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Dear Ugandans at heart,

As I pointed out some time ago, I’m thinking of a new website for all Ugandans all over the world. We are not considering of re-designing the existing one / UAH blog at:

I intend to use the web designers here in the United Kingdom. This will give me a chance to work with him or her to establish the requirements of our site. The good thing is that I’m familiar with the technicalities of the Internet. So this won’t be a problem at all.

But since I’m doing this on behalf of the whole UAH community in Uganda and abroad, I would like a few ideas from the members here that may be appealing and necessary on our website. I don’t want to dictate everything in this matter and assume that it will please everyone, but I’m gonna list a few points to consider.

The rationale for the website

First of all, why do we want a new website for all Ugandans ?

1. to give the UAH some more online credibility;

2. Serve as a reference point;

3. Sell products online on behalf of the UAH members with businesses;

4. Generate revenue through online advertising for those Ugandans who wish to use this service. They will obviously have to pay some money to us because we will put in time to maintain and update the website on a regular basis.

Anyway, as long as we use a decent web company we should at least get a site that gives some online credibility but hopefully it will help us in one of the other areas too.

Logo and branding

I want members to privately send me some of the logos and brands they think would be suitable for our website. If something is nice, then I will just make sure that it is imbedded in our website.

Logo design and branding – although both falling under the graphic design umbrella – are actually different disciplines. If we have no logo / branding this needs to be considered during the early stages of the site design.

The look and feel of the site

Following on from the branding comes the actual look and feel of the site. At this stage it will be useful to send to our prospective web designer links to websites that we like. It’s also just as useful for a web designer to see sites that we don’t like.

So please, suggest to me the links you would like to appear on our new website. I personally hope to include a web link to Uganda Observer and the Torch NewspaperS on the site, but I want more if you have any.

The content of the site

How many pages do we want? I will need to be able to update the pages myself depending on what is going on in the UAH community? Sites that have ‘static’ content – text and images that are always the same or are updated infrequently – take a lot less time to develop than ‘dynamic’ content – content you can update yourself. ‘Static’ websites also cost less money from what I have been already briefed than ‘dyanamic’ ones. But ours is gonna be updated regularly with a lot of stuff. So it will cost us an arm and a leg.

Search engine optimization requirements

Do we need to be visible on the search engines? If so, what words would we wish potential customers to type in to find our website? I’m thinking of keeping the name:’ UGANDANS AT HEART’, but I wonder if some of you have got other ideas. Do you want us to go with a different name on the new website? Have you got any ideas?

Despite what some people may think, I have been briefed that search engine optimisation (SEO) needs to be built into the site from the outset; it is not something you can plug in afterwards (well you can but it takes a lot more time).

Text and images

We’ll need text and images for our website. Have you got any images you would like us to consider for the website,e.g, kings, uganda heroes, e.t.c. Please send them to me on:

I have also been briefed that getting copy (or text) for websites is without a doubt the most common reason a website is launched late. I have also been briefed that writing content for your site sounds easy but give it a go – it’s harder than you think. So you all understand why we may need to charge you for adverts on this website BECAUSE WE WILL BE PUTTING IN A LOT TO MAKE IT BETTER FOR EVERYONE.

Domain name

A domain name is the name you see in the address bar of your browser when you visit a site (e.g. Because we don’t have a domain name already we will need to register one; they are very inexpensive (just a few pounds per year). It is normally paid on annual basis and we intend to do this through revenues generated from the website. The moment Ugandans stop advertising or supporting us financially in anyway, we shall close shop. But don’t worry so much, we shall always find a way around this inishallah.


A website is physically ‘hosted’ on a server somewhere. To host a website securely and effectively is quite a complicated matter in its own right so it’s best to pay a company to do it for you.

We want this website to be hosted here in the UK rather than Uganda because of the uncertainties in Uganda. For instance, the Monitor website was temporary closed in 2006 elections when it started releasing electoral results that showed that Besigye was winning. So, we don’t want to be blackmailed by anybody in Uganda despite the fact that we love them all in some way.


When does it need completing for? As you can see there is a lot to consider so it’s best for us and the web designer to come up with a realistic deadline. My only obstacle at the moment is ‘Mr. BUMALI’( cash). As you can see we are all in recession, so I could not possibly finance all this myself at the moment which brings me to the last thing to consider: BUDGET


And finally we have the unpleasant matter of the bill. I have therefore put a donation button or link below that will allow people to contribute whatever they can afford to help us finish this job in time.You can donate securely online using your PayPal account, just click on the ‘’donate’’ by PayPal button, or sign up for a free PayPal account. If I don’t get money, I will not be able to this as you want it to be.

The message: ‘donate to UAH activities’, is already running at the end of every message on this forum but surprisingly we have not got any single cent from anybody so far. It has been running for a while but there is nothing received so far from anybody.

Or e-mail or to arrange a payment method suitable for you .

For Western Union or Moneygram, send payment to: Abbey Semuwemba

I’m developing a kind of similar website for Uganda Muslims.So hopefully, i can get a discount if i use the same company here in the UK. But it wont happen or look as you want it to be if there is not enough money available for this service. Anyway, as you can see there is more to a website than meets the eye – but don’t worry if you’re puzzled by it all. We shall get there with everybody’s support inishallah.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

President Yoweri Museveni is a big problem in Uganda because he is a bad system and he is negatively influencing other systems.

Dear folks,

We can agree to disagree that M7 is the problem of Uganda as far as I’m concerned.

Having said that, I feel that I should take you through the systems and ecological theory and see if we can find some sort of agreement on this issue.

Systemic thinking in sociology ‘does not only mean’ systems such as education, health care, defense, parliament, federal law and arrangements, Justice etc. It also means humans. Yes, humans are systems on their own in the ecology. Please remember that a system is a group of interacting units or elements that have a common purpose.

