UNAA must be saved, UNAA must be cleaned, UNAA must be …………

In his response to one of the questions which was asked as to why after the promises which were made way back in January promising to release the venue for next year’s UNAA convention, Mr. Kwesiga, blamed the delay on the fact that some members of the “Council laid their tools and walked away!”

Without explaining why some Council member’s chose to “walk away…” Brian Kwesiga, went on to solicit for more help in San Diego during his convention because his Executive is “Short handed!”

What the UNAA President does not and will not explain to the unsuspecting listeners and a handful of his remaining followers is that it is the duty and responsibility of the UNAA Executive to select the convention host city, not the Council as he intentionally chose to mislead his THIRTY members of the audience who called in yesterday during his first “UNAA Town Hall” meeting. Thanks for the UNAAcauses team from whom Kwesiga borrowed a leaf of the need for reaching out via “Town Hall” meetings.

It is always anybody else and everybody else who have been in the wrong! Brian Kwesiga and his team of advisers see nothing wrong in whatever they have been doing for almost one full year of violating and abusing the organizations constitution. If only Kwesiga, was to take account of his mistakes and own up to his mistakes and arrogance, UNAA’s negative image and a divided organization would have been a different story today. Like his boss Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who is known for calling his opponents, “Swine, empty headed,….belong six feet under….” Brian Kwesiga, was heard yesterday addressing elected UNAA Council member [8] who are opposed to his misrule as ” Narrow-minded….!”

Assuming that the founders of UNAACauses who have successfully organized THREE “Town Hall” Meetings with a record attendance of the highest having been 110 callers plus compared to Kwesiga’s THIRTY with his Executive combined, surely, the “Narrow-minded” must be doing something attractive that the “Broad-minded’ needs to emulate!

But that is not all, when the “Narrow-Minded” a derogatory remark which is not the first from Kwesiga’s camp towards his fellow UNAA leaders, decided to openly oppose his constitutional abuse and decided to negotiate an alternatively affordable Hotel next door to the Hyatt, the self styled “Broad-Minded” said the hotel would never fill up in fact his surrogates did everything they could including and not limited to calling in the hotel to make bogus reservations using fake names. In spite of all the old village like rotten antiques, the Marriott has been filled with registered with members interested in making an impact in the future of UNAA by advancing the core values of what the actual Causes of UNAA are.

During yesterdays Town hall meeting, it was also alleged by some planted confusing agents that UNAACauses is “Illegal!” and only out there to confuse people! If truth be told, UNAACauses is legitimate. The pressure group is constitutionally bound under UNAA constitution. Just like Brian’s UNAA is partnership with so many indigenous organizations, the UNAACauses as a pressure group is in partnership with some locally owned Church groups in the Sn Diego area which Church groups will be holding Church Services and “All night prayers” alongside the Festival programs.

Indeed, as the idiom goes, “When it rains, it pours…!” Out of desperation, a lot has been said, many prophets of doom have surfaced and vanished in thin air because fighting the truth based on falsehood and manipulation cannot succeed given the determination and will of members behind the protracted war against such evils as, nepotism, fraud, lies and deception and dictatorship. It is always a matter of time. And the time is now for the Grand Ayatollah’s of UNAA and their puppets to smell the coffee.

UNAA must be saved, UNAA must be cleaned, UNAA must be brought back to it’s original values, objectives and Causes.

RevJoseph Kamugisha.

M7 too hires lobbyists in Washington DC To Further his Ills!

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has an interesting strategy to lift the recent sanctions imposed by the US over the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act. His plan involves using its own lawmakers and other political powerhouses in the US’s own backyard.According to federal disclosure filings, the government of Uganda has hired the services of DC consulting firm Mercury to aid in its public relations and lobby in US soil. The signing of the one-year, $600,000 contract came one month after the Obama administration announced its initial substantial sanctions against the African country for its harsh laws against the LGBT community there.

Even Western countries have hired lobbyists in Washington DC. That is how they get favourable policies passed to advance their economic interests. In DC, it is who you know that gets you through the door. It is big money business and the lobby firms usually staffed by both Democrats and Republicans to ensure access irrespective of which party in power gets things done. So there is nothing wrong with African leaders doing what Western countries routinely do. Actually it is long over due.

