Letter to Col Samson Mande

Samson Mande

Col Mande

I have met you on a number of occassions but I have never asked you this question which bothers me everyday.You have narrated to us how bad M7 is and how he killed your Brother. But in 1987, NRA soldiers murdered UFM fighters in cold blood.

Many were picked from Mubende Barracks and taken to Lubiri, Kireka and other barracks from where they were tortured later on murdered.You Mande, Besigye, Muntu and others knew when these murders were being committed and all you did was to keep quiet.

UFM soldiers who were serving in Northern Uganda were locked up in a semi-trailer and suffocated. UFM/A Officers who were living in Bugoloobi flats were blind folded, tied three-piece( Kandoya) and then shot at a close range. One of theNRA soldiers who participated in these murders which took place in Bugoloobi is Jimmy Ateesa who you live with in Sweden.

Surely, why did you allow this to take place? Why did you only dessert M7 after he had started killing your relatives.Mande, You watched as Banyarwandas like Kagame, Rwigyema and Kaka were killing Baganda officers who had served in UFM/A. You even gave Paul Kagame a petty name ( Pilaato) because of his brutality against UFM soldiers has he hit them on the head with a short hoe at DMI.

I feel bad about what NRA did to Dr Andrew Kayiira and other UFM soldiers who were murdered for simply being Baganda.

You,Col Mande ,captured Gulu town during the liberation of Uganda. UFM/A captured Jinja, Mbale, and proceeded to Soroti via Kabera Maido. They joined Mande and supported him to flush out the UNLA in Gulu and when the guns went silent, your brigade(Col Mande’s brigade) turned against UFM/A and started shooting them as if they were not humans.

We need something new. Something different. We need the Obama of our own. What makes M7, Besigye, Muntu and company think that we can’t do without them.

We need a new charismatic person. We want Ogenga Latigo, Reagan Okumu, Betty Nambooze, Erias Lukwago and many others to come out and contest for the presidence.

Besigye, Muntu, M7, UPC etc must stand trial for murder.May the souls fo the UFM/A soldiers who were murdered by NRM/A rest in eternal peace.

RIP Andrew Kayiira.

Buhanga Herbert

Former UFM Soldier


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  1. Samson Mande,

    Its better late than never.

    I feel i should answer some of the questions you asked above. I hope you and other readers are still around and in good faith.

    My brother ( if it is Pattrick Mamenero you meant) was killed in 2002. Remember that i had writen a dosier on the vices of NRM by 1993 and circulated in public, 1992 i had discovered coruption and invited auditors to check the mess of the ministry of defence undertaking in Dar es Salaam, in 1994 i wrote another public dosier i called Dear Comrades- i see cracks in the NRM and in 2001 i wrote a resignation letter in which i detailed reasons which included human rights abuse, nepotism, corruption and dictatorship as that had become cumulative and chronic. So its not true that i only spoke against NRM only after my brother had been killed. I also ask you why you never sked this question to me since we have been meeting onmany ocassions as you state?
    Who ever told you that we kept quite just miss informed you, such issues like Katebe, abuse of human rights, miscellaneous disappearnce arbitrary arrests we very much condemned but as members of disciplined force we had our hands tied by the fact that we were not allowed to write in news papers until when we decided that enough was enough and went public. You should have remembered that for instance Kizza Besigye was about to be taken to Luzira in 1999 when he wrote against corruption in government.
    In the Northern Uganda i was comanding the 15th Batalio, the Brigade comander was General Tinyefuza. My Batalion was well supported by the population because of the discipline and our method of work. In all areas we operated thepple shall always tell you that the first NRA troops were very friendly and indeed that why the population helped us to finish the war quicker than we expected.
    When several other batalions were added to us a brigade was formed and General Tinyefuza made the commander. He came with different orders and a revenge agenda. Its on record that i rejected some of his instructions to molest pple, i refused the recruitment of kids into the NRA and he reported that i had led a mutiny. What he did to the 35th Batalion(UFM) when they also refused to obey wrongfull orders i WAS VERY AWARE AND REPORTED THE SAME TO THE HIGHER ECHELON. I had no power to stop him from what he was doing. You shd remember that instead of repremanding Tinyefuza it was i who was repremanded and whisked away from the North and transferred to the school of infantry Jinja. When i invited the UN and Red Cross to rescue kids from the Army it also became a crime but i saved them until the government accepted to make the kadogos academy in Mbarara and Lango.
    I am not aware that Kagame, Rwigyema and Kaka were killing the UFM soldiers. Unless you have concrete evidence to convince me. It also seems you have a negative attitude towards Banyarwanda as a tribe that might drive you into tribalism. Tribalism should not be condoned its one of the vices that have caused underdevelopment in Uganda and many African countries. The other vice is collective condemnation. There could have been one tribes man or woman who did something wrong, it doesnt mean that the entire tribe is supporting him in his or her crimes.