Humans can be both open and closed systems. When humans are open systems, it means that they can interact with other systems in the ecology through receiving information and reacting to it. If these human-systems are in positions of authority, they will interact with other fundamental systems and they will have an influence on them.

Open systems refer to systems that interact with other systems or the outside environment, whereas closed systems refer to systems which have a relatively little interaction with other systems or the outside environment.

When human-systems are functioning normally, they will interact well with other systems. For example, they will respect the rule of law, they will not remove the term limits from the constitution, they will respect the independence of the judicially, they will not participate in the war in Congo without following the law etc.

When human-systems do have a great deal of entropy which is the amount of disorder   or randomness present in any system, they will be disruptive and they will not interact well with other systems. That is why elimination of human-systems through imprisonment, and overhaul or refurbishment of non human systems is encouraged.

Now, with the above explanation of how humans are systems in the ecology, I would argue that it would be naïve for anyone to undermine the role played by humans as far as systemic thinking is concerned.

Please remember that my argument is not that federalism pioneered by Beti Kamya and othe rpoliciticains, is bad. My argument is that President Yoweri Museveni is a big problem in Uganda because he is a bad system and he is negatively influencing other systems. Yet, Museveni is in a strategic position with a lot of power. Without removing him, you cannot bring about change in other systems.

In a way, some people are right that we should view problems as parts of an overall system rather than reacting to specific parts or events because this is what systemic thinking is all about. But at the same time, systemic thinking is also about identifying a set of habits or practices within a framework and if these habits are practiced by human-systems, they should be identified as such.

Therefore, I would argue that the role played by human-systems in the ecology cannot be under-estimated whether under a federalism or unitary system of government. In London, where there is a federal system which Beti Kamya referred to, we have a judicial system which is institutionally racist. We also have a very corrupt police force. This does not mean that the judicial system or London Metropolitan Policy system is bad. It means that the individuals/ human-systems are the ones that are bad just as Museveni as a system is a liability to Uganda.

Freedom of Speech

“Freedom of speech does not empower us to disrespect our leaders, and I happen to be one of the people who have opposed the Movement for a very long time, but like it or not Yoweri Museveni is a president of Uganda today, and we owe him that respect” (Edward Mulindwa 2011).

Freedom of speech is not given by the leaders. It is God given. I’m free to say that Museveni is incompetent, he is a dictator and I can assure you that I have no respect for him whatsoever. Respect is earned and not commanded. If Museveni wants to earn my respect, he has to work towards achieving the same. Respect is not as cheap as ground nuts which one can just give to another.

Respect is not automatic; you have to work so hard to earn it. Therefore, what Mulindwa wrote is both morally and intellectually wrong.

In Uganda, people use their freedom of speech to exercise their intellectual courage. It is this freedom of speech helps them to face and fairly address ideas, beliefs or view points towards which we have strong negative emotions and to which we have not given serious hearing. People must realise that intellectual courage is connected with the recognition that ideas considered dangerous or absurd can sometimes be rationally justified (in whole or in part) and conclusions and beliefs inculcated in us are sometimes false or misleading.

Therefore, to determine for ourselves which is which, we must not passively and uncritically “accept”  what  we have “learned or told”. Intellectual courage is transported or driven by  freedom of speech. Inevitably, we will come to see some truth in some ideas considered to be dangerous and absurd and distortion or falsity in some ideas strongly held in our social group. As such, any leader who sits in state house and waits for respect should pack up his belongings and leave. For respect will be earned if his ideas, conduct and beliefs are in conformity of the electorates.

People who want respect do not become presidents or partisan politicians. They become Kings aka cultural leaders. Commanding respect is a sign of dictatorship. And it is dangerous.



The people in Uganda have got to change before they change Museveni

Cartoon by John Nsubuga

Dear Ugandans,

Change has to come from Ugandans and those Ugandans include the Police Officers and army officers. To realize that you cannot kill your fellow citizens for they pay your salary and it is wrong to kill them. I have just come from Uganda but have you seen the way Police and army do not care about Uganda but Uganda government? Those are your own kids brothers and sisters, why do they open fire to the people they are supposed to protect? There lays your problem for it is not only Museveni but the population its self is not willing to change.

About 15 or so years ago, I went to Uganda with my dear departed daughter, and a punk stole my shoes, so she walked into a Police Station to report this punk for my shoes were expensive by all standards in Uganda. The officer looked into her eyes and told her that he would not file a report for her since he never had the papers to write the report on, my daughter pulled a half of a rim from her back pack and threw it on the table and looked at the officer. So the officer goes, thank you but you see all these papers if I write a report on them, the Uganda wind can easily blow them off het table so we still have a problem. She walks out side and gets a stone puts on top of the pile and looks at a Police Officer. But down in her heart she was so pissed for she knew exactly what this officer wanted was money a bribe and she did not want to feed into that bribe monster that was all over Uganda. She looked at the Officer and mumbled a couple of F – U’s against the Police force and Uganda at large and screamed leaving the Police Station without a Police Report. And that report was very important for the insurance purposes if we come back here and we never got it. Oh how the punk got the shoe? He was one of those you give them to polish them, and we knew him a kid of a neighbour. A week after we arrived here we were told who he sold it to for it was a very different shoe a Salamander made in Germany you had only one in Uganda so it would report its self.

What I need you to tell me here is how did Museveni create this situation and how does removing Museveni from power change this officer and change this punk?

A week in our visit, she developed Malaria which I do not even remember if she had ever got it in her life, her temperatures went through the roof and she was shacking really bad, so in my absence she told the people at home that she needed a medical doctor ASAP, she picked up a phone and called 999, yup I am at this address send an ambulance I need it today. That was a saga by its self for the operator told her to get a taxi pay it and go to a God damn hospital. At a time I was I think I had gone to Arua to visit a family and she sent me a message of what was happening wither and how she was abandoned by the entire stupid Uganda system to die. I instructed a local nurse to go and take medication to her and that passed too. She hated Uganda from then that I do not even think she went back into it to her passing.

