The Scientific evidence Museveni needs to sign the anti-Homo bill revealed!

In 1901, Havelock Ellis argued that homosexuality was inborn and therefore not immoral. This view was equally promoted by the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. By claiming homosexuality is inborn, proponents argue that it cannot be classified as an illness; it’s not a vice and it’s not something to be ashamed of or even practiced secretly. This and other similar psychoanalytic theories of homosexuality were soon shot down when great flaws were observed in the study approach. For instance, it was detected that the theories were not subjected to rigorous empirical tests (Herek, 2009).

It’s over a century now and this same argument is being put forward again, but this time more vociferously. Leveraging changing social norms, a politically stronger homosexual community and, most importantly, an amazingly strong media backing, the biological argument that homosexuals are born that way has found its way into the public domain yet again.

According to Dean Byrd, a clinical professor at the psychiatric department as well as the department of family and preventive medicine, University of Utah, “The initial ‘evidence’ used to support a biological model of homosexuality came from Simon Levay, Dean Hamer, and the research team of J. Micheal Bailey and Richard C. Pillard. Of the four researchers, three are self-identified homosexuals.”

Considering the homosexual orientation of these researchers, the outcome of their study isn’t really surprising. Explaining further, Professor Byrd pointed out the often ignored fact that Levay’s research had a number of limitations, including an insignificant amount of information about the sexual histories of the research subjects. Nonetheless, his unconvincing study was sufficient proof for homosexual activists and major media outlets to drive home their argument that homosexuality is indeed biologically induced.

“Opposing views were, for the most part, silenced. Any junior-level scientist could quite quickly see that this claim was far from accurate, but most dared not speak out for fear of being ostracized or even labelled homophobic.” (Byrd, 2010).

Interestingly, Levay eventually recanted when he apparently contradicted the media’s interpretation of his findings.

“I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay. I didn’t show that gay men are ‘born that way,’ the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work. Nor did I locate a gay center in the brain.”

“Since I looked at adult brains, we don’t know if the differences I found were there at birth or if they appeared later.” (Nimmons, 1994).

Surprisingly, while the mainstream media provided substantial coverage for Levay’s research, a similar gesture was not replicated when recent research showed that the media’s interpretation of Levay’s research was flawed (Leonard, 2005). The other major evidences given in support of the biological argument are not markedly different, a litany of half-truths, often times misinterpreted by the mainstream media.

Is there Really a Gay Gene?

Of all the studies generally put forward as evidence of a biological basis for homosexuality, Dean Hamer’s genetic study arguably enjoys the most mention. In this study, Hamer and his team asserted that a stretch of DNA located at the tip of the X chromosome is responsible for male homosexuality. If successful and widely accepted, the research would provide conclusive and irrefutable evidence for the claim that homosexuality in men is actually caused by a “gay gene”.

This would imply homosexual orientation in gays is a natural, normal and involuntary feeling triggered by certain genes in the body. In its desperation to provide undeniable proof for the ‘homosexuals are born that way’ argument, the media in its characteristic fashion latched onto this ‘new discovery’ and gave it unprecedented publicity. It was victory at last for the numerous gay rights movements, or so it seemed.

Just like similar studies in the past, this new finding too crumbled like a pack of cards under rigorous scientific tests and scrutiny. The first person to pick holes in this widely acclaimed new discovery was no less a personality than Yale University’s renowned scientist, Dr. Neil Risch, the very man who invented the method used by Hamer and his team in their genetic study.

“Hamer et al suggest that their results are consistent with X-linkage because maternal uncles have a higher rate of homosexual orientation than paternal uncles … however, neither of these differences is statistically significant,” Dr. Risch wrote (Risch, 1993).

In an attempt to validate his claims, Risch and his colleagues replicated Hamer’s study and their findings were revealing to say the least. According to these researchers, “it is unclear why our results are so discrepant from Hamer’s original study. Because our study was larger than that of Hamer et al, we certainly had adequate power to detect a genetic effect as large as was reported in that study. Nonetheless, our data do not support the presence of a gene of large effect influencing sexual orientation at position Xq28.” (Rice et al, 1999).

Rattled by sustained criticisms of his study, Hamer was apparently humbled and left with no choice but to acknowledge the limitations of his findings.

“The pedigree study failed to produce what we originally hoped to find: simple Mendelian inheritance. In fact, we never found a single family in which homosexuality was distributed in the obvious sort of pattern that Mendel observed in his pea plants,” he admitted.

Since homosexuality is not a result of some special genes in the body as often erroneously reported in the media, the million dollar question is: what causes homosexuality? Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, co-founder of US-based National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) proffers an explanation.

“Homosexuality is most likely caused by a combination of developmental, social and (in some cases) biological factors,” he told “Developmentally, we most often see a failure to identify with the same-sex parent, and emotional isolation from same-sex peers.”

Explaining further, he mentions that the biological factors would be those that make a person grow up to feel less gender-identified. Known for the great influence it exerts on virtually all spheres of human behavior, the environment is yet another factor that plays a key role in shaping an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes the influence of family and peer relationships, as well as the media.

Yet another important fact, though rarely mentioned, is an individual’s choice in developing a sexual preference. In the words of Camille Paglia, a lesbian activist, “there is an element of choice in all behavior, sexual or otherwise,” and people can choose how they respond to unwanted homosexual attractions.

Researchers and medical experts might be divided on the actual causes of homosexuality; they might even have divergent views on its classification as a mental illness or otherwise. But what is scientifically clear is that the hyped idea of a single master gene that makes people homosexual is farfetched.

According to a child trends report, research clearly demonstrates that family structure matters for children, and the family structure that helps children most is a family headed by two biological parents in a low-conflict marriage. There is thus value for children in promoting strong, stable marriages between biological parents (Byrd, 2008).

Another cause for concern is the harm caused to homosexuals themselves.

