AKENDA OR KAKAAGA?: IS IT 9,000 or 6,701 Sq Miles?

 1 The areas of Buganda as spelt out in the 1900 agreement was assumed to be 19,600 Sq Miles.  This estimate was made by the UK War Office, intelligence section.  Article 15 of the agreement states:  Assuming the area of Buganda amounts to 19,600 square miles, it shall be divided in the following proportion: Forests 1,500, Her Majesty’s Government under the control of Uganda administration 9,000, His Highness the Kabaka of Uganda 350, Namasole(the King’s mother) 16, mother of Mwanga 10, Princes(Abalangira) 32, Ab’amasaza(County Chiefs) 160, Official estates attached to the posts of the Ab’amasaza 160, the regents each got 32 totaling 96, Mbogo family 24, Kamuswaga of Koki 20, one thousand chiefs 8,000, Christian churches 92, Government stations i.e Kampala, Entebbe, Masaka, Mubende and Njeru, 50.”

2 The same article 15 of the same agreement further notes…and this is the important point:  “After a careful survey has been made, if the total found to be less than 19,600sqm then that portion (9000) of the country to be vested in Her Majesty’s Government shall be reduced in the extent by the deficiency found to exist in the estimated area,”


3 The survey was started two years after the 1900 agreement, the year of handover of Buganda from the War Office to the Colonial Office.  The survey was interrupted by WWI and finally completed in 1937.  The surveyors, Sergeant Major.E.Vaughn, assisted by WV. Morris found out that, the actual are of Buganda was 17,301 sq miles. 


4 Therefore the actual area of Buganda fell short of the estimate by 2,229 Sq Miles (19,600-17,301=2,229).  According to that same 1900 agreement, that shortfall was to be deducted from the 9,000 sq Miles, the famous



in addition to the above facts on “Akenda”, it may not be even as much as “Akakaaga” (6,701 Sq Miles) but rather, “Nkumi nnya” (4, 227 Sq Miles).


The 17,301 Sq Miles included swamps.  When they were deducted, the land area left is 16,138 Sq Miles.


Therefore the shortfall to be deducted from the 9,000 according to Article 15 of the 1900 agreement became 3,462 Sq Miles (19,600-16,138).  The Akenda then became 5,538 Sq Miles .


When Buyaga and Bugangaizi reverted to Bunyoro after the 1964 referendum, Crown Land in Buganda was further reduced by 667 Sq miles, therefore leaving 4,871 Sq Miles.


When Ranching Schemes were established in Buruli, Masaka and Singo, crown land was further slashed by 644 Square miles, therefore reducing “Akenda” further to 4,227 Sq Miles.



L/Cpl (rtd) Otto Patrick


(link to the agreement: http://www.buganda.com/buga1900.htm)



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