What I need you to tell me here is how did Museveni create this situation and how does removing Museveni from power change this 999 operator to be humane and do his God damn job?

Some Ugandans abroad who have just came back from Uganda but haven’t you seen a real problem with the Uganda population? Haven’t you seen that many times every person you see is a’’ mobile bomb’’ that wants to explode on you by stealing any and something from you? This has nothing to do with Museveni but this is a culture of let me eat from this man not even caring if he will see your face tomorrow. My own brother washed a couple of clothes for me and trust me when I go to Uganda I go with many clothes only coming back with only one shirt and one pant for I have given everything to him. Why does he then bring less shirts back to me and I ask him about specific shirts and he says the wind blew them off a wire? And yet he has seen always that I come back empty handed for I give everything to him and shop when I return? Is that Museveni too? Is the removal of Museveni going to make this brother a better person today? Nsubuga Kamunye is a very interesting bird for he stays in sky and watches how a chicken walks with her babies, he drops at a very high speed and scoops one from the mother to take her or dinner. That entire chaos taken a half a second to end with a dead chick. But doesn’t it interest you that if ‘’Kamunye’’ wants to lay eggs and she has to build a nest she never lands to pick up those sticks to take up and use as building material? She stands in sky watches those sticks on ground and scoops them up as if scooping a chicken. That is the creation of ‘’Kamunye’’ and that is the only way he knows how to get anything. And that is how the Uganda population is. It is a life style it is the way they were born and the way they die.

Whether Museveni is in power or out of power Ugandans are thieves, lazy and always dependent on others generosity. Look very closely at the children we take to Uganda there is a great denial among them to return home. When they fly back here and you tell them can I give you a ticket to return home they say no we are not going. The kids that love Uganda are under 10 for they enjoy the empty space they enjoy the lots of friends to play with and enjoy the food that is always there. But above 10 , they hate Uganda with a passion. Explain that.

We have some very serious problems in our population and hiding in Museveni’s poor leadership is not going to help solve it.



Beti Kamya refutes Rumours that She is in the UK to Recruit Ugandans abroad into NRM

Beti Kamya

Fellow Countrywomen and Men,

For a long time now, I have been the target of malicious and vicious attack by several people, among them a person (I have been informed he is a man) who writes as “Rehema”, whose latest innovation is an article titled “Beti Kamya on M7 Mission abroad”, posted to UAH. I decided long ago that I did not have any negative energy to engage them, so I have ignored them, reserving my energies for positive thinking, positive writing and doing my best bit for Motherland and Future Generations’ Ugandans.

So much malice and negativity, practiced for so long, must be very painful inside, but that is Rehema’s pain to carry, I can only feel sorry for him / her.

I have decided to break my silence on this occasion because my friends, family and comrades feel that I should, otherwise I was happy to continue watching “Rehema” wallow in his self-imposed pain (hatred, malice and anger do hurt the one who harbours them, you know…).

Like many Ugandans, I welcomed Museveni in 1986, thinking that he had brought a breath of fresh air to Ugandas politics, when he promised “.. a fundamental change…”. In 1989, in protest of the manner in which the NRA/M extended their term in office, I left the Movement and openly declared so in numerous publications which appeared in The New Vision and later in The Daily Monitor. One day during the very early days of FM radio stations, I phoned into the famous Capital Gang Radio Talk Show and declared that I had left the Movement, an announcement that was received with sadness and regret by some of the panellists, who persuaded me to hang-in there and fight from within, which I declined. I believe “Gangsters” Patrick Quarcoo, Hon Winnie Byanyima, Charles Onyango-Obbo, Patrick Katusiime and talk-show host William Pike would remember that incident, because those were days when most people, many now leading Opposition stalwarts, were still very well disposed towards NRM and champions of its Ten-Point Programme.

When Dr Besigye was discharged from the army in 2000 amidst controversy over his document Vs NRM, my late husband, Spencer Turwomwe and I went to his house in Luzira and offered him our support if he considered standing against M7 in the 2001 General Elections. It was a Saturday when Dr Besigye and Hon Winnie Byanyima announced his intentions to stand for President in Feb 2001, and the following Monday, I was the first person who publicly supported him when I was hosted on Spectrum, a new daily talk show on Radio One. I became an active member of the Elect Besigye Taskforce. Since then, I have always written more than one article per week, in the Ugandan dailies and weeklies, including the Luganda Bukedde and Runyankore Orumuri newspapers, criticizing M7, and signing my own name, never hiding behind any “safe” names such as Rehema!

During a 30-member FDC National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting that was held in South Africa in July 2005, I am the one who boldly and openly begged Dr Besigye to come back to Uganda and be our presidential candidate during the 2006 elections, to which many NEC Members were opposed, arguing that I was promoting Musevenism, in alluding that only Besigye could represent the party effectively in an election. Insisting that FDC needed Besigye, I was among three people who, in September 2005 flew back to South Africa to convince him to come back to Uganda. The rest is history.

I did not leave FDC on my own accord, I was expelled in Feb 2010 due to reasons which I need not go into now, but which cemented my belief in federalism. I did not join DP, UPC or NRM, but rather got together with people of the same mind and we formed Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), a party which we are all working hard to promote. The UFA Manifesto, Constitution and Handbook are all available on and – the reader might want to know whether there is anything that promotes M7 or undermines the opposition in those publications.

While I was doing all the above since 1989, I am sure the reader would like an account of Rehemas own activities to promote the opposition, aside from maligning me, of course!

