not leave power. She sighted the wrong doing in the north and overstaying as justification.

The audience also decried the political leaders in Uganda for their disunity. They said, it was what cost Ugandans the election. They called upon the leaders to unite. International community are fed of disunity among Ugandans to unseat NRM government they have demanded for unity.

Federalism was endorsed by the major opinion leaders and effectively, putting it at the core of the debate.
Its no longer a fringe topic.

The only drama is that political activist made it clear to NRM representative, Robert Egwea; who was booed and eventually forced out of the hall. He nearly got beaten outside the door as I am made to know. Otherwise, the debate was a success; the turn over was brilliant and the general consensus was that Uganda needed an overhaul!

The debate yesterday set the tone for future political debates and the attendance clearly showed that the appetite for change is unquenchable.


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  1. Richard Mukasa,


    No one chased away Robert Egwea. It is him that protested and walked away simply because we booed him. Egwea apologised to Dr Kizza Besigye. He said sorry to him on behalf of the Uganda government but he did not mention that he will never be tortured by NRM ever again.

    The reason as to why he was booed is that he rejected the idea that Uganda is at cross-roads. He said that actually, Uganda’s economy is excellent and he denied any idea that there is a crisis in Uganda. When people challenged him, he protested and walked away.

    Secondly, another NRM guy called Tusiime Charles stayed behind and even gave a speech. He is also an NRM UK representative and I think he lives in Clapham. How come that he was not chased away?

    Egwea has no understanding of how Ugandans feel and their country, he is insensitive and naive about what NRM has done to Uganda and nowonder that he misunderstood people’s mood.

    He came with a Munyarwanda girl called Erina Kagina. Kagina is a girl friend to Leo Kyanda and she is also a girl friend to some of my friends here in UK. She stood and also denied that Uganda is not at cross roads. People got upset with this NRM’s denial of what is happening in Uganda. I wonder as to why Erina Kagina was brought in this meeting by NRM when actually she is not even a Ugandan.

    Erina is a Rwandan national, she carries a Rwanda passport and she speaks Kinyarwanda and all her relatives are in Rwanda. Why should Uganda’s future be decided by Rwandans?

  2. peter,

    I do not understand some pple and the way they think, Mego Apira group and others like Dr Obonyo. Please think be4 you talk or speak calling for war with whom and for what reason,uganda is a Nation for everyone and with elected President by the pple. So if u think that war is the solution you should first go to afghanistan,we cannot let our country down and the pple, we have come far and we are developing well.Dr Obonyo talking about Federalism uganda is a country forever one, so if you think that federal system of govt is very important, look at others countries that have been using it, be4 introducing it our pple.My last point is that when the speaker for NRM party was booed and abused it showed that some pple think low, and remember every football match has booth side the opposition and the other. So how will you learn if you do not give someone a chance to speak to you,it was a debate and both sides would have been given time to talk. The NRM party has helped uganda and moved towards develpment,economical growth,peace and freedom . So no need to abuse the good system we have because we will never die in foreign land, Remember East or West but home is better ok

  3. MK,

    Firstly, I would like to thank all those who arranged the conference and especially Dr.Besigye,Alice Alaso including all those that gave speeches including Robert Egwea. Dr. Besigye was clearly sick suffering from flue but he laboured on and explained to us the dynamics of ugandan politics which are true and reflect the current situation in uganda.

    I also thank the many democratic loving Ugandans who turned up in plenty and demonstrated that indeed when Besigye comes to visit them they are able to leave what ever they have and attend to our president -Besigye.

    Pertinently, Mr. Egwea thought that by being economical with truth would help him make his points to make NRM gov’t look like an angel in the way it is handling the current Ugandan issues.
    Indeed, am among those who felt that Mr.Egwea was making a fool of himself by talking nosense which ended up catching up with him and in the end he humiliated himself and left the room.It was at this point that we felt that we were fedup to listen to his nosense and when he walked to the back we heckled him. Otherwise these NRM guys think that Ugandans are stupid and don’t have sense to know what is on the ground in UGanda.

    It was unfortunate, that Mr.Egwea left the room before i was given the opportunity to talk otherwise, he would have faced it rough with me b’se i was going to demonstrate to him that he is indeed supporting a crumbling NRM regime which is loosing direction and was like a grasshoppers in the bottle biting them themselves.

    Mr. Egwea also made a mistake and talked about Mr.Magombe who was actually absent from the meeting, he referred to the previous allegations that they-Egwea and Asimwe tried to poison Mr. Sam Akaki. MR.Egwea must know when to talk what and i found him lacking common sense in this aspect,as we were discussing a different aspect “whether Uganda is at crossroads or not?” For Egwea to think that it was again right to bring his own topic was entirely wrong. Mr.Egwea am the guy who told you when you were leaving the room that we will talk via UAH email…….please you disgusted me and indeed i pitty your party that spy you came with who could not speak clearly…….to address the people.All these coupled with your weaknessess led Mr.Egwea and that young woman called kagina to disgracefully walk out in shame.

    However, i note that we need more debates like this one atleast every 4-6months in order to sensitise our people on the issues affecting our country.