    I also wish to correct you that in 1986 i and the 15th Batalion advamced to Gulu through Kigumba, Karuma, Minakulu-Bobi and Gulu, later on we advanced to Lira, Corner Kamdin, Patongo, Kalongo, Adilang, Abim, Morurem. We didnt take the Jinaj Mbale axis.

    Politicts of hatrade and tribalism may not help anyone to win hearts of Ugandans. Ugandans expect you to articulate solutions that will emancipate them from poverty, misery and transform them into a united prosperous nation. You are very free to compete with Besigye, Mugisha Muntu and all that are competing for the highest office. The Ugandans will look at your manifesto and decide which leader they should follow. Dont waste your time on personalities, trivialism, sectarianism etc adress issues and win pples hearts.

    Ogenga, Musumba, Reagan Okumu are free to stand for party presidency advise them to do so and support them.

    If you have evidence that Besigye , Muntu M7 are murderers, help us and take them to court. Otherwise pple think its just a hate campaign against those individuals.
    I am one of those anxiosly waiting to get the Scotlandyard report on Lutakome Kayiira`s murder.

  2. Ndindabatware,

    Mande the Frecnh investigators who investigated Gen Habyarimana’s plane crush traced the heat tracer missile serial number to a Soviet arms dealer and the certifcate of purchace bore your names and it was shipped through the port of Dar-es-salaam, where you were military attache at the Uganda High Commission.

  3. Samson Mande,

    Mr Ndindabatware, Am sorry am seeing this just now but this is what i can say about your question. I cannot accept or deny that the missile that killed Habyarimana was one of those weapons i used to clear when it was my duty to do so in Dae-es.Salaam. Uganda government is authorised to import arms and my duty was simply to facilitate the clearing and transfer of the military cargo and i cleared so many weapons including missiles. When ever the cargo was in Uganda i had no business with it. So am not in position to tell whether it was one of the missiles that i cleared that was used to kill the late Juvenali Habyarimana. With such evidence you guys can take court action against Uganda. Am wondering why it has just ended here as propaganda marterial.

  4. David Timbiti,

    Evidently the Uganda Government of those days has a case to answer. But it could simply say that since the Rwandese faction i NRA sneaked out of Uganda with Uganda’s military hardware on their way to liberate Rwanda, the said missile could have been among the said hardware. Let’s stop mudslinging people and condemning them before we have concrete evidence. (Ret.) Col. Mande just happened to clear the consignment among many others en route to Uganda. How many bullets which were also cleared by certain officials have killed innocent Ugandans? Can we blame those officials for that or the errant soldiers who pulled the triggers. One cannot blame Mande for that as it was his official duty. The people who loaded and shot the missile are the ones to pursue. Mande has however an intricate balancing act to perform in the eyes of those who lost their loved ones during his tenure in NRM/A. From his explanation I can see that he as an individual tried to correct the system but was overwhelmed for obvious reasons. He could not control the system from within as his actions would be misconstrued for mutiny or indiscipline. But in the eyes of the common man looking in he is hard pressed to prove that he has no innocent blood on his hands which I think he has endeavored to do here though somehow somewhere it leaves a certain bitter taste in the mouth..

  5. All those who participated in the 1980 qualify to be murderes, wheather it was Ufm or Nra!!! Do u remember how u used to treat those Ugandans who were not supporting the war…..remember the term “bipingamizi”? There were many innocent Ugandans who were murdered for having failed be your collaborators during the war!! Let’s talk about murdering civillians putporting to be Unla, to gain sympathy from the Civilians!! The fact is Ufm wanted to turn arround and take power raiding on the Ganda nationalism sentiment!! Unfortunately, during those days the courts of law were almost non-functioning!! The gun was the language Of the day. In conclusion, there are very many Innocent Ugandans that were killed during the war by you guys. May their souls rest in peace.

  6. Mwijukye Francis,

    Comrades, why do you waste your valuable time discussing topics that are posted by people whose intention is to divert us from the real liberation of our mother land. Someone knows that Ugandans clearly know him for his uncleanliness and dirty deeds. He has now decided to invest in making the country and the world believe that he is not the only dirty person so that efforts towards fighting him can be diverted but also that he can dirten the faces of those fighting him so that pple either think they are playing katemba or that those vs the dictator have no moral authority to fight the dictator since they are all the same. Thats why u hear excuses like the problems of fuel, inflation and increased prices are not only in uganda so Ugandans should not complain. I there think that such posts should be ignored. They are not posted in good faith.
    comrade Samson Mande and others should just ignore them(detractors)

  7. Samson Mande,

    I agree with Mwijukye, such articles are more of diversionary tactics by the ememies of the pppl´s revolution.

    Baino has it right as well, all that participated in the war8UFM iNCLUSIVE) pulled twiggers and killed their enemies and innocent pple as well. At the end of the day its Ugandans that died and lost property.