I am currently in the UK on the invitation of Uganda Federal Confederates, who asked me to discuss the topic “Is Uganda Ready For Federalism?” during the Federal Conference that took place on 11 June 2011. Also invited were Hon(s) Ken Lukyamuzi, Erias Lukwago, Norbert Mao, Betty Nambooze, Hussein Kyanjo, Salamu Musumba, Owekitiibwa Dan Muliika, Leader of the Opposition Nandala Mafabi, Ambassador Olara Otunu and many other opposition leaders.

After the conference, I decided to spend a few weeks in London to visit my family, rest from the grueling presidential campaigns and support UFA members in the UK to promote Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) values among Ugandans living in the UK, which, am proud to say, we have done effectively, having met over 400 Ugandans, including the Acholi Association of UK – so you see “Rehema”, I do have alibi of whom I met and what we discussed – believe me, M7 wouldn’t want to know what I am up to here!

The result of my time in London is the eminent launch of UFA UK Chapter on Saturday 16 July, 2011, 4pm at PREMIER HOTEL, 194-202 OLD KENT ROAD, LONDON SE1 5TY, to which you are all invited.

Having said all that, a few questions must be tabled for the Readers’ consideration:

i) Did M7 work with Uganda Federal Confederates to organize the Federal Conference, invite all opposition leaders, (to presumably give me cover) to come on M7’s deployment to buy the Ugandan diaspora?

ii) Did M7 work with FDC to expel me from the party so that we form UFA to work for him?

iii) Did M7 send me to South Africa to persuade Dr Besigye to come back to Uganda to contest against him in 2006?

iv) What does M7 benefit from the negative publications I write about him?

v) How does M7 benefit from my promotion of federalism?

vi) Are Ugandans whom I am supposed to be recruiting for M7, especially the diaspora, so stupid that I can carry them along in My / M7 schemes, without them noticing anything?

Dear Rehema and people of similar character, it would do you and the country a lot of good if you schemed to better our country than scheme to bring down Beti Kamya, because my dears, only Beti Kamya can bring down Beti Kamya by dishonourable behaviour, which you cannot, so far establish, because they do not exist.

A piece of advice compatriot: be kind to yourself and offload all that negativity, it is not good for your health.

Wishing all of you, Dear Readers good luck and positive living,

Beti Olive Kamya
Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA)

Ugandans in Diaspora Applaud M7’s Choice of three Ladies in high responsible positions

Please allow me to congratulate three people who,due to their exemplary services in their respective fields,have been appointed to very high positions in the Govt of Uganda.

Maria Kiwana N.Kiwanuka- Minister of Finance and Economic Development.

President Museveni must be congratulated for having the insight to appoint Maria Kiwanuka to this very high,tough Ministry.I have known Maria since Senior One at Gayaza High Sschool,where I shared a room with her and 3 others. I consider her one of the brightest individuals that I have ever met,and believe me ,I have been exposed.

Her academic and career achievements say it all.She impressed me as an individual who faces challenges with the same attitude of a Can Do,be it as small as learning to peel matooke,or perfecting her mother tongue -Luganda(take note those who questioned her ethinicity-her middle name is Nabasirye-muzzukulu wa Nsibirwa former Katikkiro of Buganda). I am very excited about Maria’s appointment

Dr Christine Ondoa- Minister of Health.

At first I wondered why she had been transferred to Mbarara Regional when she was doing so much good at Jinja.Now I know she was being tested for readiness for bigger responsibilities.The short interaction I had with her both in general and during a very priviledged private meeting in her office,indicate to me that the Ministry Of Health has someone very capable to steer it in the right direction. The same zeal and degree of far-sightedness that Dr Andoa applied at Jinja Regional,will enable her to sort out the mess at MOH,and thrust it forward to offer excellent services parrallell to other countries.

Ms Rebecca Kadaga–Speaker of the House.

Her impartiality is an attribute she possesses,that has lifted her to level of Speaker.She is a very qualified Lawyer,not much surrounded by scandals. I was impressed by her personality when I met her in Houston during a fundraising event staged for Hospice Jinja.She cares about people,especially Basoga.I hope she will join forces with Dr Andoa to steer the Jinja Cancer Center project forward,with the help of other Basoga and friends. Best wishes Ms Rebecca Kadaga.

Others like Dr Beatrice Wabudeya-Minister for Kampala,Mrs Amelia Kyambadde,and Mrs Janet Museveni,who has done so much to uplift the forgotten,shunned people of Karamoja.

I am packing my bags with immediate effect to go fill that Ministerial position that Mukulu Museveni has not named yet.Who knows.

Sarah Matovu


My concern goes to Hon. Dr. Andoa, without doubting her proven capacity to create change in the two regional Hospitals as we are told how do you think this can be transferred to the whole country? In particular does she have the mandate to deviate from the so called Second National Health Policy (2010/2011 – 2019/2020) and the Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (2010/2011 – 2014/2015) that are currently the guidelines of the Health Ministry? Personally as I have written before I think that these plans though well written by highly educated people within the ministry are based on a failed system that the country cannot maintain or control especially with the growing population and increasing longevity of its citizens.

So without tweaking this system a capability she had in regional Hospitals which were more so autonomous and didn’t have the government apparatus breathing down on her how will she be able to bring out the so needed change? Please don’t get me wrong she will clean the house but unlike for example the new Kampala CEO whose mandated is to change the way the City is run and has new rule to bring forth a fundamental change , Hon. Andoa is essentially just going to maintain the status quo , stream line the flow of funds and improve service delivery in some places but this will not be a lasting change that can push us in the future.

I really hope that the president can give the powers to change the foundation of the system and work towards a new health care delivery model.

My other concern and I need to be educated on this is the fact that the president still kept the Minister of State for Health. I am not saying that he is ineffective but I hope she doesn’t run into the bureaucracy where by through the same Minister of State the Government will be continuing with the same vision it had before. So where will her powers be then?

