Kayihura has got a 2:2 in Law but he did not learn Law

Degrees are not a sign of being learned. Learning means change. If you go to school, pass your exams about health science and then you go home and shit in the bush, it means that you attended school, passed the exams but did not learn.

Schooling and learning do not mean the same. There is no definition of learning which states that it is about examinations and getting your paper degree. Therefore, the evidence of learning is change in your behaviour simple

Secondly, education is a system which can create opportunities for learning and not a process of learning as you claim.

Gregory Adams Kimble’s definition of learning

Kimble (1961) defined learning as a “relatively permanent change in a behavioural potentiality that occurs as a result of reinforced practice”.

When we talk about education, we intend to mean the syllabus, schools, curriculum, school arrangements, research, reference books etc. Education means the system and not the process of learning.

Gregory Kimble’s definition is interpreted in a lay man’s language as acquisition, retainance and application of knowledge.

It can therefore be argued that the application of knowledge is the best evidence of learning. If one cannot apply knowledge in his everyday life, it means that his/her behaviour has not changed. The argument here is that when you learn (skills, methods, techniques, etc), you are supposed to employ that knowledge in your everyday life, thus behaving differently.

For example,Kayihura has a second class degree in law. But goes on the streets, kills and tortures people. The implication here is that Kayura did not learn law. Reason being that he cannot apply his knowledge of law i.e the Bill of Rights, principles of natural justice and the Kentian principles in his everyday life. He is not different from Joseph Kony or Adolf Hitler.

Cardinal Ratzinger AKA Pope Benedict studied philosophy and theology at the University of Munich and at the higher school in Freising. In 1953, he obtained a doctorate in theology with a thesis entitled: “The People and House of God in St. Augustine’s doctrine of the Church”. Four years later, he qualified as a university teacher. He then taught dogma and fundamental theology at the higher school of philosophy and theology of Freising. He is a professor of dogmatic theology and of the history of dogma at the University of Regensburg and Vice President of the same university.

But he covered up child abuse by homosexual Bishops. He bribed members of the justice systems across the world to cover up child abuse. Thousands of vulnerable boys who had sought solace and support from the church had their anuses or assholes ruptured by the Catholic Bishops and Cardina Ratziger covered up the whole mess.

The implication here is that although he attended university as sat in the lecture rooms and even passed the exams, Cardinal Ratnger did not learn theology and education. The reason for this is that in theology, one will be taught “the regime of human rights” which focuses on the overriding principle of individuality, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Respecting human dignity is a cardinal principle in theology but Cardinal Ratzinger failed to show empathy and sympathy or even care towards the abused children at a time when he was under common law duty of care to protect these vulnerable children. Despite the fact that Cardinal Ratzinger has papers which show that he studied theology and teacher education, there is no evidence to suggest that he learned these principles because his behaviour is akin to that of those who never studied what his degrees claim.



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  1. Kayihura is place that education is lacking. Only few people is educated in this place.

    Jolene Maloney, Lawyer

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