    Individuals that committed war crimes and crimes against humanity should carry their crosses individually according to international law so that justice can be done as part of the healing process.

    We are wasting time and chances when we continue the blame game rather than puting forward solutions to the persistent problem. The enemy is just laughing and growing stronger. If we can never unite and sort the enemy out we better shut up and leave fate take its course.

  8. Ssali Hassan Kiggundu,

    Col-S.Mande you tell us the truth and it will sent you free,thank you.

  9. Dear Ugandan Patriots – I have met and talked to Colonel Samson Mande in London, and I feel very glad to have had this opportunity of seeing another side of a Uganda who was once a friend to my natural enemy, Yoweri Museveni, but who out of his own principled convictions, broke ranks and is now one of the Great Patriots in the Struggle for Democracy and good governance in our Motherland Uganda. My Good Brother Samson Mande is now solidly and positively in the forefront of the latest campaign for a better Uganda, and there is nothing I have seen so far to convince Samson and the other Great Patriots, like Dr. Kiiza Besigye, are faking their way into the People’s Struggle. Before I met and interracted with some former NRA / NRM supporters like Samson, I was as biased as some of my fellow Ugandans who keep blaming the Mandes. Besigyes, and Mugisha Muntus for all our wrongs. I am truly and honestly changed – and converted to admiring and supporting the imense efforts and sacrifices that these good Ugandans are putting into the Struggle for a Democratic Uganda. What has failed us as Ugandans is DISUNITY, TRIBALISM and HATRED WITHOUT FORGIVENESS! If we continue hating our fellow strugglers just beacuse at one time they were in the enemy camp, then the circle of violence and political instability, It means that every offended group must also offend others, and we will keep victimising ourselves across the tribal and ethnic divides forecer. A good example of how we wasting our Patriotic effort is now seen in the UPC Party. There are those who will not forgive Ambassador Olara Otunnu, simply because he worked with the army regime that overthrew Dr. Milton Obote. And so, instead of the party unifying around the struggle against the Museveni dictatorship, the members and, especially the leaders are busy pointing their guns at Dr. Olara Otunnu – a man of great distinction and honour, who returned to Uganda to make his contribution for positive national transformation. What a Great Pity!. THIS MUST SURELY STOP!

  10. Anthea Turwomwe,

    *sigh* is all I can do!!!

  11. Col.Mande,i love the way you reason Issues.yes am one of the person who loved Dr.Lutakome Kayiira and i have always wanted to have such people of the same mentality in Buganda.We all believe that he lost his life but he is not the only one.many people died and so not all of them who participated in the war had to be victorious.we better move on for the new change.we cant keep on accusing each other on who killed who.be more are still dieing.for those Baganda(my tribesmen) who fear death,don’t participate in this game.better look for other way of liberating this mighty country from the the hands of the vultures.Kayiira was never a coward! and we are looking to take our country to greater Horizons…No one is to Blame.we are building our country.

  12. Kumakech erickson,

    Ugandans i can see that we are opening our eyes and trying to recognise that we have a venomous dictator Museveni amongst us notably the likes of Mande,Besigye,Muntu,Kazoora and now the Tumukundes and others who were once in the same DEN to cause the Ugandans pain are realising that its not the reason for their going to the bush. Please lets forgive them and join HANDS with them to fight this monsters in Uganda today because they were there and will help us better. By 80s i was so young thank God i know all the history of my beloved and bleeding country i cry for Kayiras,Opon Acak and others who died in the struggle and others killed by those with selfish interest “MAY THEIR SOUL REST IN PEACE”

  13. I pitty all you being hoodwinked by blood thirsty animals like mande, itongwa besigye and the likes. Uganda is tied of insecurity go play your games somewhere else.

  14. Kaliija Kats,

    Buhanga Herbert, Your article is diversionary, Uganda goes beyond NRA, UFM and Northern Uganda. We need to examine the current challenges squarely to come up with a solution that works for us. It would be unfortunate to start blaming the Baganda now for the atrocities they committed with their colonial collaborators in Bunyoro and yet we all know that, such a talk cannot help us arrest the agents of economic robberies like Amama Mbabazi, Kazinda etc. If the UNLA, NRA and UFM soldiers killed them selves, that was one of the smallest cost with in a bigger framework of their struggle. Can we focus our energies on what can be done to rescue our country from thugs with out making similar mistakes of the past. Herbert, can you be fair to us and tell us how many pple you shot to death during the struggle and how they felt as they perished?-All this cannot assist us please. Next I will come with my proposals. God bless.

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    I really like all of the points you have made.

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  20. Ehh! this is alot! but i would think uganda is now stabilized lets come together and build the country! forgive one another and reconcile, Col Mande and others
    east to west home is better pliz find any ways to talk to govt and clear the atmosphere and come back home my brother. God Bless you

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