    Finally, Egwea and his NRM must know that they are now ruling Ugandans by coercion as NRM and Mu7 in particular has no legitimacy to rule Uganda any more, we are waiting and looking forward to the Day Dr.Besigye will be in state house,atleast for a change and a stop of tear gas which is now a root cause of cancer in Uganda.

    FDC Supporter

  4. Eric Kashambuzi,

    Preliminary reports coming out of London indicate that the Uganda
    conference on November 12, 2011 was well attended and interactive.
    That NRM attended the conference is commendable. It appears though
    that the agenda was tilted towards political aspects related to the
    NRM regime perhaps as a result of participants’ profiles. A
    contribution to the conference on the National Recovery Plan (NRP) is
    available at

    Understanding where we are in Uganda is a historical and multi-sector
    process that needs to take into account political, economic, social
    and regional aspects that have contributed to the present impasse.
    Political conflict is by and large a reflection of economic and social
    inequities that undermine liberty, justice and dignity.

    We hope that this is the first meeting in a series of others to
    follow. A report of the meeting with a clear message on outcomes and
    follow-up actions made available to the public will be helpful.

    Those who deny that Uganda is at a crossroads need to reexamine the
    basis for drawing that conclusion. Uganda is in real trouble
    politically, economically, socially, morally and environmentally. The
    long-term intentions of current leaders need to be understood clearly
    as a pre-requisite for finding solutions.

    To find durable solutions, we therefore need to examine Uganda in a
    historical and regional context and how we got to where we are.
    Economic and political processes in our region have resulted in human
    mobility and settlements in Uganda that have affected political and
    governance processes that are unsettling.

    Already complaints have been expressed about the profiles of those who
    attended the conference. Therefore the issue of our leaders now and in
    the future needs to be examined carefully and objectively and resolved
    once and for all. This issue simply cannot be swept under the carpet
    hoping it will eventually go away on its own.

    Thankfully, Ugandans are becoming more enlightened and want to
    understand their circumstances and processes through reason. This
    development has to be recognized and appropriately accommodated by all
    Ugandans at home and abroad and our partners.

    Let us end on a happy note and a caution: the recognition that unity
    is a pre-requisite for finding durable solutions to Uganda’s problems
    is very welcome. With unity of opposition parties and organizations, a
    political solution is feasible.

    United Democratic Ugandans (UDU) established in July 2011 is about
    bringing Uganda parties and organizations together to unseat NRM by
    peaceful means. Hopefully it will provide a platform on the way

    We have seen how unity of opposition parties in Kenya and Zambia
    helped to unseat governing parties peacefully. Except in Romania,
    communist regimes were removed peacefully in Eastern Europe in 1989
    simply because different opposition groups came together and united
    for that purpose.

    And here is the caution: when we speak unity we should genuinely mean
    it. There are those who talk about unity of Ugandans during the day
    and preach sectarianism at night. That isn’t helpful. We should also
    avoid being unduly selfish and instead go for those functions for
    which we have an edge over others.

    Those who advocate war to unseat NRM regime need to think again.
    Removing a military regime by military means implies continuation of a
    military government with new faces. There are sufficient voices
    reasoning that Uganda is tired of military governments and the
    destruction and suffering they have caused in the process.

    In this context, we need to see and draw appropriate lessons about
    what is happening in Spain and the Middle East where there is a shift
    from many years of armed violence towards non-violent resistance to
    resolve disputes.

    Thus war in Uganda should not be used as a means of solving political
    differences in the first instance.


    Forumists lets not misrepresent what happened yesterday. Mr Egwea addressed the conference and exausted his alloted time. When it was time for him to answer questions/responses based on what he told the gathering, Mr Egwea chose to distastefully give a response that is by far not reflecting what a researcher of which he says he is, would give to a gathering that are equally informed /aware of the political atmosphere in uganda. He turned on the heckling himself and on realising that he had touched the wrong button ,he decide to leave the conference and it was at this point that the gathering got so happy to see him walk out but he was not chased or asked to leave as some writers seem to say.

  6. Peter Okello Maber,

    Opolot, you are just trying to cover up the shame of what happened in that conference. That the FDC which has been claiming to champion democracy could not even tolerate Egwea views however deplorable they were! What if FDC comes to power, what will happen to its oponents?

    Not long ago (in fact last months), a group of FDC workers demanding for back pay went to Kizza Besigye to demonstrate their displeasure for non payment, and Dr. Besigye set his “police” on the poor fellows and they were almost killed by the mob.

    However, deplorable what Egwea said the best and democratic thing to do was to allow him to speak – that is all. But instead the “democrats” could not allow it to happen. They booed him until he had to abondon his speech. And now all you are doing is to try blame the ‘rape’ victim for what befell him!!!!

    It is clear that the FDC crowd in the conference where there to listen only to a particular message from Besigye. The Egwea’s were only brought in to give the conference the badly needed democratic credentials but even then the tolerance levels for the NRM were too thin – hence the hounding of Egwea out. Shame on you fellows.

    Let’s end like this: Egwea did not “turn on the heckling” to himself as you try to cover up, instead the intolerant crowd was too agitated to allow him express himself especially since he was not agreeing with the dominant grain of thought in the conference.

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