Salim Saleh Assures People that he is Still Alive and Walking the Talk

Dear Friends

Am ok and alive. Some people have been writing rubbish on radio katwe that i’m dead. Am busy and on the 10th June 2011 I will be hosting all the NGOs in the food security sector. I thank all supporters for rebuking this malicious message.

The future is going to be determined by products and markets i.e. Turning ideas into products and delivering value to the consumers and that is what I’m trying in my small way. AM WALKING THE TALK. AM NOT DEAD.

Gen.(rtd) Caleb Akandwanaho salim saleh oriba.

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  1. Oraja R.,

    sure?! the rumour seemed to be so true to be false.

  2. I am glad you are alive but who ever wrote such shit should be prosecuted…How on earth can Gen Salim Saleh die and we do not know.Although I have never met you personally, I like you as a person.

  3. Jonny Rubin.,

    One may wonder why anyone should circulate such a shocking false report, if it was not with a bad intention. How surely, could any sane person expect the President to have authorised the killing of his own brother, even if there was a disagreement of any nature? Anyway, it is a belief of the old, that such a false alarm is a Blessing to the one who was falsely reported dead.

  4. but how can you be sure that it was salim saleh who authored that letter?

  5. Harriet,

    I am relieved to hear that the General is alive because he is a good man .

  6. RITA,

    You are a good man General…thanx

  7. Ben Omoding,

    Saleh was severely injured. He is not dead, but the shoot-out happened.

    I have it from a reliable source. On June 10th, if he so appears like he claims, I can guarantee that there will be a wince in his step. The shooting happened and he was shot; more than once. My source says that they could not confirm where the bullets hit him but that it surely happened.

  8. Jonny Rubin.,

    Ben Omoding seems convinced that the General was short, according to the report he got. Many obviously read about the shoot-out between the General’s bodyguards and the PGB, but there was nothing mentioned about Gen. Caleb A. Salim Saleh himself. Well, it is a few hours to the time the General is supposed to host the NGOs, and the truth will come out. I hope that he is alive and well.

  9. People should not joke with or fake death. One time it can easily come for reals. I will tell you a story. During the insurgency in Teso some naughty boys took it upon themselves to rob and loot property by pretense. One time they planned to rob one priest based at Ngora Catholic Parish. This priest was like a seer, if he prayed for a sick person, that person surely recovered; he became the only hope for people displaced by insurgency. One time these three brothers planned to rob him so they hatched a plan where one of them pretended to be sick and lay down breathing with difficulty, the other two brothers told their aging parents that the solution was to rush to the priest to come home to pray for the boy. So they set off for St. Aloysius where the priest was. They told him that their brother was very sick and they were afraid that he would die if no help was given. So the priest told them to wait a little as he got ready to go with them, but he changed his mind and asked the two boys to go ahead as he collects some things for the family. Seeing that the priest wasn’t going with them, they went ahead with the aim of ambushing him; somewhere from the direction of their home they heard people wailing and as they neared home, the wailing was real and from their home, the boy had died!

    Salim Saleh should not joke with death if he is the one faking it, it can easily become real.

    Peter Simon

  10. mucunguzi,

    okay by all means,it will be known even if the body is kept 4 decades.

  11. mucunguzi. G,

    Time will come when every thng hidden will be put in a broad day light

  12. Lt. Moses Mbwateruma kasulex,


    I reluctantly join this speculative debate about the whereabouts of Gen. Salim Saleh with deep concern.

    For good or bad, Salim Saleh is a national figure. You can’t take that away from him. He has touched and caused to change millions of lives all over Uganda.

    Gen. Saleh has lived his life publicly, and I would even add that he is the most down-to-earth military or government official we have had since Independence. His himility, coupled with his storied personal weaknesses, has endeared him to millions of Ugandans.

    Since he led NRA ragtug rebels to victory in 1986, Salim Saleh has never been out of sight for more than a few days: he is always in the news, again whether for good or bad reasons.

    It’s therefore with a legitimate concern to ask the question: where is Gen. Salim Saleh? From what I’ve read and heard so far, no one has a conclusive answer to this simple question.

    While a section of the press reported the other day that Gen. Saleh was in the Arua region on a poverty-eradication assiginment – a noble cause and one close to him heart – there is no evidence to back up that story: television footage, or reporter first-person account.

    Here at UAH, there have been some eerily disturbing stories that Salim Saleh is dead.

    My appeal is simply: let the government, through any of its information outlets, put these nervous speculations to rest by producing a veriable evidence of a live Salim Saleh. Otherwise, tell the nation that their military hero is dead so they may start mourning, for millions of Ugandans owe him that.

  13. Edriss Kironde,

    The conclusive answer is that I spoke to him 2 days ago

  14. Anwar walusimbi.,

    Nothing 2 say!!

  15. Patrick Oryema,

    Let Salim Saleh prove to the whole WORLD and speak to the people over TV or Radio. We are in modern World. He can call a TV in Uganda where ecer he is using Skype and the info. is relayed over TV so that the nation can prove the previous rumours wrong.

  16. The press reported that Gen Salim Saleh was scheduled to host all the NGOs involved in food security sector on 10th June, today is 13th, I would like to know whether or not that meeting took place, where it took place and why the press didn’t cover it. There are also a number of radio stations here in Kampala in which Gen Saleh can call in and speaks his the frightened admirers.
    Otherwise, we are very scared!



  18. moses,

    He is A live

  19. rafti m,

    why dont you die who cares too mbafu

  20. Shuato,

    But where is he giving this good news to the nation from? let this true or false news not be like Laden’s way he used to give commands and showing the world when and where he will do his attacks and up to his death no evidence came out that he was killed or not. Now Saleh is a great Ugandan that’s why we all are concerned. i do believe everyone on earth lives once but can die as many times they wish him to. Take care someone’s Hero…….

  21. It would a great releif for me and i belive for many Ugandans that appreciate and support them main Man Salim Sale to know the truth about this matter, can he surely come out and speak to us, am really worried for my man……

  22. Florence,

    There is no smoke without fire. Why of all people Salim Saleh

  23. kelly,

    No smoke without fire indeed why only appear in printed media. We shall only be contented if we see him speak on television and on some thing current and on a live talk show. i wouldn’t even believe in recorded stuff cause this our current government is capable of almost any thing.

  24. karebi mwesigwa,

    keep smoking tree senior. gets everyone confused while we hallucinate.

  25. Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote infmoartive articles.

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