All the same I join in applauding the president for such a move for a new, young and dynamic choice in this post. This is very exciting to the new face book generation. In particular she seems to have the caliber to stand against the temptation of corruption so she will only make the Ministry better than it was before.

Dr.Eddie Kayondo, M.D

1000 Africa-researchers coming to Uppsala

1000 Africa-researchers coming to Uppsala
2011-06-03 16:34

On 15-18 June the European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) is held in Uppsala, a meeting place for Africa-researchers from all over the world. In about 160 panels and roundtables scholars meet to discuss current, important issues concerning Africa. ECAS also provides an opportunity for journalists to meet experts on a wide range of issues and countries. The discussions are open to the media. As a journalist you can also contact the conference press section for help with scheduling an interview.

ECAS 4 will be attended by:

More than 180 experts on security issues in Africa.

More than 80 experts on Africa and economy.

More than 60 experts on Africa and gender issues.

More than 60 experts on issues related to land, agriculture and biofuel in Africa.

More than 70 experts on issues related to internal and international African migration.

More than 70 experts on issues related to foreign aid, “South-South dialogue” and Africa’s changing role on the world stage.

The theme of the conference is ”African Engagements – on Whose Terms?”. It relates to questions on how Africa can make priorities and find partners on its own, African, conditions. The conference is arranged by the Nordic Africa Institute for Aegis, a network of African studies centers in Europe.

Venue: Ekonomikum, Uppsala University. Date: 15-18 juni.

Accreditation via email to Mattias Sköld, with the subject name ”accreditation/ECAS”. Last date for registration is 10 June.

The Nordic Africa Institute (Nordiska Afrikainstitutet) is a center for research, documentation and information on modern Africa in the Nordic region. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, the Institute is dedicated to providing timely, critical and alternative research and analysis of Africa in the Nordic countries and to strengthen the co-operation between African and Nordic researchers.

The Next Ugandan Leader(s)

Many people here in Uganda and in the Diaspora have of late become increasingly vocal about the deteriorating social and economic situation, not forgetting the still-born NRM democracy.

It is indeed in the best interest of those of us yearning for peace and democracy to begin the process of critically analysing the purveyors of these injustices in our country.

Empirical evidence shows that top echelons of the ruling NRM are clogged by foreigners, mostly Tutsi. Tutsi are essentially a transient lot, we experienced this first hand in Uganda when hordes of them migrated back to Rwanda in 1994. It is foolhardy for us to expect transients to have interest in improving our welfare. The Rwandans loading it over us have no interest in improving our welfare or the national social or economic infrastructure. The little we had has all been sold, tore down or neglected to disrepair. They have been and continue to use Uganda as a source for their personal enrichment in addition to funding Tutsi projects in Africa at our expense. Our politics, resources and country are being held hostage!

The opposition political parties, if one can call them that have been so weakened and compromised that the alleged leading opposition party, Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) is in fact the illegitimate splinter from the ruling NRMO. The leadership of FDC is also in the hands of foreigners.

Within FDC, the most important, powerful and influential position is that of the party president. Just like in the NRM the FDC leadership position has been monopolised by one person, Kiiza Besigye, a person with strong Rwanda/Tutsi roots. Besigye has no immediate plans of vacating that position. If God forbid, the FDC position of party president was to become vacant, the only “acceptable” candidate, if one believes our newspapers and political analysts is Major General Mugisha Muntuyera; another individual with deep and strong Tutsi genealogy.

Are there no competent indigenous Ugandans to lead us? Why do we get hoodwinked into a conspiracy to dominate and subjugate us? We are being played for fools; our country is being held hostage by Tutsi for their own agenda. You may have heard of the Tutsi 50 year master plan. In fact there was a good detailed analysis of this Tutsi conspiracy early this year which was posted on the internet “Lest We Forget – The Tutsi Designs on the Interlucustrine Region” by Mukasa Baanabakintu and another one by Eric Kashambuzi posted on Ugandans at Heart discussion group and on his website

When the FDC National Party Chairman Dr. Sulaiman Kiggundu a Muganda died; another Muganda party firebrand and Special Envoy to the Party President, Betty Olive Namisango Kamya-Turyomwe wanted that position to be taken by another Muganda, most especially herself. That proposal was emphatically objected to by the Party President Kiiza Besigye. You may have wondered why? Did she not have the qualifications or what?

Betty Olive Namisango Kamya-Turyomwe is a Muganda married to Spencer Turyomwe (RIP) from western Uganda who was a senior member of the NRM attached to the UPDF Directorate of Military Intelligence. For any political strategist, Betty would have been an ideal candidate for such position. She is well educated, a Muganda, married to a Munyankole. She would have been a unifying factor with appeal to a broad spectrum of Ugandans from the south and central Uganda. Her marriage was a clear indication of someone that precisely knew the importance of co-existence with people from diverse background. But Besigye rebuffed her; she was sidelined simply because she was a Muganda. No one in FDC would publicly acknowledge it was the reason.

All of us in Uganda know Betty as an articulate, confident and capable individual. However when FDC abandoned her, she together with other individuals started another political party, the Uganda Federal Alliance. She was elected flag bearer for the party during the most recent Presidential elections. Betty went head to head with Besigye who had rebuffed her and she was able to represent her party members from all corners of the country fairly. Surely FDC could not have rebuffed her for incompetence.

We have no ill will or malice against Besigye as a person. But we have contempt against Tutsi, not simply because they are Tutsi but because of their checkered track record. If you still think the 50 year Tutsi master plan was a hoax, you need to wake up from your slumber and watch the Tutsi wagons circling us! Find the analyses of the Tutsi master plan mentioned earlier and re-read them; you will be jolted back to reality.