The Whitaker Group worked to engineer a turnaround in Uganda’s troubled image, assisted by, Rosa Whitaker, a former top official for African affairs from both the Bush and Clinton administrations. Rwanda, Tanzania and others have all paid for representation from K Street insiders.The Whitaker Group was credited with promoting investments in Uganda’s cotton industry and boosting trade by helping global giant Starbucks purchase Ugandan coffee. But in 2009, President Yoweri Museveni’s government continued its suppression of political opponents and gays. Museveni then maneuvered to change the constitution to allow him cling to power. The firm broke off its relationship.

The old guards are uncomfortable as the face of diplomacy has changed from the traditional to modern diplomacy. Studies in modern diplomacy indicate new diplomatic approaches.Somalia’s 2011 contract with Park Strategies was $240,000.
Somaliland and Puntland, autonomous regions in Somalia, hired their own lobbyists. Puntland hired the Moffett Group – a Washington firm run by former Connecticut Congressman Toby Moffett – to help get ConocoPhillips to reinvest in its oil exploration leases. Somaliland hired the Glover Park Group – run by former Clinton administration officials Carter Eskew, Joe Lockhart and Michael Feldman – and in March signed a new contract worth $22,500 per month.

Last summer, Nigeria agreed to pay the Glover Park Group $30,000 a month, plus expenses. Documents show Nigeria was particularly concerned with U.S. policies related to security cooperation between the two countries.

Madagascar hired the U.S. Fed Group to arrange a series of meetings for its transitional president President H.E. Rajoelina in key American states – and an invitation to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference in June 2012. Records show U.S. Fed paid Quintairos, Preito, Wood and Boyer in Chicago $75,000 to score the invitation and an appearance with Bill Clinton and meetings with the mayor of Chicago, governor of Illinois and other officials.

Mauritius paid the Washington firm Ryberg & Smith LLP $600,000 from 2003 to 2011. This year, federal records show, it is paying Mercury LLC a $20,000-a-month to advance issues related to its “sovereignty.” (Mauritius claims sovereignty over the Chagos islands, where the key American military base on Diego Garcia is located).

Kenya paid Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter and Associates $2.4 million in 2008, followed by roughly another $2 million in 2009, to lobby policymakers and burnish the country’s reputation among business leaders in Washington, New York and other cities. In 2010, the Kenyan government entered an agreement with both Chlopak and the Moffett Group for advocacy and communication services.

South Sudan hired the firm Independent Diplomat when it seceded from the north in 2011, to help the new country secure diplomatic recognition as an independent state.

Traditionally, only diplomats accredited by their nations discussed and lobbied on behalf of their governments. In modern diplomacy however, there are many diplomats outside the docket of embassies; here we find INGO, cultural groups, friends, fraternities (sports, religious, businesses, media houses, etc) etc all doing different roles traditionally done by accredited staff. That does not mean embassies have lost value or power, what this means is that they have to change approach.

The traditional approach is no longer attainable as it has been overtaken by events. Imagine with the advent of modern media, nationals everywhere do see events happening thousands of miles away at the comfort of their sitting/living rooms; and powerful lobbyists can get what they want done there in a short time.

To get something, diplomats have to use several approaches including hosting parties in their embassies, in the homes where the spouses play a big role to help the main person.So when our leaders send their political appointees to embassies, you know the level of representation your country has. The spouses should be well educated persons who could as well be appointed to diplomatic positions because they are part of the diplomatic team but when you appoint a person who never studied diplomacy, there are more chances that the fellows have no idea of what they are supposed to do.

In other countries (especially developed countries) diplomacy is a career where one advances accordingly and for others not directly working under foreign affairs, the guys may have studied international relations and/or have done similar assignments which qualify them to do the same even if they were politicians.
Uganda has well trained and real diplomats who could do our country much pride. I am surprised to read political appointees complaining of being undermined and the ministry of foreign affairs stating that the problem concerns money.It is just because such people are used to free money otherwise, huge money can be got in those countries if only the officers are well educated in diplomacy.

I challenge government of Uganda to fill those positions with career diplomats and the country’s image will be for the better, there is no need spending too much money buying white wash. As a diplomat, I will not fear to advise my government on the way forward, that is my work as a career person.

Peter Simon.


kneelBelieve it or not, there are some down there who worship Museveni; Hon. Cap. Capt. Mike Mukula, MP Soroti Municipality did it and received and earned stint in Luzira Prison; I understand that the late Noble Mayonbo used to tie his boss’ shoe laces, in rallies. What amuses me is how those guys brag saying, ” You know, I knelt before the president and he shook my hand! I am a lucky man!” Hon. Mukula used to annoy some of us, he would almost force people to clap their hands saying “Ibapakisi Papa Akan” meaning, ” Clap for Daddy!” even when there was no point mentioned; may be he used to annoy the president as well; you reach a point where people seem to be possessed by demons when you see their actions.’