“Anal sex is very damaging to the body and, I believe, to the psyche as well; it introduces more pathogens, because it misuses a bodily organ. Encouraging homosexual behavior will increase bisexual experimentation and distort our culture’s understanding of healthy gender roles,” he explained, adding that clients repeatedly complain that a gay lifestyle is unsatisfying and maladaptive for them.

Extensive medical evidence supports greater rates of medical disease among homosexuals. For instance, homosexual behavior has been identified as the major means through which the AIDS epidemic is transmitted in the United States. Furthermore, the rate of anal cancer infection is 10 times higher than that of heterosexual males (Byrd, 2008). Similarly, lesbians have higher rates of Hepatitis B & C, bacterial vagirosis, heavy cigarette smoking, intravenous drug use and alcohol abuse.

Considering the huge threats posed by same-sex marriage, it is expedient to nip this dangerously growing trend in the bud. If left unattended, the negative effects of same-sex marriage will not be limited to the participants alone, but the society at large will equally bear the brunt.

It is encouraging to note that people with homosexual orientation can actually be helped to change such orientation to a heterosexual one. Nicolosi offered the following advice.

“I believe our bodies tell us who we are, and that we were designed for heterosexuality, not for homosexuality, which distorts our true nature. The client can be helped to see how he or she really is connected to his or her biological gender, and we can help him break down the ‘mysterious’ image of the unavailable same-sex person that cause him to romanticize his own sex. People can reduce their unwanted attractions significantly, and develop their opposite-sex attractions to a degree varying from person to person, through therapy.”


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Why Ugandans should worry about the country’s future

The purpose of my writing and speaking is to get people to realize that we are – to use a metaphor – sitting on an active volcano that could erupt any time. Those who are living in comfort at home and abroad do not want to be bothered. They have told us to leave them or their regions alone as though they live in a world of their own completely detached from everything and everyone else. They have told us many times that we should let sleeping dogs lie. Our fear is that should these dogs wake up and are hungry they may tear us apart.

Thankfully, there are many Ugandans – and the number is increasing – who share our concerns and have encouraged us to continue the work we are doing in civic education. It is hoped that those in denial will soon realize that Uganda is about to catch fire and will join with us to save it. Those of us guided by patriotic principles and long term development trajectory will resist an appeasement approach that contributed to the Second World War and provide information truthfully to enable Ugandans take an informed decision. We are fully aware of the political costs involved. Saving Uganda for present and future generations is more important than pursuing a short-term political goal.

What we see happening in Uganda is similar to what happened in Mexico prior to the 1910 revolution and the subsequent ten year destructive civil war. You will see some similarities with Uganda which could help us to take preventive measures and avert a catastrophe.

Mexico under Porfirio Diaz who was president for over 30 years was largely an agrarian society poorly integrated economically and socially like Uganda is today. Two percent owned land in Mexico. In Uganda land ownership is increasingly concentrated in a few hands. Most rural Mexicans were illiterate as most Ugandans are today. Landlessness and non-agricultural activities created a working class that was exploited but open to new ideas. In Uganda landlessness and unemployment of youth have created a class of unhappy citizens increasingly listening to new ideas.

In 1910 Mexico had been ruled by one man Diaz for over 30 years and his wealthy cronies. Uganda has been ruled for close to thirty years by one man Museveni and his cronies. Diaz became a ruler who encouraged economic growth without distributing the benefits equitably. Museveni has also encouraged economic growth without distributing the benefits equitably. As estate farming spread in Mexico to produce for export markets, many Native Americans lost all their land except what was under their houses. In Uganda peasants are losing their land at a frightening rate except what is under their houses.

Mexico’s ability to feed itself declined as it has in Uganda with some thirty percent of Ugandans going to bed hungry every night. Export-oriented enterprises in Mexico failed to create enough jobs to employ the landless as is happening in Uganda.

Frustration reached a breaking point and forces with different interests came together for the sole purpose of overthrowing the Diaz regime. The revolution happened and was followed by a destructive ten year civil war. These forces were led by Francisco Madero a believer in political democracy; Pincho Villa a leader of peasants and workers from the northern region of landlessness and foreign-owned export business and Emiliano Zapata from the southern region where the spread of export-oriented estate agriculture had destroyed native American communities.

In Uganda patriotic forces are coming together and hopefully will change Museveni regime without a revolution. That is the lesson that should be drawn from the Mexican revolution.

Dr.Eric Kashambuzi


Museveni calls him BARYA in order to give the name an Ankole accent. Brig. Ronnie BALYA is a mutooro from the late Bishop Balya family. He is a graduate from Makerere university having graduated around 1980. He joined the NRA around 1985/86. He is among the different university graduates from the wrong tribes whom Museveni would deliberately divert to Internal Security Organisation, External Security Organisation and other civilian assignments in order to keep them off his main stream military service. It is this diversion of the highly educated that gave rise to the likes of Kaziini (P. 7), Otema Awany (S. 4),Wilson Mbadi (S. 4), Kayanja Muhanga (S. 5), Dick Olum (S2). Katumba Wamala (Cert in Agric), Charles Angina (S. 4 and others with modest education continue to occupy top positions. His usual excuse of historical factor does not apply here because none of them was in the bush. The fact is that those with minimal education standard are easy to manipulate and use to overwhelm the highly educated whose capacity to analyse political/military situations does not go well with his designs.

Brig. Balya first came to public eye when he was the DISO of Mbarara district at the time when Gen Tinyefuza secretly crowned the Ankole king. Then Lt. Balya was reprimanded on suspicion that he had connived with the team that crowned the king. Thanks to Hon. John Nasasira who pleaded with Museveni because by clan (Omwitira), Balya shares with Nasasira and other members of the ruling clique.Therefore, BARYA is regarded as a home boy. At the ISO head office, Lt. Balya rose to become the Director of Information Techinology (DIT). It is DIT that is responsible for technicalintelligence gathering using technical means in intercepting telephone, military radio, email, fax communications.