Talking about the track record of Tutsi, there is a report “Who was Behind the Rwandan Genocide? The Rwandan Patriotic Front’s Bloody Record and the History of UN Cover-Ups” written by Christopher Black who was a lead counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. He produce a letter in court marked ‘confidential’ from General Paul Kagame dated the 10th August 1994 addressed to the President of Burundi Jean Baptiste Bagaza. We would like to directly quote just two paragraphs:

‘Dear Brother Jean Baptiste Bagaza, we have the greatest honour to extend our sincere gratitude to you both for your financial and technical support in our struggle that has just ended with the taking of Kigali.

‘Rest assured that our plan to continue shall be pursued as we agreed at our last meeting in Kampala. Last week I communicated with our big brother Yoweri Museveni and decided to make some modifications to the plan. Indeed, as you have noted, the taking of Kigali quickly provoked a panic among the Hutus who fled to Goma and Bukavu. We have found that the presence of a large number of Rwandan refugees at Goma and the international community can cause our plan for Zaire to fail. We cannot occupy ourselves with Zaire until after the return of these Hutus. All means are being used for their return as rapidly as possible. In any case, our external intelligence services continue to crisscross the east of Zaire and our Belgian, British and American collaborators, the rest of Zaire. The action reports are expected in the next few days.’…

These two paragraphs alone say a lot about the Tutsi, their track record, treachery and untrustworthiness. As Ugandans we need to be very vigilant, especially when choosing whom we want to lead us. We need to carefully scrutinize the backgrounds and track records of those that want to lead us. Some individuals have lived among us for a long time but with no meaningful roots within our society. Some of the people clamouring to lead us were likely participants in the meeting mentioned in Kagame’s letter above. At the time of that meeting in 1994, Kiiza Besigye was the Chief of Logistics and Engineering in the UPDF and Mugisha Muntuyera was the Commander of the UPDF. However, both men now want to lead us. Our question to you fellow Ugandans, Can any of these men be trusted to serve our national interests?

Both Besigye and Muntuyera claim to have abandoned Museveni and the NRM, but have they? They have never talked about what they did while serving in the NRM, if at all there is a difference between NRM and FDC. They have never confessed crimes they committed against Ugandans while in the NRA/UPDF. They have kept mum as if they have never wronged Ugandans. People who do not want to talk about their history or background are afraid that others may find out the real truth about them. Both men occupied senior offices in the NRM and the NRA/UPDF, the atrocities committed by the NRA/UPDF in Luweero, Teso, Karamoja, Acholi, Lango, south Sudan, Rwanda, DRC and many other places are still fresh in our minds.

Fellow countrymen, lets’ not get excited about every Kiiza, Mugisha and Mbabazi that comes claiming to be fighting for us; they are all part of the wide Tutsi conspiracy. Their interests and allegiance lies somewhere else and not with us here in Uganda. The past 25 years of NRM government anti people policies are sufficient pointer.

We do not want to overload you with issues, this is it for today. In the meantime, think about what we have stated, the evidence is there for everyone to see. Until next time!

Freddie Mwesigwa

YKM’s cabinet where intellectualism dies. So why would anyone want to be in such a cabinet?


As Ugandans continue to wait for YKM’s 70 or may be 80 plus cabinet,why would anyone want to serve when being a cabinet minister under YKM can be harmful to one’s intellectual mind? Put differently, what kind of people fight to serve in YKM’ cabinet? I have said here over and over that Mr. Khiddu Makubuya from Bulemezi was the first Ugandan to receive a first class in law from Makerere University in the 1970s.

We are talking the 70s when only the cream joined the University and that humble lad from Bulemezi emerged the top with a first class. Things probably stayed that way until YKM when first class is not a big deal. Well then in the 1970s and early 80s, it was a big deal. Mr. Khiddu Makubuya was rewarded for his abilities with a graduate offer from Yale the best law school in the USA. But today Mr. Khiddu Makubuya is a shadow of his past. He is no different from his colleagues in YKM’s cabinet with forged degrees or certificate. Why is that the case?

Mr. Khiddu Makubuya actually resigned as Dean of law in the early 80’s because the government-it was rumored state house had forced a woman candidate who had failed to join the faculty of law. The VC then, Professor Wandira, sanctioned the offer-you know orders from above-but Professor Khiddu Makubuya resigned as dean on principle. These are facts.

Now compare Professor Khiddu Makubuya the then beloved fellow from Bulemezi with Minister Khiddu Makubuya who has made one bad call after another about the law. If a first class holder in law like him makes such bad calls, what about those serving with him holding biccupuli papers. It seems he has had to lower his intellect to the average which is that of biccupuli holders.

To be fair, there are many bright folks in that cabinet but once they join they become something else/ why? No university would hire Dr Khiddu Makubuya to teach law again. And of course many other former professors in that cabinet.

FYI, I do not need a job from YKM. As a matter of fact, I have never lived in Uganda under his reign. I also know many well meaning Ugandans who have returned to serve and many have been frustrated. Many are also dead. Murdered by Ugandans for being honest or depressed for hoping against hope to go against the embedded corruption.

The culture in Uganda under YKM condones, yes it is true, corruption. As a result, YKM’s regime is the most corrupt. And why is it the most corrupt? Because of nepotism. A daughter or girl friend or even wife or husband is the one approving payment or originating the payment claim. There are no arms length transactions in Uganda. The folks discus in their bedroom or breakfast tables how to root that country and they go to the office and implement it.

Now some people ask about inflation. It is not Minister Sydda Namirembe Bumba’s responsibility. Inflation is under the docket of the Governors of the Bank of Uganda. But have you heard anything from BOU since?

The core(emphasis added) role of the bank of Uganda are two namely, a) price stability-keep inflation in check and b) economic growth-manage inflation in such away that it does not jeopardize overall economic growth. This is what gave rise to the famous Philips curve to capture the relationship between inflation and unemployment. There was deemed to be relationship: high inflation meant lower unemployment and vice versa.