From left to right – Grace Ibingira and behind him (partly hidden) is Balaki Kirya


The following are in the photograph:

From left to right – Grace Ibingira and behind him (partly hidden) is Balaki Kirya; the person smiling is Cuthbert Obwangor; then Dr E.B.S.Lumu (in white top); and Matthias Ngobi. All were ministers in the Obote I government in the early 1960s. Apart from Cuthbert Obwangor, all were arrested (together with George Magezi) in a cabinet meeting on 22 February 1966. Cuthbert Obwangor was arrested later in 1967. Matthias Ngobi and Dr Lumu are still alive today.

Letter from the Idi Amin Dada to Canadian Prime Minister.

Letter from the Idi Amin Dada to Canadian Prime Minister.
amin letter

amin letter2

amin letter3

Uganda is not ready for proposed burial policy

If ever there was an alien cultural practice being sneaked into Uganda, this policy is a stark evidence of it.Africans -nay, black Africans – are too attached to the departed relatives to see them off in such a programmed, casual manner.

If Museveni wants employees to balance personal family commitment and work responsibilities, he needs to work with Unions, Parliament and other stakeholders to come up with Personal Time Off guidelines.

The guidelines would spell out the number of days an employee may take off, and which family members are covered.

In US, forever, we have FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) under which I’m may take up to 12 weeks off to attend to myself (in case I fall sick), my child, spouse, parents, and any other person for whom I’m the main principal source of support.

In Uganda, we hold the same relationship value of extended family as we do of first-line family. That’s why we find it “entirely” acceptable, for example, to find a worker, Tom, taking off a few days to attend the funeral of his father’s sister’s mother-in-law!

This may sound strange to a westerner, but we have to preserve our culture.

Pojim Edward.
UAH member in USA

There is a systematic degradation of the public service institutions in Uganda

There is a systematic degradation of the public service institutions so that they are replaced with ones that the current leadership control and are accountable to only to a few people and not to all Ugandans through sound structures.

In case you are not aware check this out.

1. Health service delivery was starved of funds for several years. Now that the health services were not good, the Health Service delivery and Medicines Monitoring Unit was created under State House or President’s Office to improve health service delivery in the country. It remains to be seen whether health service delivery in the country improved for the five or so years this unit has been in existence. Remember these people are very well paid and they account to no one (except the President) for the funds they use.

2. The former Kampala City Council was starved of funds for several years to make whoever cared believe that the institution was inappropriate. It was replaced by an Authority that does not account to Ugandans nor Parliament but to one person (the President). When the Lord Mayor tried tried to fight for the institution to be accountable to other institutions in the country you saw how they succeeded in silencing him using all institutions at the disposal of government (police, judiciary e.t.c) They one time even wanted to use the IGG to get their objectives. Now KCCA only accounts to the Head of State through the Minister for Kampala and not Ugandans through the Council and the Uganda Parliament. So much money is being pumped into the Authority. The question remains. Where does the money they don’t use? Isn’t KCCA being used as a conduit for something else? Your guess is as good as mine. At least for Kampalans have something to smile about. The city looks more beautiful than want it was five years ago. But this comes at a price. Other sectors of government are being starved of funds. What is the use of seeing some semblance of beauty when the Authority is being used as a conduit for something does not readily meet one’s eyes?

3. Agriculture was the first to be systematically degraded over the years and NAADS was created as a parallel institution. When NAADS did not meet the objectives for which it was created then you can see or read what is happening. NAADS is going to be given or has already been given to the military which again reports to only the President. There is therefore a clear trend of things: to kill the traditional institutions and create new ones that only report to one person.

All other sectors are affected in a similar fashion. The evidence is there for you to see if you took time to explore. It is this trend of things that is killing service delivery every where in the country.

When we ask why is there no service delivery, answers will always be there. “It is people on the ground who are not working or are negligent of their duties”. And to the not so keen eye, this answer makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. That answer which readily catches one’s eye is just a small fraction of a bigger problem; a problem that is systematic and intended to be that way. With the current orientation of things towards the centre of power (with no checks and balances) service delivery can not improve. Sectors that have sound checks and balance are starved of funds. Funds are only channeled through sectors that have parallel institutions and those sectors whose expenditure plans are categorized as classified and therefore not subject to Parliament scrutiny.