Then Lt Ronnie Balya gained fame when his department played a vital role in intercepting and breaking into the communication codes of the LRA during the northern insurgency, the Rwanda army during the Kisangani standoff and most of the regional security agencies. The operation is codenamed RABIT. By 2010, Balya had rised to become the Deputy Director General (DG) of ISO at a time when the spy agency was embroiled in factionalism. He was charged with leading a pro Museveni loyalist operatives within ISO. The then Director General Dr. Amos Mukumbi was suspected to have personal connections with ISO former DG and founder Gen. Jim Muhwezi whose political clarity was in doubt. It during the same time that other senior directors in ISO like Baguma, Kasura, Kwiringira, Rwekikiga, Kagoro, and some others were purged.

Brig. Ronnie Balya though a Deputy DG enjoyed closeness to the then Chief of Defence forces and Musevenis right hand man, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura and the then CMI boss Brig. James Mugira. Ronnie Balyas intelligence collection undertakings and reporting had a direct link to Museveni. Such a development left the then ISO DG Dr Mukumbi issolated. No wonder, soon after, the Cadet Officer trained Dr. Mukumbi was kicked out and Balya was promoted to the rank of Colonel and appointed the Director General. With Aronda at the top of the internal affairs ministry and spearheading the process of militarising the Police force, bringing the immigration department to the armpit of security agencies and monitoring the operations of NGOs among other tasks, there is no doubt Balya has a big role to play in availing Aronda with the required spies for planting on each and every inch of the Uganda territory.

During the recent military adventure in the south Sudan, ISO and Operation RABIT in particular must have played a vital role in providing technical intelligence to the the invading NRA and Kirrs SPLA thus, the seemingly coincidental promotion of the two key players Brig Kayanja and Brig Balya. But given Musevenis ways the promotions of the two sons of Tooro was partly prompted by his move to neutralise the opposition influence among prominent families in Tooro against reports that members of the Tooro royal family in London are getting close to exiled Gen. Tinyefuza. On the other hand the promotion of Kayanja and Balya to the top rank of Brigadier is to also act as a compensation for the demise of Brig Noble Mayombo who was from the royal family in Tooro. The move is also meant to cover up for the public outcry of the top command positions in the army being dominated by his Hima tribes men.

Otherwise, Brig. Balya is as a civilian more than his predecessors Honorary Brig. Eriya Kategaya, Col. Mushega, Col Butime, Gen. Otafire and others whom Museveni delibarately denied a mainstream military career but simply awarded them military ranks to hoodwink them.

Posted by Robukui



18TH February 2014

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was founded as a mass political organization and a Liberation Movement which waged a successful protracted people’s Liberation struggle that liberated Uganda from Fascist and Dictatorial Regimes and immediately after capturing state power, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni promised a fundamental Change and promised to restore rule of law, peace, stability and the rights of the people of Uganda.

It’s true the NRM has been able to restore rule of law, justice, peace, security, stability and rights of the common people of Uganda. These are the core achievements that we as youth league of NRM we want to ensure AND that they don’t deteriorate into anarchy. In our view as youth Leaders, we all agree that the NRM was founded as a Liberation Movement and we shall at all times promote and defend the NRM and we shall not at any one time as youth of Uganda serve interests of Individuals in NRM-We are committed to our party values and we are ready to defend it against the detractors of democracy and good governance.

As you are all aware on 9th February 2014 during a Retreat of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus in Kyankwanzi, a motion was moved by the Hon Anite Evelyn youth MP Northern Uganda and it was seconded and endorsed by members of the caucus that H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be the sole Candidate for NRM Presidential Candidate 2016 AND on the following day on 10th February 2014 a One Impostor by the Name of Sewava Joseph Mukasa addressed a press conference and stated “That the NRM Youth League Support the Kyangwanzi Resolution”.

We want to take this opportunity as NRM Youth League Executive Committee on behalf of the NRM Youth League Structures from village to National level to reject the Kyankwanzi Illegal Resolution and to ask all NRM Youth and all NRM Party cadres to condemn the Kyankwanzi Position because;

· It was adopted by a wrong forum-The parliamentary caucus as no mandate under the NRM Constitution to adopt such sensitive Party issue;

· The act tantamount to practice of favoritism or nepotism by giving preferential treatment to any personal advantage as defined by Section 4 (1k) of the NRM Constitution and we demand for an explanation from the perpetrators, the sponsors, movers, seconders of the motion and all those who endorsed it and above all we hold our party Chairman accountable and responsible for presiding over such an illegal proceeding where the NRM Constitution was violated.

· The Proposal was not debated at all by the members of NRM caucus yet they had enough time to do so-We need an explanation why it was just passed without debate-This is really against our party constitution-How on earth can such resolution be adopted without debate-what was the agenda.

· The NRM Parliamentary Caucus is only a Legislative Caucus of NRM Party and is only allowed to debate on issues that will be tabled on the Floor of Parliament-That is there constitutional mandate.

· The act by the NRM caucus in Kyaknwanzi which was supported by our Party Chairman is a clear indication of the existence of Cliques in our Party and we now believe that our MPS and some party leaders violated the NRM Constitution Section 4 (1a) which prohibit members in engaging in the formation of cliques or factions OR engage in any intrigue within NRM.

· The Kyankwanzi Resolution Violated Rule 6 (A1) of the NRM code of Conduct which commit all party members and leaders at all levels to use persuasion rather than Command Language-the Caucus Resolution is a command imposed to the majority members of the NRM Party-This is un-acceptable.

· The Resolution also violated Rule 6 (A2) which Require all party members and Leaders to listen to other people’s opinion-Within the caucus no one was given an opportunity to raise a divergent view;

Because the NRM Parliamentary caucus has played a central role under the watch of our party Chairman to disunite NRM-It is within our constitutional mandate as the NRM Youth League to;

· Fight this kind of clique formation,disunity,Intrigue and propaganda detrimental to the interests of NRM and to defend its policies, aims and programmes at all times;

· We are committed to use peaceful means to isolate and work against powerful individuals who promote selfish interest and not adhering to the principle that the interests of NRM stand above everything else.