But the chaps from Chicago came up with their rational expectations and argued that people cannot be fooled because they are rational. In plain English that authorities can no longer manipulate money supply to create jobs in the short run or cuts taxes to stimulate growth for political gains. The latter cannot happen because rational voters recognize that tax cuts today mean tax cuts tomorrow so they save their tax savings, thus nothing happens-what is called Ricardian equivalence. Recall the popular A’ level economics exam question: Inflation is a monetary phenomenon. Discuss.

The people who should be called top account are the folks at Bank of Uganda. They have escaped the scrutiny for inflation in Uganda. So do not blame Minister Sydda Bombay for the sins YKM, ok, NRM Secretariat that loaded bags and bags of money-recall Havarti Janat Mukwaya’s car overturned under the force of money during the presidential elections-and the weak BOU team which is supposed to be independent, but printed money to fund YKM’s election.

USA is doing the same thing, printing money, so inflation is up a bit-3.6%. But unemployment is still high which is not good for the politicians due to face voters in 2012.

BTW, this is the root cause/source of that global phenomenon of rising prices everywhere since the USA dollar is the international currency. Some people asked me what I would do about the rising cost of living in Uganda, nothing because iam not Professor Bernnake at the Federal Reserve.

I am telling you that YKM is going to use the same excuses and tell Ugandans in 5 years that he did not implement his election manifesto because he was busy fighting Dr Besigye and the walk to work so he need to shift money towards police and but Apartheid era trucks from South Africa to kill Ugandans.

Let the ministers eat and stop lying that they care about the country. They join to eat period. Many would never ride in a Toyota Prado, well they do once they land in the large but good for nothing-ebifure-cabinet. Who are these ministers before they land cabinet post? Nobodies hence the corruption /omululu to try and catch up.As the late Dr Samson Kisekka (RIP) used to say “mbasekeredde”/I laugh at you.

Ugandan residing in USA

Museveni Calls Besigye,BBC,Aljazera and Daily Monitor enemies of Uganda’s recovery

‘We shall know them by their fruits’ – Matthew 7:16

It says in the Gospel of St. Matthew 7:16, that “…We shall know them by their fruits…” Ever since Dr. Besigye started the latest of his treacherous ‘walk-to-work’ – those who did not know the history of these groups started saying: “let him walk. What harm is there? Odong Otto walked and prayed in the church and there was no problem.” Those who were of that view did not know the ever constant hidden agenda of these groups.

In April 2007, Hon. Betty Anywar pretended to be demonstrating in defence of Mabira Forest without liaising with the Police. What was the consequence? Three people died, targeted by those demonstrators and a lot of property was destroyed. Then, there were the Kayunga riots because the Katikkiro of Buganda had been stopped from proceeding to that area because of the potential for inter-ethnic conflict. Again, property was destroyed, including the Police station at Nateete. The intention of the organizers is always to do that. If you are not the ones leading Uganda, since the population rejected you in the elections, must you destroy the economy of Uganda and attack those who did not vote for you? That is why the women are always attacked by the opposition groups, saying: “mmwe mulemezzawo Museveni” – ‘you women, are the ones that always vote Museveni back into power’. In the recent riots, about 50 vehicles of UTODA were attacked at the Taxi Park because they (UTODA) always support Museveni (NRM).

Our NRM supporters such as the NRM Chairperson of Rubaga, Ziyad Seburiba, the NRM youth leader, Jamil Kabugo, the NRM Chairperson of Teke Division in Gulu Municipality, Santa Oketa, the NRM Chairperson of Lalogi sub-county in Gulu, Samuel Odora, some women in Nateete and Kibuye and many others, were stripped because they were putting on yellow t-shirts (the colour of NRM). This is, exactly, what was happening in Northern Uganda. In that case, this opposition was working with Kony. They would kill NRM supporters such as the very good NRM Chairperson of Pabbo sub-county, the late Alpeo Bongomin who was murdered. That is why NRM was doing badly in the North during the previous elections. After the defeat of Kony, the NRM performance is very good as was manifested in the last elections.

Coming to the ‘walk-to-work’ issue, it is the same hidden agenda of Besigye and his groups. They want to ignite riots using drug-users or even hired groups to loot the property of the wanainchi. The Government response was: if you want to ‘walk’, liaise with the Police so that your ‘walking’ does not interfere with the activities of other Ugandans. They refused to do that. The Police also refused to allow them to ‘walk’. When Besigye ‘walked’, the Police arrested him. He violently resisted arrest. How can a leader behave like that? If you resist arrest or direction by authorized officials of Government, how do you expect ordinary people to behave? Recently, we saw pictures of the Mayor of Washington humbly being arrested without resistance. Why was Besigye resisting? After all, the Police would produce him in a court of law within 48 hours. What is the problem, then? At one stage Besigye wanted to go to Makerere University because he wanted to link up with the other rioters there, who had previously caused trouble by maliciously, falsely and intentionally misinforming students that university charges had been raised when the matter has never even been discussed. This same Besigye, along with some other opposition leaders, were telling lies to people during the campaigns that: “Museveni has sold Lake Kyoga”; “Museveni has sold Lake Victoria”; “Museveni wants to steal the land of the Acholi, the land of the Langi, the land of the Itesot; etc.” He had a case of treason which was dismissed on grounds other than the merit of the case – because the security personnel had not followed some procedure.

Weaknesses in the existing laws, too much laxity by elements of the Judiciary and the Police allow all this indiscipline and criminality to persist. When, therefore, it came to the so-called ‘walk-to-work’, without liaising with the Police, the aim by Besigye and the other opposition leaders was not any different. The aims were to damage people’s property, have some Ugandans killed and intimidate other Ugandans who do not support their reactionary positions.

