February 2009
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Day February 10, 2009

Letter to Col Samson Mande

Samson Mande

Col Mande

I have met you on a number of occassions but I have never asked you this question which bothers me everyday.You have narrated to us how bad M7 is and how he killed your Brother. But in 1987, NRA soldiers murdered UFM fighters in cold blood.

Many were picked from Mubende Barracks and taken to Lubiri, Kireka and other barracks from where they were tortured later on murdered.You Mande, Besigye, Muntu and others knew when these murders were being committed and all you did was to keep quiet.

UFM soldiers who were serving in Northern Uganda were locked up in a semi-trailer and suffocated. UFM/A Officers who were living in Bugoloobi flats were blind folded, tied three-piece( Kandoya) and then shot at a close range. One of theNRA soldiers who participated in these murders which took place in Bugoloobi is Jimmy Ateesa who you live with in Sweden.

Surely, why did you allow this to take place? Why did you only dessert M7 after he had started killing your relatives.Mande, You watched as Banyarwandas like Kagame, Rwigyema and Kaka were killing Baganda officers who had served in UFM/A. You even gave Paul Kagame a petty name ( Pilaato) because of his brutality against UFM soldiers has he hit them on the head with a short hoe at DMI.

I feel bad about what NRA did to Dr Andrew Kayiira and other UFM soldiers who were murdered for simply being Baganda.

You,Col Mande ,captured Gulu town during the liberation of Uganda. UFM/A captured Jinja, Mbale, and proceeded to Soroti via Kabera Maido. They joined Mande and supported him to flush out the UNLA in Gulu and when the guns went silent, your brigade(Col Mande’s brigade) turned against UFM/A and started shooting them as if they were not humans.

We need something new. Something different. We need the Obama of our own. What makes M7, Besigye, Muntu and company think that we can’t do without them.

We need a new charismatic person. We want Ogenga Latigo, Reagan Okumu, Betty Nambooze, Erias Lukwago and many others to come out and contest for the presidence.

Besigye, Muntu, M7, UPC etc must stand trial for murder.May the souls fo the UFM/A soldiers who were murdered by NRM/A rest in eternal peace.

RIP Andrew Kayiira.

Buhanga Herbert

Former UFM Soldier

Letter of an Acholi UNLA Officer,1984

The situation in Uganda

I am an Acholi army officer situated at one of the barracks around Kampala . I have, been forced to write this letter because of the numerous Ugandans of the’ Baganda ethnic group who are being killed by us soldiers on orders from our commanders.  These unfortunate and innocent people (young and old, men and women, and even babies) are being killed by us every day at military barracks, in their homes, villages and streets in Buganda .

Instructions to kill are passed on to us by Acholi and Lango officers, and a few trusted Itesots, in the Luo language so that other Bantu soldiers may not know the idea behind the killings. We are ordered to kill Baganda of all ages so that this province with 4 million will be depopulated before the next general elections. By reducing the Baganda to a minority group, it will enable us northerners to rule Uganda without any problems from the Baganda.

Recently, we were sent to the Luwero area with instruc­tions to kill everybody and destroy all the homes, cattle etc.

Thousands of people of all ages were killed, houses bombed, women and girls raped and a lot of property looted. A good number of the soldiers, particularly the Acholis, did this against their will for they see no reason for killing innocent people. The majority of us Acholis now wish to leave the army but are afraid of the consequences which will be brutal.  We are told that after successfully depopulating Luwero and Mpigi Districts (which is currently being done) the next area will be Mukono and then Masaka. All this must be completed in 1985.

The purpose of this letter is to draw the attention of the world to the thousands of people who have been killed in government institutions, in villages, etc. and to the fate of innocent Baganda awaiting death. In fact more people have been killed in Buganda during the last two years than in eight years of Amin. History will show this.

I wish to end by appealing to all Uganda Army soldiers, especially the Acholis, to disobey the killing orders and save the lives of the Baganda – for humanity’s, sake and for the sake of our tribe’s future.

(Worried Acholi Soldier – Kampala, Uganda)


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