Fellow NRM Youth Leaders, cadres and the people of Uganda, we want to inform you that under the NRM Constitution Section 3 (e), It states as follows and please note this: The National Executive Council (NEC) shall recommend to the National Conference Persons competing for candidature to the positions of; National Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, National Treasurer, Deputy Secretary General, and the Presidential Candidate- Basing on this constitutional provision ,the NRM Parliamentary Caucus violated the NRM Constitution.

The NRM Constitution was designed to bring about internal democracy and competition for leadership in all party positions.

It is upon this background that the NRM Youth League will not accept the sole Presidential candidate of H.E YK Museveni as the NRM Flag bearer-We want leaders in NRM to compete for the position of NRM National Chairman and all positions in NRM Party structures.

Because the NRM Parliamentary Caucus un-constitutionally endorsed General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the NRM Youth League is not endorsing any person now but at this important point in time, we take this opportunity as NRM Youth League to NOMINATE THE RT HON JOHN PATRICK AMAMA MBABAZI for NRM National Party Chairman 2016-2021 and FOR NRM Presidential Candidate Flag Bearer for the 2016 Presidential Elections AND we are humbled to urge the Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi to accept the NRM Member’s request to contest for the forthcoming Presidential Elections as NRM Flag Bearer.

As Per the NRM Constitution, so far it is only Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi who has been nominated and as the NRM Youth League we shall OFFICIALLY bring this to the attention of the National Executive COUNCIL (NEC) for recommendation to the National Conference as per the provision of the NRM Constitution.

It is now our humble request to all the members of the National Resistance Movement who believe in promoting and safe-guarding the Vision of the National Resistance Movement to begin mobilization at your level, branch, cell, etc to ensure that The Rt Hon Amama Mbabazi take on the Leadership of the National Resistance Movement and as the NRM Presidential Flag-Bearer 2016.

I thank you,

For God and My Country,

Signed on Behalf of the NRM National Youth League by,
















Musevenis recent promiseto probe and bring to book those who were involved in committing attrocities in the north and eastern regions during the insurgency is nothing but a desperate counter insurgencymove meant to isolate Gen Tinyefuza who is in alliance with the likes of Otunnu and Ogole. But moreso his claim that he did not know about these attrocities is a clear demonstration of the level of hypocrisy in him.

Will he also probe the following:-

1. Launching a sectarian guerrilla war to dislodge the northern and eastern regions dominance of government and the military. The bush war morale boosting song “ohhh Melda” that called for the killing of Acholis alluded to this.

2. His NRA killing of Tanzanian troops who were in the country after helping to chase Iddi Amin.

3. His NRA deliberate killing of unarmed civilians real or perceived to be members of of the rulling UPC government. By dressing his NRA in government military uniform, Baganda peasants were targeted in order to tarnish the image of the government. Its during such a time that the Kandoya and Kafuni styles of torture was introduced to deal with perceived enemies (Vipingamizi). Its these methods that were exported to the northern and eastern regions after taking over power.

4. Creating clandestine hit squads that operated in Kampala with the sole aim of antagonizing the population with government. NRAs urban hit squad under Kyaligonza caused mayhem to the city dwellers. Kyaligonza personally shot dead the DP member of Parliament for Mwenge, Hon. Bamuturaki at Kisementi.

5. His NRA disrupted the normal life of Baganda peasants in the Luwero Triangle where life and livelihood was lost.The Balalo pastrolists were compensated for their contribution but the Baganda peasants lost out completely.

6. To pursue his childhood presidential ambitions he lured many sons and daughters of Uganda who lost their lives while others had their future irrepairably ruined.

7. The shooting and lynching of defenseless defeated former UNLAs in Kampala upon takeover in 1986 and the general harassment of those hailing from the northern and eastern region being labeled to as Anyanyas.

8. The systematic reprisal attacks by the NRA against civilians in the northern and eastern regions that gave rise to the self defense insurgency.

9. The systematic economic deprivation of Acholis, Langis and Itesot of stocks. Gen Matayo Kyaligonza ferried trailer loads of cattle from Teso to his home in Hoima.

10. The mass murder of civilians in Mukura train wagon byMajor Bunyenyezi who was the Brigade Commander. Its only Capt Oduch the Brigade I.O who was briefly arrested and later released.

11. The practicing of scortched earth policy in northern Uganda that gave fuel to the insurgency. Museveni one time told the international media ” I dont know torture. I have educated myself on many things but I have never known the boundary between what is torture and what is not. I know the NRA people tie these people when they arrest them. They tie their hands back ward. Am now being told that is torture. Its the traditional method. (Daily Nation -26/01/86). Later he told the BBC Panorama program that “What is the Geneva Convention on War? I have never read it”

12. The use of Chemical weapons in Acholiland by the NRA against the insurgents. They had been acquired from Eritrea who also provided the first battle tanks.

13. The hording of former UNLAs into concenration camps in Kiburara and later Nabisojo under appalling conditions. The cold blooded shooting by the NRA of Maj. Odoch in Jinja ater the signing of the Pece peace deal with the UPDA faction of Col. Angello Okello.

14. The mass hording of civilians into concentration camps termed IDPs for two decades thus destroying their way of livelihood.

15. The recruitment of children from the northern and eastern region into the NRA by exploiting their economic and social vulnerability.

16. Knowingly recruiting Rwandese refugees into his personal NRA and using them to fight dissenting Ugandans in the north and north eastern regions.

Therefore, as Commander in Chief Museveni knew details of each and every military undertaking in any corner of Uganda.His current utterances can only be equated to dancing on the graves of the dead and adding salt to the wounds of the injured.
At the time of Operation North, Tinyafuza was the Minister of State for Defence. As Minister, he was not in any way in the heirachy of military field operations. He could only have taken command of Operation North with full approval, blessing and backing of Museveni the Commander in Chief. He only recalled Tinyefuza from that operation out of fear that the former was gaining alot of popularity among ground troops.