Therefore, those who were of the view that the ‘walk-to-work’ was harmless were wrong. The Police was right to, straight away, block these efforts. It saved people’s properties, in the main, from being looted and destroyed. Nevertheless, people close shops whenever these ‘walks’ start. They, therefore, lose time and opportunity in their businesses. It scares away, people, especially, tourists and investors.

When it came to Besigye returning from Nairobi, his true purpose was exposed for the benefit of the naïve types who have been talking of the harmlessness of Besigye’s ‘walk-to-work’. This time, the FDCs had agreed with the Police that Besigye should not spend more than one hour on Entebbe road so that he goes to “pray” at Nsambya Sharing Hall grounds. Of course, all this was not in good faith on Besigye’s part. Why choose the day of the Swearing-in to engage in a public prayer. Why not any other day? Even if the prayer would have been on the 11th of May 2011, the day before the Swearing-in ceremony, as had been originally planned, it would not have been correct. Many leaders of friendly African Countries who were coming to attend the Swearing-in Ceremony were arriving on that day. What happened on the 12th could have happened on the 11th of May, also. Anyway, when I was informed that Kenya Airways had refused Besigye to board in Nairobi because the Uganda Government would not allow him to disembark, I straight away told the people concerned that, that was not correct.

You cannot stop a Ugandan from returning to his country, if he wants to do so. All he needed was to agree with the Police on the terms of using Entebbe road. This clarification was done at 9.00 a.m., when I first got this information. There were two flights that day that were yet to arrive from Nairobi: Air Uganda and Kenya Airways. Besigye refused to use either of them. One was Ugandan and he did not want to use the Ugandan one. The other was Kenyan, which would arrive after 5.00 p.m. and he did not want to use it because he would not be “welcomed by his supporters”. Why insist on being “welcomed by his supporters” on the very day the Swearing-in ceremony is taking place or even the day before. There are 365 days on the calendar. The day of the Swearing-in ceremony, on the other hand, is fixed by the Constitution of Uganda. It cannot be changed. Besides, by tradition and, as part of the African integration process, we invite other African Heads of State and Government as well as other guests from abroad. It is, therefore, not simply a Ugandan function; it is an African function. It is all in bad faith on the part of Besigye and his group. Nevertheless, my view was that as long as they agreed with the Police, even with that unnecessarily complicated arrangement, there would be no problem.

However, two problems occurred: Problem number one, the FDCs did not keep part of their agreement to spend not more than one hour on Entebbe road; Secondly, the Police officers and one Army officer who were involved, did not also keep their part of the agreement that if the FDCs did not use one hour to get off the Entebbe road, the Police and other supporting security elements would throw them off Entebbe road. Besigye and his group arrived at Entebbe Airport at 9.00 a.m. By the time we left Kololo airstrip at 3.00 p.m., Besigye and his group were still at Bwebajja. They had spent all the intervening hours at a disco at Abaitababiri and other spots. The excuse of “big crowds” that held up Besigye for hours is a myth and a lie because I was the first to drive through that road after Kololo. Somebody had advised me to take shelter at Nakasero State Lodge until they had removed Besigye from the road. I rejected that view and went straight to Entebbe. I was able to see a few hundred people at Kibuye roundabout, at Najjanakumbi and Kajjansi, making FDC signs.

By the time I came across Besigye’s convoy at Bwebajja, there were no crowds. It was scores of vehicles and bodabodas deliberately ‘imported’ from Kampala and other areas to cause the confusion. It was not local crowds overwhelming security in order to catch glimpse of the “liberator” Besigye. Yes, I was told that there was some crowd at Abaitababiri, but the Police had dispersed it. Therefore, those “crowds”, whether small or big, were dispersible. Proof is that Besigye had no crowd when I came across his vehicles at Bwebajja.

What was the consequence of Besigye’s irresponsibility and the Police weakness? Shame to Uganda. African delegations and other road-users that were coming from Kololo were pelted with stones by indisciplined elements in those crowds at Kibuye roundabout and, possibly, at other points. The vehicle of the President of Nigeria, for example, was hit by a stone. A stone missed narrowly the vehicle of President Kabila. Many other delegations reported similar incidents. All this because of irresponsible elements who seem not to care about Uganda.

We apologize to our guests who were inconvenienced by this hooliganism and irresponsibility. However, those that were responsible will be held accountable for these crimes. Besides, the NRM has already started the process of strengthening the law by amending the Constitution and the Penal Code to ensure that this type of indiscipline ends. Therefore, those who have been talking of the harmless ‘walks’ can see their mistakes. The media houses both local and international such as Al-jazeera, BBC, NTV, The Daily Monitor, etc., that cheer on these irresponsible people are enemies of Uganda’s recovery and they will have to be treated as such. Why do they not also report the negative acts of these elements?

Yes, the Police has made its own mistakes, including its reluctance to eject Besigye from Entebbe road when he failed to meet the one hour deadline as had agreed upon. There was also the criminal killing of a baby in Masaka and I have condemned the act of caning civilians. Wrong-doers should be arrested and hand-cuffed, not beaten. The original problem, however, is the irresponsibility of the opposition groups. If you want to demonstrate, do so according to the law and in co-ordination with the Police so that you exercise your right of assembly but other Ugandans also exercise their right of movement.

I have been told of a man at Equatoria shopping mall who lost about US$ 500,000 worth of goods. On the day, when Besigye was on his criminal circus along Entebbe road, I saw with my own eyes that the roadside fruit-sellers had covered their produce with tarpaulin. They were not selling in apprehension of looting their produce. This will not continue. We are seeking for everybody’s understanding as we end this criminality using all the angles of the Law.

I thank you.

Yoweri K. Museveni

17th May 2011

Ugandans in the UK Demonstrate on Museveni’s Swearing-in Day


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