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Day September 11, 2009

Statement by Ugandans from Buganda Centre UK about the riots

    “Oguliko aseesa…………… “Awangaale Ssaabasajja Kabaka wa Buganda”

 11th Sept, 2009

Statement by Ugandans from Buganda Centre UK

We Ugandans in the Diaspora are concerned about the deteriorating security situation in Uganda. 

 We regret the death of Ugandans shot in cold blood by security forces while exercising their rights which are guaranteed in the constitution.  Our inner most condolences go to the families of the deceased.

 In addition

  1. We are concerned about the continued flagrant abuse of constitutional rights of Ugandans by Uganda government.
  2. We are of the understanding that the government has a responsibly to protect and guarantee freedom of movement within Uganda for all Ugandans including all traditional leaders.
  3. We are shocked by a decision by security forces to switch off air, transmission by C.B.S Radio and other radio stations.

 Given the above occurrences,

 We strongly support the current civil mass action by Ugandans in the process of standing up and protecting their rights.

  1. We also call for a total and indefinite boycott of government owned New vision and Bukedde newspapers, as a consequence of the government decision to close down private media stations.
  2. We also call for a total switch off of both governments owned Bukedde and Vision FM radio stations.
  3. We call for a total boycott of goods and services provided by government associated companies including Zain Telecom, Warrid Telecom and UTL Telecom.
  4. We call for a total restriction of movement of all government vehicles in Uganda until government guarantees freedom of movement for all Ugandans

 Now that we have come to this crisis point, its best that before issues are resolved, the following has to be done.

  1.  Government has to commit to guarantee all civil rights of all Ugandans as enshrined in the 1995 constitution without any conditions.
  2. Government has to ensure that injustices inflicted on Ugandans during the 1966 crisis are corrected.  There must be a complete return of the 9000 sq. miles to Buganda, a return of all county headquarters to the kingdom and introduction of Federal system of government for all regions of Uganda.
  3. There must be a complete overhaul and removal of the current Electoral Commission and replace it with one agreed upon by all stake holders.  There must also be implementation of recommendations by all observers, as made after the 2001, 2006 general elections, in order to facilitate the conduct of free and fair elections in 2011.
  4. There must be a complete stop to the rampant government corruption that has left 2 million Ugandans facing starvation and unimaginable poverty.
  5. The government must remove from parliament the 2007 Land Bill and 2009 Kampala Bill because they are malicious, ill intended and aimed at destroying the cultural and good inter-relationship of the people of Uganda.

 Ugandans in the United Kingdom


Buganda Centre- East Branch: 130 Upton Lane, Forest Gate, London E7  9LW  

 Tel: 020 8552 5027,  Fax: 020 8470 7944,,  emails:,

 Registered in England and Wales  Number: 6469609


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