The said probe will simply remain on paper.


posted by Robukui


Newly promoted Brig. Kayanja Muhanga is an elder brother of Musevenis Andrew Mwenda. Kaayanja went to Duhaga Secondary School and later Mpanga Day School in Fort Portal. It was during his S.5 at Mpanga around August 1985 that he joined the NRA in Fort Portal. He was posted to the newly created Military Police at the NRA headquarters at Rukoki sub-county in Kasese. Upon the NRA taking over power in January 1986 Kayanja was sent to the PPU as an ordinary soldier. Around 1988 when he was axed from the PPU he found the going tough and he deserted the army.

Around 1988 he privately went to Kabamba training school with the intention of convincing his friend Capt Moses Kintu who was based at Kabamba to fix him in the nominations from Kabamba for the imminent Cadet Officers training in Jinja. The mission did not succeed and Kayanja together with his colleague quietly left Kabamba for Kampala. Somehow in Kampala he succeeded in being included on the Officer Cadet Training and he attended the course at Jinja with among others Rwandas Gen James Kabarebe. He graduated as a commissioned officer and was posted together with a squad of about 30 other officers under the office of the Chief of Combat Operations (CCO). They were specifically concerned with the logistical backing to the SPLA in Sudan. Around 1990 the entire said squad was transferred to the then DMI at Basiima House.

At DMI Kayanja served under Combat Intelligence department then headed by John Kasaija. Kayanja was not all that active since he had no prior experience in intelligence. He was kind of redundant. Around 1993, Kayanja was posted to the Casuality Unit in Mubende as the Intelligence Officer. His brother then Lt. Baguma was the DISO of Mubende district. Kayanja ganged up with the Commanding Officer Capt Muhanguzi and they made alot of money through supply of air, flimsy payments, shoddy deals and inflated payrolls. He constructed a posh house over looking the Fort Portal stage along the highway in Mubende town.

Around 1987 Kayanja had been withdrawn from Mubende and was redundant in Kampala. He was posted to the north where the conditions were worse and he absconded. He attempted to leave the army. He went to Mbuya Military Hospital and feigned AIDS so that he is discharged on medical grounds. He was put on the list of patients and qualified for the necessary entitlements. He tried to register for a Diploma in Law course at the LDC so that he could benefit from the study leave.

Luck struck when Brig. Mayombo was posted to CMI and Kayanja was assigned to head the notorious JATT. His prominence came to public notice when he spearheaded the manhandling of Col Besigye at Entebbe Airport during the Maj. Rabwoni fracas. However, he ran out of luck when he was implicated in gross human rights abuses and extortions under JATT. Most embarrassing was fact that he was directly implicated in colluding with notorious city robbers. Kayanja was simply relieved of duties at head of JATT and thanks to his brother Andrew Mwenda who played a vital role in covering up the embarrassing story.

By that time he had become a Capt and was later promoted to Major and then came the Somali Mission. In Somali he must have made a lot of money as is the norm. Its after the Somali Mission that he was posted to the Military Police as the Commanding Officer. Its not anyone who can be deployed to command the Military Police because its part of the SFG. Thanks to the patronage of his brother Andrew Mwenda.

Brigadier Kayanja is neither an experienced fighter nor a good commander. He is fond of womanising, boozing, love of money and eating. There is no doubt there are other distinguished commanders who excelled in the current Sudan operation and Kayanja is credited for being the one with the political clearance. However, because of his family background, he has the required political clarity that is needed to be able to take sensitive command assignments in Museveni’s army.


Posted by Robukui


Folks:The most despicable thing is for Uganda to be taking orders from Rwanda. Well, it is events such as this one that could lead to something bigger and hopefully better for our region. For how long does Kagame think he will terrorize DRC, Uganda and other countries? YKM may take it but TZ will not. More turbulence in the region.

Kagame has milked the genocide so far that as you point out many are now starting to say, wait a minute. But the dictator has recruited many Ugandans to do his bidding. Many in the media and even academia white wash his dictatorship on grounds that the man has delivered. My foot.

YKM should stand up to Kagame and say enough. Col. Karegeya will be buried in Uganda period. For how long is YKM going to appease dictator Kagame under the so called coalition of the willing?

Kagame’s tactics are setting up the so called coalition of the willing against SADC.

BTW, let me ask many Ugandans on this forum, if Col. Karegeya who was born in Uganda (so Ugandan by birth), and took up Rwandese citizenship does not fit the criteria to be buried in Uganda, what about many of us who have taken on American, British, Canadian, Swedish, French, Norwegian citizenship etc.? What message is YKM sending to the rest of Ugandans in the diaspora by listening to dictator Kagame? And if that is the mentality what the hell are they doing breaking up UNAA? Put simply, why does Uganda send huge delegations to waste donor and taxpayers money attending a forum of Ugandan born but now American/Canada citizens and permanent residents?

Let us be clear: irrespective of what we feel about Col. Karegeya, it is a big shame and total disgrace for YKM and Uganda to be taking orders from Rwanda/Kagame. It is actually an embarrassment. Everybody knew YKM was a nyampra of the West but Rwanda, Phew!

Something tells me that the assassination of col Karegeya could have unintended consequences that could resonate within the region.



I am sorry but I expected an analysis (genesis, growth, effects, consequences, impact, projections) of Uganda’s problem from Gen Sejjusa’s statement, his proposed solution, strategies to achieve the solution. I expected to learn what FUF stands for and how it will deliver Uganda). All I learnt was his disapointment with M7, how votes are stolen by NRM and that KB won te 2006 elections. To his credit, he does say, and I agree with him entirely, that the problem of Uganda is bigger and older than M7, but he does not say what the problem is. Can somebody who understood the Gen help me?