In my view Public Service delivery collapsed the day the current leadership started tinkering with its organization. To resuscitate it one needs to make a U-turn on the mushrooming parallel institutions and hand back the accountability where it belongs. Otherwise public service delivery will go on to die and be buried.

What you saw as bats in the health centre is just a tip of an iceberg. Not that the workers don’t see them. Not that the workers don’t know what to do about them. Not that the lack of funds is the problem. Nooooo! Funds are either not released to do work or when released they are released late so that they can go back to the centre. There is a financial regulation that funds not utilized by a certain date are supposed to be sent back to the centre. Don’t you think the funds that are never released in the first instance and those that find their way back to the top are the very funds that support our troops in SS or do all sorts of politicking? I have not even tackled the issue of public servants not being paid for several months or their demoralizing pathetic salaries. We know for sure that the country has the money. How then can we sustain our troops in SS if we did not have the money? The government has the money but the good will to focus on what benefits the common man is what is lacking. It is only a few people who are benefitting from the current state of affairs that want the trend to continue. As long as they are benefitting the others can starve and continue begging untill the end of time.

I hope you can find some of the answers to your question(s) in my submission.

Kind regards,

Dr.Ibrah Ssendagire

Bats have established big colonies in some local health centres in Gomba

I find the story below from a local Ugandan daily quite disturbing. Bats have established big colonies in some local health centres in Gomba under the watch of full-time public health officials on government payroll,one would assume.

One would also assume that healthcare professionals in the affected area had seen the first sign of bat invasion and did nothing; then more and more signs, including parts of hospital walls crumbling down due to flying mammal urine effects, and they still did nothing. Yet they report for duty on a daily basis. If that is not negligence in the first degree, I don’t know what is. To make matters worse, now they have brought in Europeans to solve the problem (I suppose) when surely plenty of expertise is available at Makerere University and elsewhere in the country. The other time, Europeans and others were dispatched to Busoga area to show people how to get rid of jiggers, including ‘okutundula’. These shameful practices need to stop if our communities are to be respected.

By the way, when it comes to annual public service employee performance evaluation, what do these people’s supervisors honestly put in their staff performance reports? Or even before one gets to that point, is it clear to anyone what these people really talk about in their weekly (biweekly or monthly) hospital management meetings if such unpleasant things remain undealt with year in, year out?

Yunus Lubega.

*** ***

Obuwundo buzinze amalwaliro e Gomba
Gomba | Jul 21, 2014Ekituli ekivudde ku buwundo okuba obungi.


OBUWUNDO bulumbye disitulikiti y’e Gomba ne bukola amaka mu malwaliro era obumu ku bulabe bwe buleese bugenda kugasuula n’okulwaza abantu.

Mu malwaliro agamu, amatoffaali agali mu ppini gagudde ekitadde obulamu bw’abasawo n’abalwadde mu matigga. N’ennyumba z’abasawo nazo ebisenge binafu olw’obuwundo obubifukira.

Abasawo bategeezezza nti, waadi ziwunya omusuulo gw’obuwundo, amatoffaali gawanuka waggulu ne gagwa eky’obulabe era amalwaliiro agamu ppini zaago temukyali matoffaali.

Bawanjagidde abakulembeze mu disitulikiti y’e Gomba okulaba nga babayamba ku kizibu ky’obuwundo. Kuno kwe bagatta ebizibu ebirala.

Eddwaaliro lino lisangibwa mu ggombolola y’e Maddu nga ly’erimu erisinze okukosebwa obuwundo. Ebisenge bizzeemu ennyaafa ate nga amatoffaali mu ppini agasinga gagudde.

Ennyumba z’abasawo nazo obuwundo bwazizinda ziwunya munda era zirimu ennyaafa.

Mu waadi y’abalwadde abaabulijjo abasawo tebakyassaawo balwadde nga batya nti bayinza okwongera okufuna obulwadde obulala obuva ku buwundo.

Nga oggyeeko obuwundo, mu ddwaliro lino teririna kikomera era ebisolo by’omu nsiko bibatawaanya ate n’ente z’oku kyalo ziyingira.

Lino liri mu ggombolola y’e Kyegonza era nalyo obuwundo bwalirumba dda era waliwo n’ebisenge ebitakyakozesebwa olw’obuwundo.