Beti Kamya
It is never too late to do the right thing. I stand here before you not as a saint, for that is not what my purpose is. My purpose is not to proclaim my sainthood but it is to undo the wrong I could have participated in. my second job is to contextualise for Ugandans to know what the real problem is. For defining the problem correctly, is solving the problem half way. I do not think we understand the nature of the problem and the forces that confront us as Ugandans but also as African people.

That’s the context within which that lady came. And I agree with her. I understand her. I understand her emotions and she is also right. We must confront those issues, look them straight in the face if Uganda is to heal and move forward. There should be nothing to be ashamed about what that lady was talking about. People in the north died. They did. She is not lying. How many, by who, is a matter of detail. We must confront it. This is it. This is it. But also we must know that the deaths in the north and the suffering under NRM was not the beginning of the problems of Uganda, that there is a historical context to it.

To heal is to have a broader view of where we’ve come from, where we are. There is nothing short of that. If we do not accept that, then we are in trouble. I personally, my struggle is larger than Mr Museveni’s. It is bigger because Mr Museveni is merely a representative of a tragic situation, is a representative of an experiment that has gone tragically wrong both in Africa and in our country. Museveni is merely a representative. It cannot be an accident that 50 years on after independence, those who got in in the 1950s like Ghana and Sudan and so on, that the African state is in conflict, that African peoples are the poorest in the world, that per capita it’s [Africa] the lowest in the world, that interest rates [in Africa] are the lowest in the world, violence index is the highest in the world, that balkanisation is the highest in the 54 countries of Africa. When you look at Africa, I think the German has something like three point something trillion, United States has about 15 trillion, China has about eight trillion and Africa with almost 1.6 billion has about three trillion, When you come to the economy of Africa, when you look at the biggest economies of Africa, I think South Africa is about 450 (million), Nigeria is about 415 (million), Egypt is about 200 something. They do not add up to the GDP of Texas. These are the strongest economies in the world.

When these people our friends in the West and so on when they praise Museveni’s economic miracle. Yes But in 1986 when we came [into power] our GDP in Uganda was four billion. Now it is 19 billion. 19 billion GDP is smaller than the income generated by Tesco or Microsoft which I think is about 50 billion, Uganda is 19. We don’t produce anything, we don’t sell anything. We are bulinding tarmacked roads but we are stepping on them with bare feet. We don’t transport anything on the road. So there are serious structural problems in Africa. There are serious structural problems with the African state that whichever change we may bring, it will not suffice. We need to broaden our focus on defining the enemy.

I am the only person whom you look at who has two faces of the same coin. That’s what makes me to be proud of myself. That’s what has made the FUF experiment promising because what has got to bring on board? Many people ask: “So what are you bringing that others have not tried?” We are bringing a new force, a new force with a broader appeal, a new force with a broader ideology of knowing that every African person or every Ugandan is a captive of history. We need to be freed. We need to free everyone. We need to free our people from the perception of lack of opportunity in terms of organising and mobilising deficit. Before we reach anywhere else, we need to realise that the problems of Africa; for instance if you look at Africa today and what Museveni has; you see Museveni has been a betrayal for our cause is bigger than what people think. Because [for] my personal story, when I went to the bush I was only 24 and there were something big going on. Uganda was not all rosy.

In 1962 as you remember, Uganda had got independence. Our great grandfathers had come her to London at Lancaster House and they had agreed on a constitution of 1962. They came and overthrew themselves, they were fighting against each other and overthrew themselves in 1966. Then in 1967, the independence constitution was overthrown and another constitution was brought in. That meant turmoil. Then that turmoil resulted in Idi Amin. Idi Amin devastated the country from 1971 to 1979. There had never been – there was some attempt by Ugandans in 1972 to liberate themselves but it didn’t work and we were in disarray. In 1979 if Amin had not attacked Tanzania he would maybe have ruled until his death.

So even the 1970 experiment was external engineering. It was by fault. So ever that one was not a Ugandan experience per se. It lacked the internal dynamics of a people rising up, empowering themselves ideologically, and defining their means which were applicable to their means. They were all lacking. Therefore the experiment we got in 1979 was a still bar. It resulted into more chaos; that chaos which resulted into another war. The war of the NRM.

I have a personal story. The father of my wife was murdered. He was a young barrister fresh from Cambridge University and was murdered at 28 by Idi Amin. But I can’t bear on that because if I do that, then that’s the enemy, the enemy that we must shift the poles. We must start thinking about Uganda in broader terms. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. We must start afresh.

What people don’t understand is that when serving under a bad system you become the biggest victim. They do not realise that some of us, for instance me; I have lived a life more at risk more than maybe people who have been in exile. I have not been sitting down. I tried to remove this system many times. I have scars on my body, bullets, inflicted by my own side. People don’t understand. This northern experiment you’re talking about, I was the first to resign. I opposed this experiment in 1993 during the CA. I opposed the changing of what we had agreed in the bush of ruling for four years and extending Mr Museveni. In 1996 I went further. I exposed Mr Museveni’s problems and atrocities; you can go [and check], you know what happened in parliament, against the atrocities in the north and the prolonging of the northern war by Mr Museveni. I was the first to bring it up.

If all that meant I was guilty, I would not have resigned. I even resigned against Mr Museveni. I said [to Museveni] I will not continue. My life was in danger. I almost died. I went to the Supreme Court and won and in the morning Mr Museveni went to the Supreme Court and told them ‘you must reverse’ and he reversed. So I was held captive against my will. When you’re held captive, you’re captive. You either play by the rules or you become an outlaw. Isn’t that what Mandela said?

So my regret is that I should have come out earlier on. I have no doubt about it. But what happened then, since we have a constitution and Mr Museveni can abuse us only for so long. In 2005 he changed the constitution. I was in Kimaka Commandant Staff College and I was representing the army in parliament in 2005. We were picked at night, those of us who were there, to go and vote to remove term limits. And those of us who wanted to reject, like somebody called Bogere were virtually under detention and were told we must remove term limits. There was no discussion. We went in a bus and you don’t do anything. The day I stood up and said ‘no’ you see where I am. This is the cost of trying to say ‘no’.

So it’s not so easy. You either go all the way and say ‘no’ and fight the regime like I am doing, or you play inside and ultimately you’re soiled and you wear that guilt and become part of the system. This is how bad systems destroy our people. And this is how we must free all our people. My call is that all people must be freed by understanding that they are all captive.

This is how bad governance shrives, by putting people in small groups, with smaller interests, and small organisations. Bad systems rule people in perpetuity. Walter here spoke about something important. He said in Uganda for the last 27 years, maybe what people outside may not understand, every region has opposed Museveni. There was a war in Buganda against Museveni – it was a Buganda war. There was a western war by the people in Kasese – the Kasese war; there was a war in eastern Uganda – the eastern war; there was a war in West Nile – it was a West Nile war; then there was a war in northern Uganda – it is a northern war.

You must reject that. That’s what FUF says. We must have a Ugandan movement to fight dictatorship. That’s what we bring on board. What we bring on board is the galvanisation of our people’s general consciousness – the mass movement of people to get to a critical mass to free themselves. That’s my mission – no less, no more. Where does it start? It starts by me admitting I am wrong and say I am sorry. But I must move forward. I must move forward. I must not be captive of a bad past because the bad past would have won. I will defeat it by defeating the wrongs of the past.

Therefore stand with me, Ladies and Gentleman, and know that you have a serious fighter. I have three scars from Idi Amin. Some of you here were with me at university. I started fighting Idi Amin as a young boy. And I have other scars. I thought I was doing something better for Africa, for Uganda. I was betrayed. We thought when we were in the bush what Mr Museveni had come to promise as a fundamental change – what we had in mind was to fundamentally change the African colonial state, remove the bottlenecks of Africa – these competing armies.

You know the military expenditure in Africa – right now in East Africa, there is an arms race, huge arms race among East African countries. Who’s the enemy? Whom are they arming each other against? Against their own people. All the money instead of going into development it is in an arms race. This is the nature – the tiny states of Africa which are unviable. The lack of integration. We thought that Mr Museveni would actualise our integration of East African states, the markets – to remove the perpetual fear of military attacks across these artificial borders – of creating bigger trading enclaves – of freeing our people. He let us down. Instead, he started building his personal bay? To the extent of bringing in his family, his wife, and his children – some things which are so decadent I don’t know in which century they belong, maybe the 12th? I don’t know and you don’t know. And how in this 21st century can somebody bring his wife to be a minister and then his son to [command the army]? They are so decadent.

So the new thing that FUF has done is uniting our people. The people of the media you should not lose the significance of that. That lady (the one who had earlier interrupted the meeting to protest against what Gen Sejusa did while commanding troops there) was from northern Uganda and the people who were trying to stop her were from northern Uganda, not western Uganda. This is a fundamental shift (clapping). It was people from northern Uganda protecting me and saying we want to move forward. Thank you very much. Thank you.

So what is the way forward? There are many people asking us: “Therefore, are you going into elections or are you going to fight?” The general approach is simple. We have realised what is going on in Uganda and everyone now agrees that we must have change. Our job is to cause this change. There are means that have been provided by the constitution but Mr Museveni has subverted them. He has changed the constitution. He has removed term limits which meant to account for power. If peaceful means therefore, which are within the constitution say, even our friends will have to tell us. We as a people, do we have a right to be free or not? Should we be prisoners or should we free ourselves?

This is the answer. The choice is Mr Museveni’s. To free Uganda or we shall force him to free ourselves. Therefore before I go to stand, we must have the Uganda we want which is capable of organising an election, which is capable of uniting a people and capable of operating outside this kind of fear. You cannot organise an election in these types of conditions. He must stop misusing the military. He must stop buying the elections. He must stop violence. No I don’t think I can participate in Mr Museveni’s elections. Never – because I know how it works.

Kizza Besigye won by the way in 2006 – I can as well give you another testimony (laughter and prolonged clapping). In 2006 Besigye won by maybe 69 per cent. Mr Museveni as an incumbent got something like 50 something. By the time an African incumbent gets 50 something you know he has already lost. So it’s not even in debate. But how was it stolen?(laughter and prolonged clapping).

We organised another electoral commission of intelligence at Basiima House and all results from the electoral commission would pass through our electoral commission and it is our results that we would push through to the [official] electoral commission. How can you win in that type of situation? Yes. I must say it all now because I am a new man (prolonged laughter and clapping). Yes. We did it. Yes (more laughter and clapping from audience).

So of course it is a waste of time. It is deceiving our people. And Mr Museveni has no democratic credentials – has never had them. I was with him in the bush. I have been with him all along. I have told you through all my history. I have stood up to these undemocratic tendencies. You hear some of our neighbours are in the ICC (International Criminal Court). Mr Museveni should go to the ICC like [Charles] Taylor (former President of Liberia). You know Taylor went to the ICC because of his role in Sierra Leone. So he (Museveni) participated in that work in Kenya. That’s why the people of Kenya uprooted the rail lines going to Uganda. Parts of Nairobi, Kibera and Kisumu. They knew that Uganda played a part. It shouldn’t be Mr Ruto (Kenya’s deputy president) alone, Mr Museveni should go [to The Hague]. (Someone in the audience asks what about the role Museveni played in the Democratic Republic of Congo) Right now Uganda has to pay US$10 billion to the Congo government for him (Museveni) and his family stealing gold and timber of Congo and diamonds, and shamelessly we shall pay as a government.

You know with the late Garang (former leader of south Sudan’s government), I can give you this story. They were going for a referendum. This is how he fell off with Mr Museveni. The leadership in south Sudan know. So Mr Museveni tells Mr Garang: “We must win this referendum at any cost.” And then Mr Museveni said: “You know I can give you two million of my Bakiga, they go there and fix things for us. But the idea [for Museveni] was to have a strong hold in south Sudan. Bakiga is a tribe in Uganda (a man in the audience shouts: I am one of them). How can such a person like that be a democrat? How? How can he be? And that was the fallout when it started.