Abasawo bagamba nti, basanga obuzibu mu kutereka eddagala kuba obuwundo bufuka nnyo. Okufaananako n’ery’eBuyanja eddwaliro ly’e Mamba nalyo teririna masannyalaze.

Abasawo ku ddwaaliro ly’e Mamba bagamba nti liriraanye ennyanja Wamala era bafuna abalwadde bangi kyokka nga terifuna ddagala limala ate engeri gye liri ku ddaala erya wansi erimu ku ddagala tebalibawa.

Amalwaliro amalala agalimu obuwundo kuliko Kitwe, Kasabya, Kyayi ne ofiisi za disitulikiti e Kyegonza.

Dr. Nicholas Kizito agamba nti waliwo obulwadde obuleetebwa obuwundo nga kuliko ‘rabies’ nga buno bukwata omuntu singa akawundo kamuluma, okumukwagula oba okumugwa mu kiwundu.

Ayongerako nti wliwo obulala obuyitibwa ‘Histoplasmosis’ buno buyita mu mpewo era bwangu nnyo okukwata omuntu singa abeera mu kifo ewali obuwundo.


How what are we going to say about the judiciary in Uganda? Is the judiciary corrupt only when it rules against certainty individuals or interests? If it is true that there was no quorum why did the Speaker rush? Where was the chief NRM whip? And where were the rest of MPs? Surely they must have signed in that day? Will NRM redo it? I mean go back to parliament and pass the law properly and constitutionally?

If so what does this mean for the ten folks who knew which side is buttered and went to court. I hope you are not naïve to believe that they did this for the sake of Uganda. No. They did it for the sake of their careers and stomachs period. There is no better bunch of 10 opportunists than those ten. Or will it be a short live victory for the 10? And what about the sanctions imposed and cut aid?
Will the 10 take credit for ‘saving’ Uganda from international isolation? To many questions.

So what is it? Does Ugandan have a free and independent judiciary? I mean what more can one say after this land mark court ruling? Are we going to end up in a situation where the opposition for example criticise the independent net election commission when they lose to NRM but praise it when they win and lately they have won more than NRM?

The ruling poses a dilemma for the opposition and also the international community. Were the 10 acting on some powerful interests? If so whose interests? In legal terms were they busy bodies or genuine litigants? Did they go to court with clean hands etc?

How can we or the international community say Uganda is a dictatorship when it has such an enlightened judiciary? That is the real challenge going forward.

I am not surprised by the ruling at all. I have said before that the constitutional court is okay. It has some very fine lawyers in their days.

Bottom line, YKM is actually the real winner. he may decide to let it go and then tell the world that Uganda has vibrant and independent judiciary. I think some of us predicated this outcome and said that YKM will in the end win.


Homosexuality law:I want to repeat what I said here when this draconian law was being enacted: whether it’s struck down as unconstitutional or it prevails legal challenges, Museveni still wins.We are a conservative nation, and as such, liberal accommodations like homosexuality receive minimal support in the country.

Moreover, Museveni’s narrative that the West is exporting this same-sex ideas into Uganda, makes his defense of African traditional cultures even more appealing to the majority of Ugandans.

So, Museveni brought up this homosexual law in time to prod his political base to canvas enough votes for 2016.

The upcoming appeals will likely complete just before or after the next elections. At that time, Museveni will be comfortably heading for re-election, or is about to be sworn-in for another term.

John Milton said that the major weakness of democracy is the ignorancy of the masses. He must have had Uganda in mind.

Pojim Edward.

passing of Mr. Paul Kajubi on Wednesday 6th August, 2014

Dear Ugandan Community,

It is with deep sadness and sorrow that I inform you of the passing of Mr. Paul Kajubi on Wednesday 6th August, 2014 in Masaka, Uganda. He had been hospitalized for few weeks and was recently discharged.

Mr. Kajubi is the father of Vincent Sewanyana, a Toronto resident, an active community member with Uganda Martyrs Church of Canada, and artist with Shangaza-Pamoja Inititaive etc.

Please join the community to extend our deepest condolences to Vincent Sewanyana, of downtown Toronto. He can be reached at:cell: 416.887.8681 or Email: pkajubib@gmail.com Alternative nos: 416. 854.8935 and 647.764.7565

Funeral arrangements are being made in Uganda, and details will follow.

May his soul rest in eternal peace!


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