So my answer is we need to look at this whole experience of elections and the world must also understand. But also the world must understand that the geopolitical machinations of Museveni are a fassad. They are a lie. Because Museveni is not Uganda. He is a representative. We are the people who can make change in a sustainable way, the people of Uganda, not an individual. And they should learn from what happened in other countries not to invest in individuals because individuals expire. During the cold war, the people who invested in Mobutu, what happened? You look at the DR, look at the North African countries.

So our involvement in Somalia was because we had genuine interests in Somalia. 1.5 million small guns cross from Somalia into Uganda every other two years. This is a huge thing. So it is in our interests to have a stable Somalia. So no one should tell us that if Mr Museveni is not there, then Somalia will go. No we shall do our job because we too have our interests not Mr Museveni. They are Ugandan interests. There are other issues. The world must know that it can be served better by sustainable engagement of country than individual. Individuals have subvert the movement of history and cause instability. If unstable countries were the best for Western cooperation, why is it then that their volume of trade, their relations are higher with countries which are stable?

Look at Asia, look at everywhere. It means that the African states that are unstable must be replaced in order that there is a genuine sustainable progress in the world. And the West must also know that an unstable Africa is bad for the world. These strong men don’t ensure stability. For example I can tell you that by 2040, the forest cover in Uganda will be finished. What does that mean? It means drought, and the undermining of food security. Some of the lakes in Africa have dried up like Lake Chad and others. Lake Victoria is shrinking. If the water sources are gone and yet Mr Museveni is building hydro-electric dams everyday but is cutting forests. So he does not understand the relationship between the environment and power generation. He doesn’t understand.

So the West will have immigration, it will have wars and unstable areas in which terrorism will be germinating every day. So it is in the interests of the West to invest in sustainable peace and security. They cannot demand anything else because then their interests will not be met. But they must know that they interests will best served in institutions that are well governed.

So those are some of the details I wanted to talk about. The rest is about the FUF. The FUF has brought in a new ideology, a broad-based movement well beyond groups, recruiting even among the NRM. This is a new movement that recognises the innocence of people. We begin with innocence before we project guilt. Therefore even those people who are in the NRM, they need to come and we will accept them.


In a situation even where the mightiest of the land are dillydallying over the moral decadence and perversion of the West, she stands tall to be counted. At home and even when she is out. Our media and ‘human rights activists’ need to read and get details of homos and their fate in the West: not allowed to join Boy Scouts or Girl Guides; not allowed to ‘declare’ their status when players in key games: soccer, baseball, et al. No homo is allowed to be chaplain of any youth club. THEREFORE THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG ABOUT IT.

It is only and the end of 2013 that one fellow in Britain believed to be the father of the computer was given a post-humous pardon and rehabilitation: he was condemned for being a homosexual in 1952. CECIL RHODES, the greatest rapist of African resources and sovereignty was banished by his own parents at age 17 to Africa, because he was a homosexual. Conventional history records that he was a sickler, so his parents sent him to Africa …’hoping that he would get better’!!! Imagine a family in 18th century England, sending their teenage son to a ‘dark continent’, with the hope that he would get better!!!!!!

This thing should NOT be seen in isolation. It is part of a larger campaign to eliminate us and occupy our continent: family planning( Marie Stoppes type), the Walter Reed Project ( guinea-pigging us for biological weapons), legalisation of prostitution, weakening the family unit, condemning African names and practices as satanic, GMOs, trafficking of human organs( disguised as ‘ ritual sacrifice), ‘child rights’, foreign aid in every sector and everything( which is actually AIDS), ALL this is should be seen totality, as a package.

The ‘explorers’ coming to Africa expected to find ‘wild naked savages’ whom they would eliminate the way they did in the Americas. Finding powerful empires and flourishing economies, they were shocked. The legacies and records left by those ‘pioneer explorers’ show that ‘other less offensive and subtle means have to be devised by successive generations to eliminate the native…’. This started with the enslavement of the mind, where one feels superior and liberated when they condemn all things African and want to be European, American!!

We stand firm. If you love Africa, why have you not given us the same HIV/AIDS cure that the US uses, instead leaving us for all manner of experimentation????


Sandra Birungi
Patriotic Ugandan


Dr Machar’s response to Museveni over the crisis is South Sudan is expected but it ends there. The era of warlords is long gone. The era when innocent citizens would be brutalised and murdered by their ‘leaders’ under the guise of ‘internal affairs’ ‘sovereignty’ and ‘territorial integrity’. By the way, why didn’t you say the same in the early and later 90s as SPLM fought against Khartoum? Or you have chosen to forget? You can run but you will not hide. True, there were weaknesses within the administration, but all you needed was the leadership foresight and humility to sit and resolve them. People died over the 20 years as you ‘struggled’ against Arabs. Where are the Arabs now? How come you can proudly say you are in touch with secretaries in the US, but have the guts to rebuke your next door neighbour and erstwhile benefactor? Who has a bigger stake in South Sudan? The US or the EAC/IGAD/Uganda? You have a window of hope. Cease the fire, save innocent herdsboys from senseless killing and dying, seek the intervention and counsel of elders and lead your people to prosperity. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Equally out of order are Uganda’s MPs who jump on any ‘opportunity’ to arouse relevance. Regional and global dynamics are such that we cant let warlords kill innocent people. Innocent South Sudanese need life. Moreover, you want Ugandans evacuated, yet you question the role of UPDF in Sudan. While it is okay for France to come into CAR and Mali to settle crises, Ugandan MPs find it strange for Uganda to calm a next door neighbour whose fate is intertwined with ours. Honorable MPs, that’s the reality of the current global dynamics. Would you complain if Britain sent in troops to save its former colony? Am sure not….there you go!!

Sandra Nabiddo Birungi


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